More Lumia 650 phones are getting the 'Double Tap to Wake' firmware update

Reports are coming in that more Lumia 650 smartphone owners are seeing that the "Double Tap to Wake" firmware update is now available to download. Microsoft started rolling out that update to some units of the Windows 10 Mobile phone last week.

It appears that a second round of firmware updates is rolling out, based on posts from readers on the Windows Central forums who stated they are downloading the software from the U.S., India and other locations. This week, Microsoft updated its Lumia firmware history page with the change log for the firmware update for both the Lumia 650 and 550 phones with the version number 01078.00042.16352.50xxx.

  • Support for double tap to wake enabled for Lumia 650.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity improvements, including fixes for Wi-Fi connection dropping randomly and Wi-Fi scan occasionally not returning any results.
  • Bluetooth connectivity improvements.
  • Stability and reliability improvements.
  • Camera improvements, including improved image and video quality, improved Auto-focus and fix for a problem that was causing slow motion capture to skip frames for some users.
  • Cellular connectivity improvements, including fix for a problem that caused occasional network loss for some users.
  • Audio quality improvements, including fix for a problem that caused voice call audio to get scrambled for some users.

To see if your unlocked Lumia 650 is getting this update, go to Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates. If eligible you will see MICROSOFTMDG update.

Thanks again to our Windows Central forum members for the tips!

John Callaham