Mojang announces details for the Minecraft Festival, including dates and ticket prices

Minecraft village and player house
Minecraft village and player house (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft usually hosts a Minecon event every year for fans.
  • This year, it'll be the Minecraft Festival, and it's going to be bigger than ever before.
  • Mojang has announced details for the Minecraft Festival, including when it's taking place.
  • Tickets will be available starting March 6, 2020, with different tiers available.

Minecraft is doing things a little differently this year by introducing a brand-new event for fans. The Minecraft Festival is going to be bigger, grander, and hopefully better than ever before, and we finally have some information on when it's happening, where it's taking place, and how you can attend it. Here's all the details you need.

The Minecraft Festival is going to be an ambitious three day event taking place from September 25 to September 27 2020. Mojang is hosting the event in Orlando, FL, and reportedly has a ton of events and activities planned for attendees, including letting people play every official Minecraft game in existence. The three days will be filled with tournaments, interactive exhibits, opportunities to meet creators and developers, a ton of exclusive merchandise, and more. Mojang also announced that their annual Minecon Live stream that they hold to talk about future Minecraft plans and developments will be rolled into the Minecraft Festival, and from now on will be called Minecraft Live.

Tickets are available starting March 6, with different price tiers depending on what kind of experience you want. Going for a single day will run you $60, while the full three day experience nets you a small discount at $165 for the trio. There's also Gold and Diamond tiers that offer more exclusives, including more merchandise and early access to exhibits. Those tiers will run for $225 and $300 respectively. Mojang expects tickets to go fast because of the size of the event, so you'll probably want to move quick to pick them up.

Mojang has a ton of details in their blog post announcing the Festival if you need it. The Minecraft Festival also has its own website now where you can buy tickets when they're available and get more information. With the way Minecraft has been exponentially growing despite going on over a decade in age, this Minecraft Festival promises to be the most exciting Minecraft-flavored event in years. It's almost certain Mojang and Microsoft will have some serious news to announce when the Festival hits.

Are you excited for the first Minecraft Festival? Are you planning on attending yourself? Let us know in the comments below!



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