More details revealed about Windows 10 for phones preview of Project Spartan browser

The new Windows 10 for phones 10051 preview build includes the first version of Microsoft's "Project Spartan" web browser for smartphones. The company has offered more details on this early public version, including word that they are still taking feedback for possible changes down the road.

The phone version of Project Spartan uses the same new rendering engine that is being used for the PC version of the browser. While this Windows 10 for phone preview still has the older Internet Explorer 11 browser installed as the default, future versions will have Project Spartan as the only web browser for smartphones.

This build also has early versions of the mobile reading view and reading list features that will be included in Project Spartan. Microsoft added:

"You'll find that this build has our new design for our Windows phone version, with the address bar on top, and a small actions bar at the bottom (a bug in this build means that the actions menu is larger than its intended to be). We've heard your early feedback about the position of the address bar, and we are looking closely at the design. We encourage you to try out, see what you think, and continue to share your feedback with us."

So for those of you who like having the address bar on the bottom of the browser, as IE11 has for Windows Phone 8.1, it sounds like Microsoft could also change the bar's position for Project Spartan if they get enough feedback to support that feature.

Source: IEblog

John Callaham