Mpow Swift Bluetooth Headphones, an economical option for wireless speakers

Wireless headphones are convenient, easy means of listening your music files, videos or any other time you want a little privacy. There are plenty of options to choose from and Mpow is hoping that the Swift Bluetooth Headphones will be on everyone's short list.

These sweatproof wireless headphones have a standby time of up to 185 hours and play time of up to 5 hours. Sound quality is good, fit is comfortable and call quality isn't too shabby either. Priced in the neighborhood of $35, the Swift headphones are also gentle on your budget.


The Mpow Swift Headphones are rather simple. You have two earbuds, connected by a single wire. Headphone controls rest on the right speaker and your micro-USB charging port is on the left speaker.

The controls on the right speaker include a volume/track control toggle switch and a multi-purpose button (also known as the Mpow button). You also have a LED indicated that illuminates the Mpow button. The headphone's microphone is also on the right speaker.

The actual earpiece on each speaker is angled to fit more naturally in your ear canal with stabilizers (the little loop thingy) to help hold things in place.

The Swift headphones come packaged with a micro-USB cable and an assortment of eartips and stabilizers.


As far as fit and feel is concerned, the Mpow Swift is a little bulky but not to the level of being uncomfortable.

Sound quality is good and the microphone does a surprisingly good job of picking up your voice and cancelling out a lot of the background noise.

Pairing is on par with any other Bluetooth device and the Mpow Swift has the ability to pair with two devices.

The Mpow button controls the majority of the headphone's features and includes:

  • Powering on/off the headphones
  • Initiating pairing mode
  • Answering/Ending Calls
  • Rejecting Calls
  • Redialing the last number
  • Muting Calls
  • Play/Pause control for music playback

The LED indicator is used for monitoring your battery levels, confirms pairing mode and charging status.

Overall Impression

In using the Mpow Swift over the past few days, it comes across as a well built, quality set of headphones. The Mpow button is slightly raised making it easy to find while the speaker is in your ear.

I have no complaints about the Mpow Swift's sound quality. The sound may have a little more bass to it than other headphones but in a good way. Listening to music files ranging from Pink Floyd to Little Big Town to Cheap Trick was not much different than it was from my LG Tone Bluetooth headset{.nofollow}.

If you are in the market for a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones but don't want to spend a lot, the Mpow Swift headphones should be a strong contender. They are currently running in the neighborhood of $35 and you can find them at various third party retailers such as

The headphones are available in the green/black, green/white and orange/white color combinations.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Sweet!
  • I have a Sony bt52. You can use it as a phone (handy for 1520), it was designed in mind with larger screen devices. Moreover, you can use your own headset. Most headsets are garbage, like Bose. Bose are not good quality. Something like klipsch's IEM'S are amazing.
  • L . O . L .
    Bose is garbage? Gimme a break dude. -_-
  • Yes. Look it up. Try balanced armature technology.
  • I dont really know about that. So I may be wrong. But trust me, with speakers, bose has been really amazing. With headphones too, they are pretty decent. I have no idea about the earphones though. Never used them nor even known if they exist.
  • I had the cube system, the 15, I think. It was suffering from lack of mids. Changed out to Polk and dedicated SW, not bass module, much better. Its all subjective. But, if you get a chance to try out that balanced armature design, omg. Regular headphones/in ear monitors, will never satisfy.
  • I will try... Thank you so much for the tip. :)
  • BOSE = Buy Other Sound Equipment. Or, in the audio engineering world, Got No Low's? Must be Bose. Want some real "headphones"? Get some Jerry Harvey IEMs.
  • Hi
  • Bye.
  • Die.
  • Do not try.
  • To reply.
  • Pink Floyd! Top 5 band of all time! Right behind One Direction of course.
  • You had me like "heck yeah," but quickly threw that into language I can't say here.
  • Actually, I don't think I ever even heard a song by One Direction, but, I'm pretty confident that they don't compare at all to the likes of Floyd! Apples and oranges.
  • Good
  • Looks like a good potential buy
  • Hey guys one que.... Are this thing really called headphones or handsfree, I thought these are referred as handsfree and those over the ear were referred as headphones soooo.... What is it really called?
  • They can be called wireless earbud headphones.....technically. Since they don't go over your head, they can be called earbuds.
  • I'd rather say earphones.
    Over the head are headphones. :)
  • Yeah, if they go in your ears they're earphones. If they go on your head they're headphones. Simples.
  • :)
  • I've got these on my birthday list, had my eye on them for a while. For £20 (Amazon UK) they look like a steal especially if I'm not paying!
  • Name of the music player, please?
  • I think it's VLC Beta in the first photo.
    And the other two photos are Xbox music, which I hope you can see in the pictures.
  • Wow
    These are so beautiful. I want them here in India. Well, at the same price.
  • Perfect timing. I will check these out. I just bought a pair of this type of headphones on Amazon from a company called Cylee. Same color scheme different design. The pair I received came with a non-working left bud. Quite sad. They are on their way back now. So, that being said, I will have to try these out.
  • You were luckily unlucky there... ;)
  • Can I initiate Cortana with the button on the headphones. otherwise a deal breaker.
  • I have not figured out a way to do that, so i am not 100% sure
  • No... these are cheap bluetooth earbuds that have good sound quality.  Stop expecting the world
  • Yes. You press the button for 2 secs to activate Cortana. Works great for me when running, never had to pull my phone out.
  • How was the comfort?
  • I got these for last Christmas, and i think they work great! Being in the military i am constantly out working out so the whole thing about being wireless and Bluetooth compatible is awesome! No more wires to worry about at the gym on top of all that the comfort level is precise, the grip is decent but you just have to make sure the bud its self is the perfect size for you. Also the sound quality is on point, very good job on the bass, i would purposely play heavy bass songs just because. Doing calls or answering text messages, the mic picks up the voice really well, no more repeating "Read it" or "ignore it" anymore, one time and move on. i would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a new pair of headsets.
  • I hate ear canal ones, they always hurt x.x
  • Ikr!
  • I got these for $26 a couple weeks ago when they were on sale at Amazon.  I tried them once at the gym and they were somewhat comfortable for earbuds (I typically hate earbuds but decided to give these a chance) BUT if you plan to use these while running, know that the cable that wraps around the back flops up and down, and you hear this while listening to music... constantly.  After one use, I gave them to my gf to see if she'll have any luck with them.  They cable is also rubber so it's very grippy when you turn your head.
  • I have a pair of SOL Republic Bluetooth headphones that I got as a gift. I use them every day on my commuter train and they are unbeatable, especially the 13 hours plus battery life. Having said this, there are many times when their bulk renders them impractical.
    These would seem to be the perfect companion to them. A higher battery life would be nice, but for the most part, the fill the bill. Another use for them for me should be to invoke Driving Mode on one of my cars that does not have BT receiver. Just turn them on, put them on my pocket and go. If it is a long trip, I can always charge them from the cars light socket.
  • No photos of what it looks like in a human ear? How am I supposed to gauge how bulky it is??
  • Ever hear of a search engine?  
  • I think he hasn't.
  • Had these for a few months now for running and they work great! Sound quality is pretty good and works well with WP voice/Bluetooth control. Also surprisingly, the ear stabilizers really keeps it from falling out of your ear while running or working out (although I used the shark fin shaped one and not the loop).
  • I got a pair of these but under a different brand name. Apparently whoever made these sold them to a whole bunch of different resellers with various logos; but they're all black and neon green. I'll say the sound quality is impressive, can't get any better for the value!!
  • Got them. Paired well with my Lumia 635 and sound sweet. Haven't tried the phone yet so don't know how that will work. Documentation is skimpy with no diagram of the phones. Had to find the USB port by myself and figure out how to open it. Also no way of telling which is the right (and the left) phone. Good buy for the price at Amazon, however.