More Nokia rumors as Q4 ramp-up draws near

Since CEO Stephen Elop confirmed early this month that Nokia was still planning on a Q4 launch of their first WP7 phones, the rumor mill has been cranking.  Friday brought us word that 6 European countries would be the first to see the new devices.  Now, rumor has it, that those 6 nations will have to split up the paltry sum of 125,000 units.  According to a Tweet by Eldar Murtazin, Editor in Chief of Mobile-Review, that is how many handsets Nokia plans to manufacture for Q4.

For Nokia, who has doubled down on WP7 as their smartphone future, 125,000 seems incredibly low, and risky at best.  It invites the question of whether or not this, and other recent rumors, can be trusted.  With the well-being of the company on the line, Nokia has allegedly gone into Apple-mode, keeping their cards close to the vest and clamping down on how much information gets out there.  In a piece he wrote for Slashgear, Chris Davis put it this way:

"Talk to anybody in Nokia, and it’s clear they’re aware of the potential if they can only get the first Windows Phone launch right. That’s why the iron shutters are down around development: as one of the product team told me yesterday, it’s “Apple-style” secrecy right now. Well known industry players are finding their sources inside the company drying up. The 12-18 month long development cycles of before – during which time leaks were pretty much the rule and not the exception – have been clamped down upon, hurried up and shrouded in a new level of secrecy."

It only makes sense that Nokia wants to seal leaks and build anticipation, and Apple has made a way of life out of it.  Through intense secrecy and iron-fisted control, they have been able to create their own media destiny.  The world champs at the bit to get any scrap of information they can, and thus, the hype builds up.  It's a model that Nokia will need to pay off for them as they head into an uncertain make-or-break future.

Sources: Eldar Murtazin, SlashGear; Via: IntoMobile, WPSauce

  • Their secrecy technique is working. It's definitely building up anticipation.Now they'll just have to make sure that they knock it out of the park when their first WP7 phones hit market.
  • E7 with xenon flash, full-focus camera and requisite spec-bump would do me if they're going QWERTY first, or N8 with the same bumps if going slate!I just want a killer camera in the back and a front-facing one in, front. (And HDMI out and Ovi Maps and an FM transmitter wouldn't hurt :) )Gimme gimme gimme!
  • I just hope they get a phone on Verizon before the end of the year. I like my HD7, but am craving the Mango goodness and Nokia hardware. I really need a good camera, but I am pretty sure Nokia will bring their A-Game.
  • 125,000 handsets across 6 countries? They might as well not bother. However considering the source and the fact that Nokia has their future riding on this AND the way Stephen Elop seems to have a good handle of what is needed I think we can safely say that figure is BS. Eldar Murtazin's "predictions" need to be put in the same category as the Loch Ness monster and The Bermuda Triangle.
  • I know this is immature, but it's more like FAILdar Murtazin lately ...
  • This is great and hope it arrives in United States soon! I have feeling this phone with built in querty keyboard, 500 mango updates and also yes will come with a Dual Carmera which is what I see on the previous photo. Skype or Qik will be built in for video chat capabilities.
  • I am waiting for the second they hit the US. I will be all over that.
  • I doubt this guy has any idea of how many they'll make in Q4 at all. That 125k seems like a safe guess to me at best.
  • Is there any reason of mentioning Murtazin? Any mentioning of this guy makes me sick?Mercy, please, please tell me why?
  • if the meego phone announcement is any indication, they're going to make a curved screen for the wp7 as well, not sure about other stuff though...