Black HTC 8S Live Tiles

The black and white HTC 8S sports a unique black (on light) theme for use, according to a hands-on video by smartphoneinfos. We've taken a good look and it's definitely a new theme. The question is if this is simply an exclusive colour to HTC or we could well be seeing more colours on offer for use in Windows Phone 8.

Many (including ourselves) have been after more themes since Windows Phone launched back in late 2010, and a black theme was high in the request list. Looking at the theme in action on the HTC 8S indeed makes it seem possible that we could see more colours available to choose from when personalising a Windows Phone.

We previously looked at a number of new accents available in the leaked Windows Phone 8 SDK, which turned out to offer a total of 20 themes for users to choose from. We're currently accustomed to 10 colours with an OEM / carrier exclusive. This new black accent shows that either OEMs are able to add more unique colours to Windows Phone to reflect the more colourful hardware they're producing, or Microsoft is indeed including more accents for consumers.

Check out the hands-on video below.

What do you make of the black theme present on the 8S? Would you like to see more colours available to all Windows Phones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: YouTube