Monster Trucks Unleashed, four-wheel drive fun for Windows 10 and Windows Phone

Monster Trucks Unleashed is a challenging, multi-level arcade game where you have to pilot your truck across a series of obstacle courses. Available from both the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Stores, the game includes three trucks to race and forty-five courses to master.

Controls are easy to pick up and Monster Trucks Unleashed has nice graphics and animations. The game will test your patience and reflexes as your truck runs through loops, jumps and other impediments. After playing the Windows Phone version of the game over the past few days, Monster Trucks Unleashed comes across as a fun title to have in your gaming library.

Monster Trucks Unleashed is available for low-memory Windows Phones.

Monster Trucks Unleashed

Your main menu for Monster Trucks Unleashed has your standard options to jump into game play and access the game's settings. You can also choose which of the three monster trucks you want to control. The trucks have varying ability levels (speed, handling and acceleration) and while it is nice to have a selection of trucks available, two require an in-app purchase to unlock. Settings cover sound/music levels, along with control orientation (left hand or right).

Game play is scattered across a gaming map that includes three environments (forest, desert and wonderland) with a total of 45 levels to tackle. The levels are progressively unlocked and you will have to earn a set number of stars before you can advance through the environments. Stars are earned based on your gaming scores and levels are replayable to improve your score and earn more stars.

Monster Trucks Unleashed

The map screen for Monster Trucks Unleashed has your gaming coin counts displayed and a display for your energy levels. Each level of game play attempted will cost you an energy unit and the game starts you out with eight units. Units are replenished over time or you can use your gaming coins (earned during game play) to replenish things sooner.

The gaming screen has the gaming controls scattered across the bottom of the screen. These controls cover your forward and reverse movement and to tilt your truck right or left (maintain your balance). Your game timer is displayed at the bottom of the screen and your goal for each level of play is to navigate across the obstacle course, collect as many gold diamonds as possible and reach the finish line as quickly as you can.

The obstacle course is a series of jumps and loops that you'll need to run your monster truck across. To make things interesting, there are exploding barrels that line the course (mainly under jumps) that if your truck makes contact with them, it'll ruin your day. Flipping your truck over will also result in an explosive result.

Monster Trucks Unleashed

The courses are rather challenging and will require you to keep your truck balanced while running up and over loops, through and onto spinning wheels, reverse direction in mid-air and other stunts. Monster Trucks Unleashed is a fun test of your reaction skills and to some degree your patience. Some courses have you reversing direction, flipping your truck in mid-air and other stunts to succeed. Courses do have checkpoints at the half-way point, so if you do crash and burn close to the finish line, you won't have to resume play all the way back to the starting line.

Overall Impression

Monster Trucks Unleashed is an entertaining and fun arcade game. Available from the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Stores, the game has challenging levels to master along with nice graphics and animations.

The game does utilize full-screen ads that pop-up between levels. I'm not a fan of the full-screen ads but with Monster Trucks Unleashed you know when to expect them and that seems to take a little sting out things.

While a fun game to pass the time with, I wouldn't mind seeing a little more meat on the bones with Monster Trucks Unleashed. Maybe a garage area where you can upgrade or customize your truck using your gaming coins. Nonetheless, Monster Trucks Unleashed is an appealing gaming option to have tucked away in your Windows Phone or Windows 10 gaming library.

If you give Monster Trucks Unleashed a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments below.

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