Super fast coin trick for Monster Burner on Windows Phone

The Xbox Windows Phone version of Monster Burner started out as a free game before jumping up to 99 cents a few days later. Like most freemium games, it features In App Purchases that speed up player’s progress in the game. Using the in-game currency, you can buy upgrades to increase your firepower and life or single-use items to slow down the enemies and make tough levels a bit more manageable.

The game doesn’t force players to buy coins; you’ll earn some every time you complete a level. But while the first upgrade of any type sells for a reasonable price, subsequent upgrades cost astronomical prices. Even if you repeat an easy and high-coin level like Plains 3, it would still take hours of grinding to afford the best upgrades on your own.

Fear not! We’ve caught wind of a trick that reduces grinding times tenfold. Using this method, you could easily earn an average of 10,000 coins every two minutes! Read on for our full guide and video.

Rush for the gold

Tricks or no, the highest paying single levels are found in Gold Rush mode. The actual Gold Rush level changes based on date, so some levels award a lot more coins than others. But Gold Rush is only available every six hours, so you can’t normally grind it over and over.

Thankfully, this trick removes the time restriction from the equation. First, head to your phone’s Settings menu. Then scroll down to Date and Time. From there, switch off ‘Set automatically.’ Change the date to June 03, 2013. This date creates a particularly good Gold Rush level that lasts for 120 seconds and distributes coins like candy.

Now launch the game or return to it if it’s already running. Gold Rush will be available right from the start, even if you just played it a few minutes ago in real time. Play through the level as normal, reflecting your shots to create the largest combos you can. You’ll easily get combos in the forties and higher, and enemies will drop tons of items as a result.

Repeat as necessary

Change the clock back to normal before you buy that last upgrade!

Once the level ends, you should earn a minimum of four- or five thousand coins. If you bought the permanent 2x coin multiplier, you’ll get anywhere from 9,000 to 11,000 coins from one attempt! But that’s not enough to buy all the upgrades – not by a longshot.

You want to repeat this Gold Rush over and over. Whatever you do, don’t press the right arrow at the bottom corner of the screen; otherwise you’ll have to switch the time back and forth again. Instead, press the Back button on your phone. The level will restart and you’ll get to keep all of the coins you earned in the previous attempt! Now just keep repeating this process until you have enough coins to buy the upgrades and items you need. Return to the Date and Time menu and change it back to ‘Set automatically’ whenever you’re done grinding.

Just be careful not to purchase that final upgrade and unlock the ‘Prepared for war’ Achievement while your date is manually set. Doing so will cause the Achievement to unlock at a later date, and you don’t want that. Before you buy that last upgrade, double check to make sure your phone’s clock is accurate.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for our full Monster Burner review!

Thanks to K4rn4ge at TrueAchievements for discovering this trick! And thanks to Marcel at InsideGames.Ch and Mark Tepper for letting us know about the price increase.

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