More Mapping updates from Nokia inbound

Nokia unleashed a veritable salvo of updates earlier which we reported on but it seems that the updates to the mapping components weren’t quite done with, there is more.

Nokia Maps has introduced better integration with Nokia Transport and we noticed an odd disconnect in the app when getting more information would prompt a search in the store. We have had confirmation from Nokia that they will be releasing an update shortly to correct that. Read on to find out more..

The issue seen concerned the ability to get more public transit routes from within Nokia Maps, we suspected this may be due to the Nokia Transit app not being fully up to date. That was confirmed to us by Nokia who are currently putting through an update to Transit which we can expect later today and in some regions right now. The update for Transport is confirmed live in the US and the UK at time of writing.

There has also been an update to the actual mapping data for the platform, this was seen very early today here in the UK and we have confirmed for California, we suspect they are wide reaching. If you haven’t already done so you should head to your device and hit the settings menu, go to applications, click on Maps and then check for updates. Please ensure you get the latest version of the mapping data for use with the new maps apps. We are told Serbia and Israel have been included in these updates and should improve on what was currently there.

Update your mapping data..

The latest version of Nokia Transport will show up as version 3.2 but this may take some time to filter through the servers in your region. We’ll be sure to update when we can download the Transit update later.

Update to Nokia Transport/Transit

Please let us know in the comments if you are seeing the updates where you are and please be sure to tell us if you notice anything new. We’ll be watching.


We can confirm that the update to Nokia Transport has now corrected the issue with Nokia Maps. When clicking on more routes it will now just throw you into Nokia Transport from Maps and present the correct information. Similar app to app communication can be seen with Drive and Maps where one can launch the other. 

There is a little more about the update listed here:

“Now available in over 550 cities and 53 countries worldwide, Nokia Transit is the easiest way to get around. New cities are added regularly, and are immediately available in your app. Check if your city is covered here:”

We have also been told that the Mapping apps from Nokia will soon receive the full ‘Here’ branding that their online maps have recently been changed to. We’ll keep you updated on that as we find out more.You can download Nokia Transport from the Windows Phone Store or Scan the QR code below

More Mapping updates from Nokia inbound

Robert Brand