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Day 1 of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a wrap! Listen in to this cross-platform podcast as we discuss the Windows Phone 7 news, LG's Optimus 3D and Optimus Pad, some Acer hardware and more!

Windows Phone - One year later

Even more Android

BlackBerry is here, too

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  • Is this podcast for now the same as the androidcentral as long as we are in MWC
  • Yeah we decided to push out one mega podcast covering all of MWC, but Windows Phone goes first for our convenience.
  • Probably. It wouldn't make sense for them to make different podcasts when they all work together.
  • Is anyone getting any luck listening to this podcast?It's been bufferring now for 15 minutes, what is that all about?
  • It was a problem with the link, just refresh the page, it's all better now ;-)
  • So this will be the only podcast mentioning WP7 since everything else will be android at MWC right, :)?
  • Too bad you're not here to see what's going on :-/ It's nice to have access to these people.
  • still no luck seeing it in zune. Last podcast listed is from october. Man, y'all are behind!!! Was able to direct download it on the desktop and drag it to the phone.