MixRadio takes music personalization to a whole new level

MixRadio has launched a new natively built recommendation engine, developed specifically to deliver its one touch 'Play Me' personalized radio experience for a global audience.

MixRadio, formerly Nokia MixRadio and now a Microsoft Mobile service, is a mobile-first music streaming service that delivers consumers their own personal music channel: unique mixes of streamed music, tailored to their musical taste. A signature experience on Lumia devices, MixRadio is completely free to use with no advertisements, requiring no sign up or subscription and gives users the option to download mixes to enjoy offline.


In his keynote session at the MixRadio Music Connects 2014, the Indian music ecosystem's annual get together, Jyrki Rosenberg shared that the new engine curates a greater breadth of music in a more highly personalized way than ever before. Terming it as 'continuous and long term', Jyrki reiterated commitment to the Indian market.

"The challenge our development team have faced is curating overwhelming large catalogue of music, 34 million tracks, for a single listener in a way which is completely relevant and personal. Our promise to listeners is to provide their own personal radio station at the touch of a single button, and the new engine lets us truly deliver on that promise".

  • Jyrki Rosenberg, Head of MixRadio

The company claims that the service uses billions of data points from millions of consumers around the world, and uses them to deliver a completely relevant and unique listening experience. Listeners will be served tracks from the catalogues of the artists they love along with a healthy mix of new artists, facilitating rediscovery of forgotten favorites alongside discovery of new artists. The new engine evolves the 'Play Me' feature of MixRadio, making it a more personal and effortless experience.

While the new engine has been in development and evolution since 2010, MixRadio has been moving listeners to the new recommendation engine over the past months, completing the shift today.

Abhishek Baxi