Jump for joy as MonsterUp Adventures gets a Windows Phone 8 update

If there’s one thing we can count on from indie developer Karios Games, it’s frequent software updates. Karios’ standout jumping game MonsterUp Adventures has already received two substantial updates – one to ease the game’s difficulty and another that greatly improved its boss battles. One aspect of the game still needed tweaking though: its in-game purchases.  That’s just what the new version 1.4 update addresses – for Windows Phone 8 users.

Full update details and a slice of MonsterUp news after the break.

Dyin’ for better buying

MonsterUp Adventures version 1.4 update

As we’ve previously related, up until now MonsterUp Adventures had to visit Karios Games’ website in order to purchase optional gem packs and level unlocks for the game. Not the most convenient way to buy PDLC for a game, but the limitation is forced by Windows Phone 7’s lack of support for in-app purchases in indie games.

QR: MonsterUp Adventures

The version 1.4 update is specifically targeted at Windows Phone 8 users. The sole change of note is the new ability to buy DLC from directly within the game. Just enter the shop from the map and you’ll see two new features at the bottom: a Buy button and an icon depicting a quantity of gems.

These elements aren’t squeezed onto the screen very gracefully, but UI layout has long been one of my criticisms about the game. To change what type and quantity of gem to buy, swipe the icon left or right. Once you’ve decided on a purchase, press Buy and you’ll visit a purchase screen like the one pictured.

MonsterUp Adventures costs $1.49 and there is a free trial. Check out our full review, and then grab it at the Windows Phone Store.

Chillin’ like a Brazilian

Both the original MonsterUp and its sequel MonsterUp Adventures have recently made their way to the Brazilian Windows Phone Store. The country of Brazil has some “weird regulations” that publishers must go through in order to release their games there. As a result, many games just don’t get released in Brazil. Thanks to the help of our own dedicated reader Guilherme da Silva Manso, Karios has been able to publish all of their games there at last.

Itchin’ for recognition

MonsterUp Memory

Microsoft might not be willing to give Karios’ games the time of day as far as Xbox Live releases go (I blame the UI problems), but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a well-made jumping game. MonsterUp Adventures is one of 19 indie games featured in an a Windows Phone Store app collection called The Next Big Thing. Other featured titles include Ragdoll Run, Armed!, and The Path of Kara.

On top of that, Karios’ first Windows 8 game MonsterUp Memory has also been nominated for the Swiss App Awards. Released shortly after the Windows 8 launch, the game is just what you’d expect: a memory card game featuring MonsterUp aesthetics. We’ll find out whether it wins an award or not on February 7th. The first MonsterUp won the Swiss App Awards’ Best Game of 2012, so this one certainly has a chance.

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