Lumia 820 and 920

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Although we’re less than 24 hours from Nokia doing the big unveiling of their new Lumia range expected for AT&T and other carriers, the leaks are still happening (which may be planned, for all we know).

The latest shows the back of the Lumia 820 in purple—that device is expected to have removable backplates for different colors akin to the Lumia 710.

The other shows the familiar stance of the Lumia 920 and its colors, including Yellow, Red, White, Black and evidently Silver/Grey.

Besides the removal of the chrome bezel for a presumably more scratch-resistant gunmetal grey bezel and matching buttons, there isn’t too much else to be gleaned. But that’s okay, as all will be shown tomorrow morning and we’ll be there live to cover it.

Source: Evleaks 1, 2