Monkey Lumia

Who said it were only humans who could work a smartphone? Pictured above is a cheeky little chap who's currently wielding a Lumia Windows Phone. Visitors were not only able to take shots of the monkey enjoying some tunes through Xbox Music, but they probably found themselves being filmed for the others in the pack to have a gander at later on in the evening. So how does a primate come to own a Lumia smartphone?

A visiting tourist managed to drop the device into the enclosure, which was taken up by one of the primates who refused to allow zookeepers to retrieve the handset. While no one has reported a missing phone, it's stated the monkey would actually be smart enough to work out how to the use it. That's a bonus for Microsoft making the UI such a breeze to use. Windows Phone for props in the next Planet Of The Apes movie?

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Remember, folks: be careful when using your Windows Phones as a camera. 

Source: Ilta-Sanomat; thanks, Mikko, for the tip!

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