Mojang Studios confirms Minecraft will have a broadcasted event this year, details next month

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What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios usually hosts a Minecon or Minecraft Live event every year.
  • This year, that even was supposed to be the first Minecraft Festival, an ambitious and huge convention.
  • After that was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was unsure if something would take its place.
  • A Mojang Studios employee just confirmed that something is indeed coming later this year.

We reported earlier this year that the debut Minecraft Festival was postponed just weeks after we first learned about it, leaving 2020 without any confirmed Minecraft events or streams to inform fans and players of the game's planned future. We still don't have a lot of information, but LadyAgnes, Mojang Studios Lead Gameplay Developer, took to Twitter to give us a tidbit.

According to their tweet, Mojang Studios is planning a broadcasted or streamed event for later this year, presumably to share with their community their roadmap for Minecraft moving forward, as well as possibly new info about future Minecraft Dungeons DLC, community events, and more. We have no idea what form this event will take yet, however, and LadyAgnes wasn't forthcoming with any of those details. Instead, we were told to wait for more information next month. For now, all we have is that there will be "exciting new things."

We'll keep you posted the moment we learn anything else about the event, as well as what we might be able to expect. Hopefully, Mojang Studios will confirm the next major update for Minecraft, which we believe should be the Mountain Update.

Zachary Boddy
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