Good news, if you are in Canada, as today Microsoft and its carrier partners have set free the Lumia Cyan update for the Lumia 520 and Lumia 620 for almost all carriers up north. The entry and budget level devices in Canada have been lagging behind the global release, which saw its near completion last week.

Let us take a look at which carriers got the update for their Lumias!

Now getting Lumia Cyan

  • Lumia 520 – Chatr Wirless, Koodo, Rogers, Telus
  • Lumia 620 – Telus

The Lumia 625 received its update earlier in July on Telus and Rogers, so technically those are not new today.

There are two holdouts though that deserves a mention:

  • Lumia 520 – PC Mobile (under testing)
  • Lumia 620 – Koodo (under testing)

As you can see, those two phones are still inching closer to a release but are not quite there yet. We will, of course, keep an eye out for when they do go live.

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Remember, if you are using Windows Phone 8.1 already through the Preview for Developers, even if your country is listed above, you still do not get Lumia Cyan just yet as Microsoft has a pause on the updates. Users are instructed to either wait until a fix comes out or use the Nokia Recovery Tool to downgrade the OS and then take the updates.

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Thanks, Peter R., and Robert B., for the tips!