MWE Prize-A-Day, Day 2

It's Valentine's Day, so today's contest has got to be about showing the love. A couple of comments on this Google Maps post asked for more info on how to set up GPS with a WM phone, so later today I'll get up a quick video how-to and screencast. But let's get some community love (get your mind out the gutter) going here too.

How to Win

Just post a comment on this entry (form below, be sure to include your name and email address!) with your favorite Windows Mobile tip or trick. It can be esoteric like the GPS bit I'll post later, or just something neat.

The Prize for today is obvious, given the theme, Bejeweled Valentine's Day Edition for PocketPC or Smartphone.

Show the love!

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WC Staff
  • I would have to agree with the first poster. My favorite WM trick is using ORB to stream tv so now I can watch tv anywhere!
  • My favorite WM trick is using Google Maps to avoid traffic.
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