The MOBA-like Gigantic has quietly launched into Open Beta on the Windows 10 Store

The game picked up some partnership funds from Microsoft in exchange for development on the Universal Windows Platform. Xbox showcased Gigantic at a couple of their events, but unfortunately, Motiga suffered on-going financial issues, leading to layoffs and delays.

Eventually, Perfect World Entertainment picked up the publishing rights to the game, and Gigantic is now fully back on track. The game has launched into the Windows 10 Store for free to PC owners everywhere.

The minimum specs on PC are fairly modest, meaning that the game should run competently even on lower-end machines.

Minimum specs: - Memory: 6 GB - Processor: 2.6Ghz Processor - Graphics: GeForce GTX 580, DirectX 11.1-compatible video card (Nvidia or AMD only)

Gigantic has MOBA-like elements, with two teams made up of a colorful cast of heroes battling for map control. Battles culminate with a clash between two "gigantic" beasts, with one designated to each team. The first teamto defeat the enemy monster wins.

Gigantic is a free-to-play game with third-person action RPG combat. There are different class roles, similar to games like Overwatch, and the ability to spawn tower-like support mobs helps you to keep the map under your team's control.

Like many other MOBAs, Gigantic allows you to permanently purchase heroes and cosmetic skins to help fund further development. New heroes and maps will be made available for free on rotation, similar to Killer Instinct.

Gigantic is still in beta testing on Xbox One and Win32 PC, but if you're a Windows 10 Store PC gamer, you can pick it up for free using the link below. Let us know what you think!

Download Gigantic from the Windows Store

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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