Most Verizon Lumia 822s and 8Xs start shipping out tomorrow

If you pre-ordered a Nokia Lumia 822 from Verizon Wireless, rejoice! According to screenshots from Verizon's website, your phone will be shipping out tomorrow ... that is, unless you ordered a red HTC 8X. In that case, you can expect it in another week or so, on November 21. None of this is set in stone, however, so don't go blaming us if it takes a little longer. I went through the steps of choosing a HTC 8X in my region, Massachusetts, and got shipping dates ranging from November 15 to November 21. All of the Nokia Lumia 822s showed up as immediately available.

Your HTC 8X might be coming a little later

Verizon will be offering a pretty good assortment of colors for both phones. Both come in three colors: The Lumia 822 in black, grey and white, and the 8X in black, blue and red. Both are 4G and feature Data Sense software, which "tracks how much data you’ve used, how much you have left, optimizes your web browser, and helps you find nearby Wi-Fi hotspots."

Nokia's mid-range Lumia 822 can be had for $99 with a two-year contract and the flagship HTC 8X will run you twice that, $199, with the same two-year agreement.

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab); Thanks for the tip, Julio!

  • This will kill Nokia on Verizon..are you kidding me..$99 for the 822 it could've been priced lower than that..SMFH
  • Ya like 199 for htc is a great deal eh?
  • Better specs than the iPhone and same price. :-)
  • Lol!  And the iP5 will still sell more units than the HTC 8x and many of the Android devices on Verizon. 
    The Nokia 822 will appeal to many at that price point with the added benefit of expandable storage and Nokia apps.
  • Why exactly should it have been priced lower?
  • Because the 920 on AT&T is the same price and the 820 is $50 cheaper.
  • Well, if a Verizon customer moves over to ATT to get the $99 Lumia 920, then it's still a win for Nokia, yes?
  • Wow and the biggest Nokia fanboy award now goes to...
  • Doubt I'm the biggest, but i's no secret, Vivrant Thang!  I currently use a N8 and will be purchasing a Lumia soon :)
  • Deleted double post.
  • Well since this is one has 16GB built in and also has the same storage as the 820 it seems justified. And since no one is likely to switch to att just to save $50 I dont think the price is an issue.
  • Lumia 920 price at AT&T is very heavily subsidised by ATT, and therefor shouldn't be compared to 820/822 on Verizon/ATT. 822 at 99$ and 820 at 50$ sound fair and unsubsidised price. Verizons 822 actually sounds actually cheaper than 820 at ATT. 1) 16gb vs 8gb. 2) Wireless charing out of the box 3) Nokia's data sense at Verizon  compressing data 45%+ in websurfing. 4) 1800mAh vs 1650mah. 5) FFC 1280×960 vs 640×480. 6) probably something more that I missed.
    HELL. Now that I think of it, 822 at Verizon is a STEAL, compared to ATT 820.
    A while a ago I read about someone talking to AT&T rep, and he said that Lumia 920 price at 99$ is only temporary and wont last forever. Which sounds reasonable. So I would be quick to get one(might be until ATT excusivity, who knows). At 99$ Lumia 920 price is a joke compared to 8X 16gb at 199$. In my opinion unsubsidised price at AT&T for 920 would be 249-299$.
  • That Verizon logo on the 822 needs to be bigger!
  • ^^THIS
    Greates idea since General Custer's last battle plan
  • I usually DO NOT like when US carriers alter the look of phones (vs the international version), but I really like the look of Verizon's HTC 8X without the htc logo sqeezed in at the top. It's a much better, cleaner look. And the back has a more muted logo as well. I'm picky about this kind of thing and am VERY happy that Verizon actually (and luckily) improved the look. Mine is on preorder and should ship out tomorrow.
  • I have an 11/13 ship date for the blue 8x!
  • Has there been any confirmation on what day the Verizon 8x will be available in their retail stores? 
  • Yes, November 21
  • I want an 8x so bad. I definitely need an upgrade from my Trophy right now.
  • Shipping the red on the 21st is the stupidest thing they could have possibly done because with the holiday it means I won't get mine til the following Monday. The rep I talked to to make sure my order went through because the status page was broken said I shouldn't hold my breath on it shipping early.
  • Here's to hoping retail availability is the same as the ship date! (I'm thinking it won't be unitl the Thursday the 15th though since Thursdays are the traditional release day for VZW according to various posts in the forums). 
  • It's been confirmed - November 21
  • Interesting... I ordered my Lumia 822 about 30 min after preorders opened and my order status page changed from the ship date being "Not available at this time" to 11/16/12. I just checked it a min ago. I hope it actually ships tomorrow. I was hoping to get my phone by Friday at the very latest. 
  • Let's see 16GB built in, removable battery, Gorilla Glass 2.0, Supersensitive display, Wireless charging abilities, SD card wait what am I missing from the 920? HD display, pureview........thats it? Verizon's 822 is actually a lot better equipped than the 820 it originates from. Yea you lose HD display and pureview and some asthetics, but forget the 920 exists cause it's not an option for us on VZW. (Not meant to bring the well I'll switch to AT&T convos) I'm 7 lines in on my account and not heading anywhere. Yea 800x400 display isn't the best deal but winter is coming and wearing gloves is a big deal in areas were it doesn't snow but sleets and pours ice from the sky, but sadly this seems to be the better wp8 phone on VZW especially now that we've seen some Odyssey leaks today. Nokia's software can not be ignored in the equation. So on VZW the 822 @ $449 outright is still the better option thanks to Nokia software, removable everything, and I'll snag a black one and add a white NFC/Charging back to get my piano 8S ripoff with a panda camera back. :) Enjoy guys!!
  • Plus the 822 has OLED and 8X has SLCD2.....OLED>SLCD2
  • Touche sir, touche! I agree!
  • Nokia hyped the "super sensitive Pureview display" far too much. They made it sound like it was the only phone that could be used with gloves.  When I went to Best Buy yesterday, there was a live demo of the Htc 8x, and gues what! My gloves worked to activate the screen, even my keys got feedback from the screen! (just make sure no associate is watching when you put your keys to a demo screen, they might not like that)  However, the Lumia does still produce a deeper black, but it's not something you would notice on the 8x unless someone told you to look for it.  Camera wise, it is decent; hats off to Nokia here.  When you get a clean shot, it looks great!  But the image will blur easily if you are trying to use the phone with one hand.  Besides not having the Nokia specific apps, this phone can go toe to toe with the Lumia in nearly every respect! The only thing stopping me from jumping on one now is the poor game selection on WP8 (all my daily use apps are already supported).  We have been told that benchmark games are coming, but that was months ago and there hasn't been any new updates.  I am all for switching to WP8, just waiting for the ecosystem to flourish a little more!  For Verizon customers (which I am), this is one sweet piece of hardware!
  • OK replying to my own post like a dork, but I just closed and checked my pre-order status again and now it says "Expected Ship Date: Not available at this time." Huh??!?!?!!!111oneoneone Come on VZW, don't let me down. 
  • The thing with the Nokia 822 is that it looks really close to my HTC Trophy.  I kinda don't want to look at the same looking phone but I will reserve final decision until I see them in store and play with them.  I played with the L920 at the MSFT store and I was impressed with build quality.  Not heavy for me, however, I can definitely feel the weight at the camera area.  My Trophy and L920 felt like the same weight.  I just don't like how the L822 looks similar to my Trophy, especially at the bottom lip of the phone.
  • Sorry Verizon, but you pissed me off too long. Just jumped to AT&T to get the 920 today. Should have my Cyan one with matching charger for $99 later this week.
  • It's hard to pick the 822 over the 8X because the 8X is going to have better sound ,better resolution and a better screen.
  • but with the 8x your gonna be STUCK with 16gbs no room to expand, a battery life thats no where near as good as the 822
    to me removable storage and better battery life >>>> non removable storage and a better screen resolution
  • OLED screens and microSD slots take up battery life as well, plus I care about video and audio quality over storage. I have an unlimited plan so I usually stream everything anyway and I most likely am paying less per month than you are.
  • well nobody has seen the 822 live and still keep commenting... The lumia 920 looked very big in pic and video but in person it is really awesome.. I am sure 822 is going to be great.. I am also thinking the same about 810.
  • According to my shipping number, I should be getting my Blue 8X tomorrow by 3pm!  Stoked!
  • My 8X (black) order still shows shipping tomorrow. The 822 just looked to bulky from all the pics.
  • No new on in store availability?
  • News*
  • I called two local retail stores in my area.  Both said that there is no official retail release date.
  • I need to get these in the stores so I can get my hands on time to decide, then probably go buy at Costco depending on what deal they come up with.  My Pre+ is on it's death bed and I need a new phone now... 
  • Mine is still showing processing and expected to ship 11/13. Anyone else have their's actually update?
  • Mine converted this morning from a preorder confirmation number to an actual order number.  Tracking number field still blank, but still showing "will ship by 11/13"
  • My ship date is still unavailable.  I do hope to get it by the end of the week though.
  • I got my ship date today; my 822 is expected on Thursday 11/15/12. I chose the black 822 because I didn't see $100 of added value in the 8X. An HD screen and 'prettyness' do not a flagship make, imo. The hardware is identical in all the right places with the 822 giving up resolution and possibly better sound, but gaining a hypersensitive display, removable storage, and removable battery.
    I also picked the 822 over my original choice of a GNote2. After considering the $350 price tag, Verizon's holding hostage of them until the end of November, the branded home button, and the fact that the device can't be used outside of Verizon once my contract is up(yeah, it's the same with the Lumia, but I'm saving $250) made me rethink my position on the Note, despite it being the most capable and interesting Android device currently available. 
    So, here's to hoping the little Lumia lives up to my inflated expectations. I'm upgrading from an HTC Incredible, though, and at this point I'm pretty sure a brick would prove to be a more effective device. Yeah, my bar is pretty low. 
    Onward to Thursday!