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Most Relaxing Xbox One Games 2019

Graveyard Keeper
Graveyard Keeper (Image credit: tinyBuild)

Stressed out after a work week? Ready to drop everything and get your game on? Fancy something a little less involved? We have you covered. While any game can be relaxing, sometimes you might want something a little easier on the synapses for a truly chilled experience. Here are our picks for most-satisfying, least-taxing Xbox One games to date.

Xbox and chill

All of these games represent a laid back, relaxing time on Xbox One. Our favorite, of course, is the immortal Minecraft (opens in new tab), owing to its endless possibilities, piles of addon content, and the ability to play with friends on virtually any system thanks to Minecraft Realms. There's no real aim in Minecraft, save for what you make for yourself, which makes the game as challenging or as relaxing as you see fit. There are dozens of ways to play, whether you simply want to jump on creative mode and make gigantic structures or even 3D pixel art, or via Survival Mode, which offers a more robust challenge, complete with adventure-like features like tombs and treasure.

Cities: Skylines (opens in new tab) is also a huge winner, and is as satisfying and addictive as they come. Some of the updates added features like weather management, disaster planning, deeper industrial systems, and much more. You'll find it hard to put the game down once you get going — just be sure to future-proof your infrastructure for big traffic jams.

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