Music focused Windows 8 ads going global today

Microsoft have just announced their plans to get the advertising steamroller underway for the launch of Windows 8.

They are set to kick off the full scale assault in 42 countries in the run up to the Windows 8 launch. They have decided to highlight local upcoming bands using “the universal medium of music”. Bands such as Best Coast (US), Lenka (China) and Hogarth (Brazil) are being cited as some examples. Check out the videos below…

We selected music from up and coming bands. We didn’t want to use overly popular songs because we wanted to bring the viewer on a journey of discovery, both through the storytelling and the music that accompanies these stories. Sometimes, as in “Express Yourself,” by Labrinth we found a new take on a classic old song, much like the reinvention of Windows – Rob Reilly

Folks, we’re just at the start of the Windows 8 advertising, Microsoft has a long way to go until the holiday season is over. MS are set to spend a record amount on advertising Windows 8 and its certainly easy to see why they have set so much aside. The next version of the OS comes with a totally new UI, services and links to the likes of Windows Phone and the Xbox, forming one happy eco system. Oh yeah, they are making a tablet computer too which is already selling out.

In the post is also the following message, we’re sure some of you will be popping along, would you even consider missing it?

And if you are in New York on October 25 thru the 27th don’t miss Times Square where Windows 8 will be featured on over 39 digital boards in the largest takeover of Times Square to date—the biggest Start Screen ever! And we will be hosting a hands-on experience on the ground in Times Square and at our Microsoft Stores in the North America for consumers to touch and try the new Windows —and maybe even see yourself up on the boards in Times Square. We hope to see you!

We’d really like to know what you think of these ads, and more importantly, the music in them. Tell us all about it in those comments below…

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Robert Brand