Monster Hunter World: Iceborne brings the Stygian Zinogre in a new trailer

The Stygian Zinogre in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
The Stygian Zinogre in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Image credit: Capcom)

What you need to know

  • Capcom has been adding new monsters to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne through different updates.
  • The next monster being added is the Stygian Zinogre.
  • This update is scheduled to arrive on December 5.
  • You can get Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for $45 on Amazon.

Since the release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the massive expansion for Monster Hunter: World, Capcom has been steadily adding new features and even new monsters through different updates. The next beastie being added to the roster is the Stygian Zinogre. You can check out the trailer for the Stygian Zinogre below.

The Stygian Zinogre is a subspecies of the Zinogre that was first introduced back in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. This dangerous variant dishes out Dragon Element damage with relish, perfect for providing a challenge to hunters who have mastered the New World.

A developer diary will be released on December 4 to cover the additions of this second title update for the expansion. The update itself is set to be available on December 5. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is currently available on console, with the PC version set to release on January 9, 2020. If you're new to Monster Hunter and looking to get into this expansion, you can check out our various guides below.



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