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What you need to know

  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne recently launched on PC.
  • The base game has been out for many years now, and has received excellent post-launch support.
  • The Kulve Taroth joins the game next week.
  • You can purchase Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for $40 at Green Man Gaming.

Today, Microsoft posted a trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's Title Update Version 13.5. The patch is hitting the game on April 23, and brings with it a lot of fixes. However, the biggest additions are the Kulve Taroth and Arch-Tempered Namielle. Both are dangerous beasts and it'll take you a while to slay them.

The trailer details exactly what to expect from the game next week.

The magnificent Kulve Taroth is making its triumphant return and the mighty Arch-Tempered Namielle is on its way to Iceborne. Check out this quick preview of what's to come in Title Update Version 13.5, available starting April 23.

Recently, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne got a seasonal in-game event called Full Bloom Fest. However, the biggest change has to be Layered Weapons. These alter the appearance of your weapons without impacting their statistics. The first wave of layered weapons is available now, and you can customize fully-upgraded weapons with different base frames and monster organs.

A wonderful experience

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Get slaying

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne already proved itself to be a spectacular expansion, but the PC release is even better. Explore the Hoarfrost Reach in gorgeous, stunning detail, and take down massive beasts.

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