Music writing app StaffPad discounted to $50 on the Windows Store through April 3

Attention aspiring songwriters: StaffPad, an incredibly impressive music notation app designed for Surface devices, is currently being offered at a 29% discount in the Windows Store, bringing it down to $49.99 from its previous $69.99 price tag.

If you're unfamiliar with StaffPad, the app allows you to use a stylus to write notes directly onto a virtual staff. The app then reads the notes you've jotted down and translates them into full, print-ready musical notation. Additionally, the app sports full playback and export options, as well as OneDrive integration for syncing your scores across multiple devices.

As we noted yesterday, the app only works with devices that support both pen and touch right now. However, if you're an aspiring musician or professional composer intrigued by what StaffPad has on offer, you can snag the app for a discount for the next three days from the store link below.

Download StaffPad for Windows 8.1 ($49.99, regularly $69.99)

Source: Darrell Prichard (Twitter)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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