Moasure ONE brings actual rocket science to any measurement you could ever need

Smartphones have ushered in cool new ways for measuring things around the home, whether by using accelerometers, cameras, or other onboard sensors. And be honest — it still feels pretty cool to use your phone to level-hang some art in your home or using a cutting-edge augmented reality to measure virtually any space in your home … virtually!

The Moasure ONE is a cool new gadget that hopes to offer the next big leap in measurement technologies. Using a sophisticated array of accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometers, the Moasure ONE is able to plot its position in three-dimensional space and record it to measure distance, angles, levels, area, and even 3D space and volume.

It's all built off of the success of the standalone Moasure app (available for both Android and iOS, a paid measurement tool which uses the accelerometer and sensors in your phone to take measurements for distances, angles, space, and height differences. The Moasure ONE is designed to pack even more sensors and work with your phone to take more accurate measurements

Part of what makes the Moasure ONE such an exciting concept is the ability to easily measure in ways you simply can't do with conventional tools. Say you want to measure the thickness of a wall separating two rooms, or the combined size of two rooms. With the Moasure ONE, it's as simple as setting it at the starting point, tapping the measure button, and moving to your next measurement point. Everything will be tracked in the forthcoming Moasure ONE app, and you will be able to easily export and share measurements for your ongoing projects.

The Moasure One Kickstarter Campaign has already surpassed its funding goal. With a retail price set at $250, there's still time to jump in early and save up to 44 percent by pledging towards the Kickstarter in its final days. Backer prices start as low as $139 and there are multi-packs available if you know some people who would love this. The Moasure One should start shipping to backers in December 2018.

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Marc Lagace