Mojang details upcoming additions to Minecraft: Pocket Edition

As Minecon 2015 draws to a close in London, Mojang has used the event to detail some new features headed the way of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It's become apparent that Pocket Edition will soon be on par with the new Windows 10 Edition and one of the Minecon panels offered some insight into what's headed our way.

On the list is:

  • Hunger and XP bars
  • Anvils
  • Controller support
  • The ability to move the UI around.
  • The Nether
  • Ocelots
  • Dynamic weather
  • Cobblestone
  • Redstone
  • Sprinting and crouching

Feature parity with the forthcoming desktop version is exciting, as is the fact you'll be able to play against people using either edition. For phone players though, controller support has to be one of the most interesting.

There's no time frame for the update but the Windows 10 Edition launches in beta on July 29.

via IGN

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  • Controller support on Windows phone? Xbox one controller?
  • few potatoes
  • Jerry Guzman
  • You can buy mobile gaming controllers which you place your mobile in the middle slot and you have the buttons/analogs on each side.. That's probably it but I could be wrong
  • Awesome! Could You post a link or a name?
  • Some Windows Phone games already support bluetooth controllers, right? Like the Moga range.
  • Not several potatoes..
  • They don't even have crouching or sprinting? Lol what? I'm glad I didn't buy this and I stuck with Survivalcraft!
  • But we will, thats the point
  • GGG
  • I play Minecraft on PC. But I'm in a dilemma to choose between Minecraft and Survivalcraft for phone. I know that Survivalcraft has more to offer than Minecraft currently does but Microsoft often updates the game adding more features. What should I pay for? :|
  • Minecraft no doubts
  • Why would  you give money to intellectual property thieves  like the creators of Survivalcraft--an blatant rip off of Minecraft?
  • Why do people buy all these FPS games. Just a bunch of Wolfenstein rip offs!
  • Lol
  • *Doom
  • That's a false analogy. I'm not talking about Survivalcraft being in the same genre as Minecraft. There is a huge difference between FPS games like Halo, Titanfall, and Wolfenstein. In contrast, Survivalcraft is a blatant ripoff of Minecraft, even down to the name itself. After that, the core gameplay, the graphics and aestheics are nearly identical with Minecraft.  Stealing the Mona Lisa and then drawing a fake mustache on it doesn't mean it's an original work. I'm surprised that Mojang didn't sue them. They'd easily win that court case.
  • Survival craft is free
  • No, it's not. It's $5. For an extra $1 you could buy Minecraft instead.
  • Survival craft is free..
  • Thanks for all your  suggestions. I just bought Minecraft for my 930. Seriously, it was worth the buy. It's been over an hour since I began playing without realizing it was the first time I began the game, lol. Battery is draining fast though.
  • It's the thievery. It is a far superior game than PE right now with it being only made by one developer which is impressive against the weight of Microsoft behind Mojang! It's no thievery. I guess Saint Rows is thievery of GTA or Call of Duty to Battlefield and vice versa. They agames in the same genre. Minecraft wasn't original either taking inspiration for Infliemer and other past games. Sound a bit butthurt that Minecraft isn't its glorified version on Mobile and other people prefer other games. Their are much differences in the game which sounds naive saying their isn't and guess what. I see no court cases anywhere maybe because it isn't no thievery. Posted via the Windows Central App on my Lumia 640 or using the Android Version which is free*
  • Cobblestone???
  • notnoobchief
  • prochief
  • masterchief
  • Does anyone know what's going to happen to Minecraft ps3 edition?
  • It's going to receive updates as usual
  • If you'd like to see Mojang add Xbox integration to Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Windows Phone, be sure to let them know. Tweet to Tommaso Checchi (@_tomcc) and Jens Bergensten (@jeb_) #SaveXboxWP 
  • Done.
  • Sounds good
  • My kids just about peed themselves.. Lol @$10 thinks its time to check it out.
  • and windows rt? :(  
  • Maybe.
  • Probably.
  • Hey Xbox Live achievements please
  • God damn it lol
  • What happened to in game music? :(
  • I want realms to be open! I want to play worldwide multiplayer! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • Omg im so excited about enchanting
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