More HoloLens real-time chat, or 'Holoportation', shown in new video

This week, Microsoft finally showed that real-time chat feature for its HoloLens augmented reality headset in action with the posting of the recent TED Talk HoloLens demo video. Now the company is showing off more of that chat feature, which Microsoft calls, for some reason, "Holoportation".

As shown in a video on the HoloLens YouTube channel, a new 3D video capture system was created for this system. It can take images from all sides of a person and then a computer can create a full 3D model of that human who can appear to be walking inside a real space. Another person wearing the HoloLens headset can then see that 3D model, and the video shows what it looks like through the HoloLens' field of view.

Not only can "Holoportation" handle real-time chats with the HoloLens, but Microsoft's setup can also record chats as well. A person who wears the headset can go back and view a previous virtual chat between that person and someone else, and that person can see both him or herself and the person they are talking to at the same time. The image can also be decreased so the chat can be viewed on a small table.

Of course, this kind of technology is likely to be years away from being made available for anyone to use, but it certainly could have applications for businesses who want to have virtual conference rooms and presentations.

John Callaham