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Keep finances on track with MoneyWiz for Windows

MoneyWiz is a financial application that has over 400 features to help you manage your money. Currently available as a desktop application sold directly from the developer, MoneyWiz lets you manage your checking, credit, savings and loan accounts all in one place. You can even connect online to your financial institutions and automatically synchronize transactions with the MoneyWiz app.

MoneyWiz is already a popular financial app for iOS and Android, and should be available as a Windows 10 app in the Windows Store later this year. Seeing that a Windows 10 app is on the horizon, we decided to take a peek at things to see how MoneyWiz shakes out.


The layout of MoneyWiz is clean and simple, with navigation options running down the left side of the screen and your ledger or report views filling the majority of the screen. The navigation options include:

  • Dashboard: MoneyWiz's Dashboard can be configured with a range of widgets that are dedicated to a specific feature and gives you a quick glance at your financial data. Current widgets include statistics, accounts, pending transactions and scheduled transactions.
  • Accounts: This is a listing of all your financial accounts. They can include checking accounts, credit cards, mortgages, loans, savings and more.
  • Budgets: Here is where you can set up your financial budgets that can automatically monitor accounts and categories of your choice to help you stay within your budgeted amounts.
  • Scheduled: This is where you set-up any regularly scheduled payments for loans, mortgages, monthly bills, etc.
  • Reports: If you need to check up on your financial performance, MoneyWiz has fifteen pre-defined and configurable reports.

At the very bottom of the navigation bar, you will find options to import or export data, add a new account, budget or group and access MoneyWiz's settings. MoneyWiz has support to import QIF, QFX, OFX, MT940 and CSV files. MoneyWiz files can be exported in PDF or CSV formats.


Settings for MoneyWiz cover a wide spectrum of options:

  • Categories: Edit or add expense and income categories
  • Payees: As you create transactions, payees will be added to MoneyWiz's database. If you prefer, you can also add payees or edit existing through this settings options.
  • Currencies: Choose your default currency.
  • General: Here you can select a few layout options, your default language and enable PIN protection for the app.
  • Transaction layout: Choose the entry fields you want enabled for your transactions. Such fields include the account, amount, description, payee, category, date and time, etc.
  • Subscriptions: Here is where you can manage any online access you have to your financial institutions. This is an add-on component that will cost you $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually.
  • SYNCbits: SYNCbits is a free service that allows you to store all your data on MoneyWiz servers. It can be used to back up your data and have it accessible from multiple devices.
  • About and Help: Here you can see the developer credits and access the online help section.

Because MoneyWiz is available for iOS and Android, the SYNCbits feature makes it easy to not just back-up your data but also have is accessible across various platforms. If you are managing a family account, it can be easily accessed from your PC or your spouse's phone.

When you have an account open, a ledger will appear on the screen detailing each transaction and depending on your layout options, a running balance for the account. Adding a transaction requires you to tap on the + button in the lower right corner of the display and completing the fields of the pop-up window that will appear.

MoneyWiz Reports

If you need to search for an account transaction, there is a keyword search field in the upper-right corner and transactions can be filtered. Accounts can be reconciled in advanced or simple manners. Advanced Reconciliation has you setting the open and closing balances/dates and MoneyWiz will filter the transactions. If they do not balance, you will get a warning from MoneyWiz. Simple Reconciliation is a quicker method where you just mark the reconciled transactions.

MoneyWiz has a boatload of features (you can find the full list here) and the layout is somewhat user-friendly. I have used Quicken (opens in new tab) for years to manage my checking and savings account and in comparing the two, MoneyWiz is more of a power-user type of financial app (although Quicken is no slouch). I do think Quicken has a more user-friendly layout out of the box.

MoneyWiz Transaction Entry

I liked the features of MoneyWiz, but would have rather seen the accounts laid out in more traditional "ledger" fashion with more of a direct entry for transactions. Having to tap the + button and complete the transaction fields in a separate window felt cumbersome. The interface isn't a deal breaker and after a few transaction entries, the flow gets smoother.

I did like the SYNCbits feature to not only back up your data but also access it from multiple devices. The PIN security feature helps keep prying eyes away from your financial data and the online synchronization with your financial institutions is a plus. I like that this feature isn't mandatory to use MoneyWiz, as some people may prefer to access their financial institutions directly through their websites or dedicated apps than through a third-party service.

MoneyWiz Help

MoneyWiz is currently only available directly from their website for $24.99 and the online banking feature is an additional cost ($4.99 per month, or $49.99 annually). A Windows 10 app version is in the works and the plan is to have it available this Fall from the Windows 10 Store. If the pricing of Android and iPhone apps are any indication, we'd expect the upcoming Windows 10 app to run in the neighborhood of $5.00.

If you are in the market for a financial app loaded with features, then MoneyWiz is worth considering. I would have liked to have seen a trial period to let you get a feel for things, but what we can offer you is a [20% discount code](hit this link for the discount]( that will be good for the next week (through April 21st). You can hit this link for the discount (opens in new tab) or visit MoneyWiz's site below.

See at

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  • I use Prism. It looks really premium on mobile, though the app is a bit sluggish.
  • I've been using that too. Nearly perfect for what I want. They don't support a connection to my mortgage company though which is mildly annoying.
  • This is now on my radar. I dropped Mint after they dropped support for Windows. I don't mind paying a regular fee if it does everything I want, though I'd obviously prefer free lol.
  • I'm checking it out for the same reason, following the loss of Mint. :-)
  • Currently playing with Money Tracker Pro (PC and Mobile). Couldn't get QIF import to work but can manually sync between devices and it is free.
  • I will def look into that. I really like the ones that I can link to my accounts, I have way too many and do a lot of stuff to keep track of. But I'm certainly open to check out anything. 
  • Just FYI, MoneyWiz can be linked to your accounts too. MoneyWiz supports 3 things:
    * Auto sync with your bank
    * Manual transaction entry
    * Import from QIF, OFX, QFX, CSV and MT940
  • I have used mobudget for a while I hope the developer makes a universal app.
  • Doesn't look super functional (as you said, the "ledger view" is pretty weak). ​Now that Quicken is independent I'm hoping to see some good updates start to roll out there. Nothing has the power of Quicken and even came close to being a replacement for me. So we'll see if they can turn it around now.
  • Actually MoneyWiz has a spreadsheet like ledger view too. You can switch between list view and spreadsheet view with the 2 small buttons near the search bar. Have a look:
  • MoBudget has been the best since WP7.  I sent him message asking if he would update the app, but I didn't get a reply.  
  • I'm still using MS Money until now, and I couldn't find any other software similar in capabilities or UI experience
  • Re: Hossam,
    Yes, we have been using Microsoft Money (Sunset) for many years. It's still available for download. (Just like the amazing ZUNE software is still available for download. It syncs with the Groove music service. Just FYI.)
    Software written so well and so complete, that it still works and is still available for download, many years after its' last update. Can apps, websites, and web services say that?
  • Ms money is a sophisticated program with many thousands lines of code and years of development behind it. I very much doubt that trere are many individual developers or small companies capable of producing something as complex. 
  • We made an app about 1.5 years ago to count how many lines of code does MoneyWiz have (not counting comments in the code). It was 1.2 million :)
    I actually believe MoneyWiz is much more sophisticated than MS Money. You can give it a try and if you don't like it you can just get a refund we have a 90 days no questions asked refunds policy.
  • Still using MoneyDance. It's desktop, but the others I've tried in the store, including Mobu, aren't even close in features to what MoneyDance can do.  An almost universal failing of these newer programs is the ability to enter a true split-transaction.
  • MoneyWiz supports splits in multiple accounts and multiple categories. Split between expense/income in the same entry will be supported later on, it's on our to-do list.
  • Good to know!  I'll check it out.  I frequently use the expense/income split, and that would be helpful to have.
  • It's important for wages and salaries which always have tax and national insurance.
  • We use YNAB, but it only supports web, iPhone, and Android. Does anyone know of a comparable product currently available for Windows Mobile and iPhone?
  • Yes, MoneyWiz :) It's available for Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android and syncs between all of them.
  • But no Windows phone app yet if I understood the article correctly? If they release a phone app before YNAB (I don't think they even have one planned) I will happily switch!
  • Hey guys, This is Iliya from the MoneyWiz team. I just wanted to say that I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about MoneyWiz.
  • Can you tell me if your software can interface with accounts that are handled by It seems that most apps/sites that track your spending can't so I can fully understand if you guys don't. I'm just curious, and have been quite missing a good budgeting app since I dropped
  • I just checked and it seems that we don't support either :(
  • Here is my use-case for Mint: I sync my accounts, of course. I pay my bills through my bank's website, using BillPay. I enter those pending transactions in Mint, since they don't show on my bank's pending list until they're actually sent. That way I can see what is actually remaining on Mint. Then when the transactions clear the bank, they match up on Mint. Does MoneyWiz allow a use-case like this? I really want to get away from Mint, but Prism doesn't seem to do what I want. I bank at USAA mainly, but also have accounts at Wells Fargo and
  • Oh - and is a mobile / UWP version coming?
  • Hi, Yes you can create the transaction manually into an account link to a bank. Make sure to configure the account to NOT auto-clear transactions (because then it will clear them at the time of creation). Then once we sync it from your bank, MoneyWiz will detect it's a duplicate in which case it will simply set the status as "cleared" (posted). Mobile version for Windows is not in the works. Windows Store version of the desktop app is coming later this year though.
    We have MoneyWiz for Android and iOS though (speaking of mobile), just fyi.
  • Ok, thanks. Given that there is no mobile version coming, I don't see enough of an advantage over Mint, as the reason I want to leave Mint is their abandonment of Windows Phone. If you're making a Windows Store app, why not make it a UWP that will run on both (and HoloLens, and Raspberry Pi..... you get the idea)?
  • Hi, We have no plans to do MoneyWiz for Windows Phone for multiple reasons:
    * It's that you can simply convert a desktop app to mobile. You have to do it all over again. The UI is very different between desktop and mobile.
    * MoneyWiz is very complex software with tons of functionality. It took us almost 3 years and more than $200,000 to port it to Windows Desktop. The cost of porting it to Windows Phone would be similar. Speaking of which it makes no business sense at all since Windows Phone has very low market share and by the looks of it, it won't get any better. We're more likely to do a web version that can be accessed anywhere though.
  • So I take it you'll be using the Project Centennial bridge to port your Win32 app to the Windows Store then, and not creating a native Windows Store app? Then you are already aware of the bridges that Microsoft is building. Creating a web front-end would be helpful, as Mint's website doesn't work on Windows Phones. The biggest problem with websites, though, is having the inconvenience of having to open LastPass (for those of us who use strong passwords and services such as LastPass to manage them), then open the site, and copy/paste passwords...  If you're creating a web front-end, though, you can use the Project Westminster bridge to get the web app into the store, for mobile. For that matter, you could use the Project Islandwood to port the iOS app over as well. Either one would greatly reduce the manpower required to port the app over, as compared to creating a new native app. One last suggestion - Xamarin is free now, so you could create a single application in Xamarin that would run on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Windows Mobile. One code base is cheaper to maintain than several. ;) Oh - and with UWP, the UI between desktop and mobile does not have to be all that different. ;) I don't doubt the complexity of the code base, but I would expect that a lot of the business logic would copy/paste from one to the other. There are API differences, but the business logic remains the same.
  • What he ^ said. First budget app that syncs between Windows 10 Mobile and iPhone gets all of my money! =D
  • Indeed Xamarin is something we plan to look into actually :)
  • :)
  • No windows phon support, No customer!
  • I know that you list bank syncing support, but does your app sync credit card transactions as well?  For example, I have a Chase credit card and make a purchase, will your bank sync subscription pick that up or will I have to enter it manually.  Thanks. 
  • Hi, Yes MoneyWiz syncs credit card transactions as well :)
  • Thanks for your reply.  One more question.  I noticed that you have on your purchase page "Please, notice that one purchase allows you to install and use MoneyWiz 2 on up to 3 computers."  What if I my computer breaks and I purchase a new one. Does the broken computer still count as 1 of the 3?  For example, does the license transfer or will I have to purchase more licenses.       
  • When do you expect the Windows trial version to be ready? I want to try this before commiting to buying. 
  • Hi, It will be sometime in May but I am not sure of the exact date yet.
    Have in mind that we have a 90 days refund policy, no questions asked...
  • I'll wait for the UWP version.
  • Anyone know of any that work in the UK, Banks in UK are being ******** about this type of useful control.
  • Hi, MoneyWiz does support all major UK banks. If you need to know about a specific one let me know and I will check.
    Indeed UK banks are trickier. They don't provide open API for access. We use Yodlee and SaltEdge as data providers and as far as I know they use html scraping technology to overcome the lack of API.
    One thing to note about UK banks though - depending on the bank and specific account type, they may ask you to enter some credentials on each refresh. For example for my current account in HSBC I have a device where I enter a PIN and it generates a code that I need to enter to log in or refresh. Now HSBC migrated out of this but still some banks employ similar things. Just saying...
  • In quicken, I just go myself into my bank web site, and download my transactions since last time, then when I open that qif file, quicken imports them and I can reconcile them to my own manual entries. Can moneywiz do that? My bank requires me to log in using different characters from two different passwords, so I can't imagine that being automatic.
  • Hi, Yes MoneyWiz imports QIF files (as well as CSV, OFX, QFX and MT940) and also has reconciliation function.
  • A UWP version would convince me.
  • I've been using MoneyWiz on iOS and Mac for years. It's a great finance app that keeps things simple and can do some cool things if you need it. Very feature rich, but the UI is not over complicated. Great support team as well.
  • Thank you! :)
  • Money Lover.
    The best app on this category
  • A Windows 10 app version is in the works and the plan is to have it available this Fall from the Windows 10 Store.
    It's already Fall, and soon will be Winter I still don't see any such app yet Any update?