Motorola Q9h 6.1 Update Officially Available

Mike, who'd previously let us know about that leaked out 6.1 update has been watching Motorola's site like a ravenous hawk hovering over a field mouse. That mouse has finally popped out of its hole: head on over to Motorola's site for the official Motorola Q9h 6.1 Update (opens in new tab).

You're going to need the standard complement of update tools before you get going: Windows XP or Vista, internet connectivity (the software just might be calling home to check to see if your Q9h is legit), and a full backup before you update. Like all ROM updates, this one will wipe your device, so get prepared.

Welcome to the sliding panel glory of Windows Mobile 6.1 on the Q9h everybody. I've been in here for awhile, and let me tell you: jump on in, the water's fine.

Download the installer directly here. Thanks, Mike!

WC Staff
  • Installation completed without a hitch. Love the new interface for the home screen. I'll have to check out any other improvements later.
  • Now all we need is the wm6.1 for the Samsung Blackjack2 SGH-i717/SGH-i716.
    You'd think with the two devices having very similar specs that the release of a ROM update for one would be followed shortly by the other.
    Here's hoping.
  • @above
    Correction: Samsung Blackjack2 is SGH-i617/i616.
  • I am having problems installing the update. I get to the beginning of the Motorola Software Update program and none of my phone's info shows up. ActiveSync runs but the MSU software doesn't even recognize my phone.
  • Woohoo!!! Thank you Jesus!!!
  • I have a Q9h unlocked and using it on Tmobile, will doing the upgrade to 6.1 lock the phone back to ATT?? If so is there a way around this??
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  • I have a Q9 phone and I cannot get on it. I went into the store @ Altel and they told me that it does not get it. For some reason I believe they did not want to take the time.