Monster Hunter: World isn't set to hit Xbox One and other platforms until January 26, 2018, but we're already gotten some pretty good looks at what to expect. And while most of the trailers and early peeks we've seen thus far have focused on the series' main draw of fierce monster battles, the latest offers a look at something a little tamer: our kitty companions.

Players will be able to take their own Palico, the Monster Hunter: World's feline companions, on hunts with them – and they're adorable as all get-out. Not only will they help out on hunts, but Palicos can cook food for you as well, as show off by the incredibly focused kitty in the trailer. To top it all off, each Palico companion is completely customizable, featuring a full suite of options centered around their color, fur, pattern, eyes, ears, tail, and more. You can add to the look by equipping your Palico with different gear.

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Custom kitty companions won't be the highlight of Monster Hunter: World for everyone, but they certainly don't hurt either. Speaking for myself, however, I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of my time in the game dedicated to palin' around with and dressing up my Palico.

Monster Hunter: World hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on January 26, and the game is up for preorder now.

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