Mixer dishing out free channel subscriptions over recent issues

When you're running a service like Mixer, you're bound to encounter problems from time to time. Not everyone is affected, but it seems that enough has been recently to prompt the team to offer out some freebies to the community.


The only conditions are that you're level 10 on Mixer and that you login at least once on April 14 or April 15. Within a week you should see one free subscription added to your account which you can use to subscribe to any of your favorite streamers.

Fortunately, there's plenty of reasons to log in to Mixer this weekend. My personal favorite is the Halo World Championship finals going down in Seattle, with a prize fund of a cool $1 million. Catch all the action on the Halo Mixer Channel.

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  • How do subscriptions work normally? I mean, is it like paid Twitch? You can't watch someone's streams if not subscribed?
  • It's exactly like twitch. You never pay to watch a stream, a subscription is a way of supporting your favourite content creators. For some it's their full time job, subscriptions are how they eat.
  • I think you've missed MGL(held on Mixer) live sessions which had been abandoned so far.
  • We've had issues with scheduling MGL recently. Not least Zac's complete lack of internet.
  • I wish I can pay for Mixer Pro with Microsoft Balance but I can’t
  • Great. Bit the website needs a huge over hall. It's not even a responsive design. Just try raising the window and see how text begins to cover video. It's like they are still using frames or something and the app is frustrating too. Video payback stops waaaaay to often requiring you to close and restart the app.
  • Try Mixer Go for Windows 10. Really nice.