moTweets gets bumped to v1.5; Gets Lists support

moTweets (see full review here) got a nice bump yesterday, like every other program evidently.

New in v1.5:

  • Auto-refresh Popup notification will no longer come up
  • Removed message to ask to go online, no longer required
  • NEW: Now has the option to play system sounds
  • NEW: Picture services,,
  • NEW: Initial implimentation of Twitter Lists, can view the lists
  • NEW: Added Italian and Korean translations
  • NEW: Translate Tweets option
  • NEW: Block user
  • NEW: Report as Spam
  • Fixed issue with loading and uploading larger images

Admittedly, it's been awhile since we played with moTweets but we have to confess, it has become quite good as of late.  We especially like the Raven Black color scheme now (see above), though the scrolling is a bit too kinetic at times. 

Still, if you are a fan you should upgrade either by downloading the update .cab over your existing version or via Marketplace (when it shows up).

Phil Nickinson

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