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In October, Microsoft announced that it was throwing in the towel against Spotify, and it would move to shut down the Groove Music Pass subscription service by the end of December. As part of the shutdown, Microsoft said it would also stop selling music on the Store, and it has now taken its first steps toward that goal as we draw closer to the December 31 cutoff.

The latest update to the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10 PC and Mobile for Insiders removes the "Music" section (via MSPU), dropping the ability to purchase music from the app. For now, the option is still present for non-Insiders and on the web. However, it's likely we'll see it disappear from both by the end of December if Microsoft sticks to its stated timeline.

Microsoft Store

With the Groove shutdown, Microsoft is encouraging people to make the move to Spotify, even going so far as to add an option to move your playlists over from Groove. However, you'll also want to make sure you've downloaded any purchased music ahead of the cutoff as well.

The update to the Store app is hitting Insiders now, and it should be available to everyone before December is out. Aside from the disappearance of the Music section, Mobile Insiders can also look forward to the return of some Fluent Design elements to the app.

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