Hot off the Microsoft Store updater this morning, it appears Movies & TV has been given some new editing capabilities, sliding across from the Photos app.

The editing tools simply open up your videos in the Photos app, including the ability to anchor text to objects, create super-slow mo sequences, and trim clips to make them shorter. By no means is this as good as iMovie (or even Movie Maker), but it's a start at least.

To edit a video clip from Movies & TV, hit the edit icon to the right side of the timeline at the bottom of a video. It would be nice if you could simply right click a video and hit edit, but oh well.

It's still a little confusing that "Movies & TV" can also be used for your own video clips (particularly if you're in the UK, since it's called "Film & TV"), but at least Microsoft is building on these tools and curating them across its own services. Hopefully, they'll continue to evolve, rather than get abandoned.

Download Movies & TV at Microsoft Store

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