Music streaming service 'Deezer' launches on Xbox One

Deezer is a popular music streaming service which has garnered millions of users in recent years. According to the team behind the service, it's the most personal way to listen to music out there. Previously, Deezer was only available on PC and mobile, but today it also launched on Xbox One.

Global information company Nielsen says gamers spend a little over 6 hours each week playing video games. Music lovers spend an average of 32 each week listening to music. Deezer supports background playback so Xbox One owners can listen to their favorite tracks even when battling monsters or taking down legions of enemy soldiers.

The newly-created interface allows Xbox One gamers to access over 53 million tracks as they play. There are many other features like "Flow", which provides recommendations, and "Family", which allows for many distinct accounts and playlists.

Jorge Rincon, the Vice President of Deezer in North America, issued the following statement alongside the service's launch on Xbox One.

Just as every game has its own soundtrack, gamers using Deezer for Xbox can get into their own personal Flow or listen to any number of mixes and playlists while they play, creating a much more immersive and personal environment. Additionally, gamers that do want to give their eyes a break from the game can still listen to all their favorite tracks using their console as a music system.

Deezer on Xbox One is available in most countries where the console is sold. Customers can download the software on their consoles and try it for free for 90 days. While the service has an ad-supported model on other platforms, the Xbox One version is only available to paid Premium+, HiFi, Family, and Student plan subscribers.

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Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • Note that Deezer has a pretty decent Windows 10 Mobile app as well, and you can put it on your Roku stick. Bonus points.
  • Yer, their Windows 10 app is a proper UWP app as well. Kudos to them The only thing holding me back from Deezer is the terrible Apple Watch control. Its laggy and unreliable. Shame, or I'd probably go with this over Spotify.
  • This Deezer Music thing does not work in Canada or UK.
  • Whats wrong with it?
  • Deezer does very much work in the UK. I can't speak for Canada, but being as it comes from France I would be quite surprised if it did not.
  • Deezee does indeed work in the UK. I was a premium subscriber but given I listen to very obscure artists, most of which solely on Spotify sadly so I didn't see personal value on it. Even then there are many songs that we don't have access to in the UK even through Spotify. Having said that, Deezer's library is certainly growing. I still have the apps, will certainly be subbing when I do get my xbox one x in the future. Bills are like mosquitos, persistent little blighters.
  • Interesting to know another option
  • Shows up on my Xbox One store, but it cannot be downloaded. That just doesn't make sense. I'll jump ship from Spotify if I can download this.
  • Awesome! I started using Deezer a few months ago since they are one of the few that still has a good W10M app, and quickly found their wide selection of music to be second to none. Glad to see it on xbox as well, I will be trying it out.
  • Have both Deezer and Spotify subscriptions on my L640 , soon to be changed to L950 . Both are good . On Bluetooth Spotify works slightly better
  • Yay, finally 😁
  • Just need to add Deezer playback to the HK Invoke.  :-)