Mixer Streamer Progression preview applications are now open for everyone to apply

Mixer (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Mixer is Microsoft's streaming platform and a competitor to Twitch.
  • Mixer has opened up Streamer Progression applications, so anyone can now apply.
  • This is separate from the Mixer partner program.
  • You can also now apply to be verified on Mixer.

Mixer continues to develop its featureset and options for aspiring streamers, as Streamer Progression is now open for anyone to apply. If you're interested, you can apply on the website right here. If you aren't selected immediately, don't fret, as more channels will be approved on a regular basis. You can also now apply to be verified, which you can do at the link here.

Streamer Progression is aimed at helping upcoming streamers grow their brand and find their footing. You will need a Mixer username and the application asks if you've been streaming actively lately. If you have already been confirmed as a Mixer Partner, you don't need to bother applying for this, as the application page states the following:

If you are already a partner or participated in our earlier "Embers 4 All" initiative, you're already on the list and there's no need to complete this application.

Right now, Embers have been implemented on Mixer, which allow viewers to support channels through a paid currency. Other features include Subscriptions and Custom Skills that are unique to a particular channel. Subscriptions are self-explanatory, while Custom Skills allow a channel to have skills with special, personal significance. The Streamer Progression preview is starting with Embers support however, Subscriptions and Custom Skills will be coming to the preview in the future.

Microsoft has made major moves to encourage the growth of Mixer, including a deal with popular streamer Ninja, (real name of Tyler Blevins) who now streams exclusively on Mixer.



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