I returned to Windows 10 Mobile and the HP Elite x3 — here's what I learned

Windows 10 Mobile Home screen
Windows 10 Mobile Home screen (Image credit: Windows Central)

HP Elite x3

HP Elite x3 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

For the longest time, I was a Windows phone user. I used Windows Mobile devices, and I used Windows Phone devices. I flirted with iOS and Android devices through the years, but at the end of the day, I'd always return to a Windows-based phone. That was, until, Microsoft announced that it was no longer planning to continue work on its mobile platform.

The mobile device you choose to carry is a significant choice in modern life. It's the bit of tech you choose to bring with you everywhere you go; that you trust will keep you connected and safe, and is there for you if you get lost, stranded, or worse.

The mobile platform I chose was put to bed last year, with no new hardware or software features planned. As such, when Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Windows 10, Joe Belfiore, confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile was no longer of "focus" to Microsoft, I threw in the towel. I've used both iOS and Android devices since then, and I can't say I've found my new home yet. Nothing I've used has been a full-time replacement for my Windows phones.

So, after over a year of hunting for my next true mobile companion, I've temporarily given up the search to go back "home." I jokingly called this Windows 10 Mobile's last voyage, but in a funny way, it's true. Outside of security updates, Windows 10 Mobile is no longer being maintained, meaning there are some issues that are starting to arise.

Returning to Windows 10 Mobile

I was initially planning to return to Windows 10 Mobile with Microsoft's first, and last, smartphone flagship: the Lumia 950 XL. Released in 2015, the Lumia 950 XL is a 5.7-inch phone with a Snapdragon 810, 3GB RAM, and a 20MP camera, which was excellent. These specs were more than fine for a 2015 flagship, but in 2018, it's ... not.

The reason I didn't stick with the Lumia 950 XL on my final voyage was because of the battery. I'm not sure when it happened, but one of the cumulative updates for Windows 10 Mobile released in the last year has severely degraded battery life on the platform as a whole. Everything from the Wileyfox Pro to the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro is suffering from terrible battery life for me.

The Lumia 950 XL wasn't able to get me through a day. I ordered a new battery to see if that'd fix the problem, but it didn't. The Wileyfox Pro, which I assume was manufactured within the last year, also suffers from poor battery life. So it's not aging batteries that are causing these battery issues.

If I was going to be relying on this phone as my primary device, I needed it to last a full day. So, I switched on the HP Elite x3. Now, when we first reviewed this Windows phone back in 2016, it was a two-day phone. In 2018, it's a one day phone, thanks to these apparent battery issues going on with Windows 10 Mobile.

HP Elite x3 in 2018

I honestly forgot how great a phone the HP Elite x3 is. When it launched in 2016, it did so with many issues surrounding its not so great camera, and a Windows 10 Mobile that was still pretty buggy. It wasn't until the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update that the HP Elite x3 became a usable phone. It was a true flagship with everything to offer.

Featuring a 6-inch 1440p OLED display, a massive 4000mAh battery, a Snapdragon 820 processor, both fingerprint and iris recognition for security, and front-facing speakers, this was a 2016 flagship in its truest form. Most of what the Elite x3 offered in 2016 still holds up today in 2018. Its screen is absolutely gorgeous, rivaling that of most flagship displays available in 2018.

Even little stuff like its haptic feedback motor is fantastic. It's the tightest, cleanest vibration motor on a Windows phone and is even better than most Android phones I've tried in the last year. But it's still nowhere near as good as the iPhone.

Some things just don't hold up in 2018, however, mainly with that camera. In the last two years, smartphone cameras have improved two-fold, and the HP Elite x3's camera was not superb even when it launched. It takes OK photos in ideal scenarios, but low-light photography is a rough time, and the camera app itself is just slow compared to the latest iPhone and Android devices.

The fingerprint and iris scanner are also two parts of the phone that don't hold up in 2018. The fingerprint reader especially is the slowest fingerprint reader that has ever existed on a smartphone. The fingerprint module is no different from what other flagship makers were using in 2016, but for some reason, the OS is just so slow at picking it up and logging you in.

Overall, I think for the most part the Elite x3 still holds up for me in 2018. I love its design and hardware, and while the Snapdragon 820 is a little old now, it's still competent.

Windows 10 Mobile in 2018

I've been using the HP Elite x3 and Windows 10 Mobile for a few weeks now, and I'm happy I went back. It's been awesome coming back to this platform and remembering why I chose it. The Start Screen is still a fresh take on what phone home screens can be, and it's super awesome being able to use the same apps on your PC directly on your phone.

I'm already using many universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps on my PC, and it's great to able to use those same apps on the go too. Outlook Mail, Microsoft To-Do, Edge, even Twitter, are the same across PC and phone. The Microsoft Store has also been updated with the new design on phones that lets you install apps on your other devices, so when I'm out I can tell the Store to install an app on my PC or vice versa.

There are some issues, but overall, I've been loving going back to using UWP apps on the go with Windows 10 Mobile. Using your Microsoft Account, many apps will sync your sign-in data from your PC to your phone, meaning apps like myTube and Readit won't ask you to log in again if you've already done it before.

I also really like how Cortana still syncs your notifications to your PC, meaning I don't have to look at my phone every time a notification comes through. For some reason, Microsoft is removing this feature from the Cortana app on Android and iOS, and it's something I really miss.

The Insider Program is still active, and while it doesn't provide new Insider Preview builds anymore, it does give you access to Insider versions of UWP apps in the Store, assuming they still run on Windows 10 Mobile.

The Office Mobile apps are still excellent lightweight versions of Office for mobile phones. I even use these apps on my PCs. OneNote is still fantastic and remains up to date, as does Microsoft's new To Do app which has an excellent UWP app that works just fine on mobile.

It's not all roses

Windows 10 Mobile in 2018 is by no means a perfect experience, and I'd argue it's gotten worse since last year. Windows 10 Mobile is now in a state where no one is really maintaining it. Microsoft is only servicing Windows 10 Mobile with security updates, meaning it's rare to see any actual Windows 10 Mobile-specific bugs be fixed in the monthly patches.

I've also noticed that some of Microsoft's UWP apps now aren't always focused on ensuring that experience works well on Mobile. The most notable of which is the new Microsoft Store app, which now requires you to tap on an arrow to navigate through categories, rather than swiping through them, which is much more natural. It's also worth noting that any app that uses any real Fluent Design effects is usually pretty laggy.

A bigger issue with Windows 10 Mobile in 2018 is the lack of apps, which is only going to get worse as old Windows Phone 8 apps are pulled or stop working, and as UWP apps move on to support newer versions of Windows 10. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) do run on Windows 10 Mobile, albeit very poorly. This is because Microsoft's implementation of PWA support on Windows 10 Mobile was never finished.

PWA also doesn't support service workers on mobile, meaning things like push notifications don't work on the platform. As such, apps like Twitter won't inform you when you receive a new tweet or message. PWAs on mobile also eat battery life like no other app I've ever seen, meaning if you're a heavy user of Twitter, Windows 10 Mobile is a rough place to be now.

Spotify is dog-awful and shouldn't be used at all. It's a slow mess that isn't even supported technically. It still works but is very buggy. On the flipside-ish, Slack is an app on Windows 10 Mobile that still works great, is fast, smooth, and functions as it should. Slack has abandoned its Windows Phone app too, but at least their app works well. Unlike Spotify.

The Instagram app on Windows 10 Mobile is a very mixed bag. It's a perfectly capable app if you don't use Instagram Stories, but the Instagram Stories feature itself is a total mess. It's laggy, slow, and basically unusable.

Edge is still pretty great, but it's not without some really frustrating issues; primarily the issue which sees the keyboard stop working when tapping on text boxes like the Google Search box.

Cortana on Windows 10 Mobile has more or less been left behind. It's still using the old Notebook design and hasn't been updated with any of the Timeline specific features added in the recent Windows 10 updates on PCs.

Final thoughts on my final voyage

I'm delighted that I went back to Windows 10 Mobile these last few weeks. I've loved every minute of it. It's been great to experience that Start Screen and UWP apps on the go again, reminding me of what it would've been like had Microsoft been successful in its push for true universal apps. I still believe there is a future for universal apps on Windows because the proof is in the pudding. The good UWP apps work great on both PC and phones, including Microsoft To Do, Outlook Mail, Fitbit, myTube, Readit, and OneNote.

However, Microsoft's abandonment of Windows 10 Mobile is very apparent in 2018. When compared with Android and iOS, Windows 10 Mobile is just so slow and is starting to miss out on new features that other platforms are introducing. While I personally enjoyed my time back on the platform, I can't say it's an overall "enjoyable" experience anymore.

Weirdly, using Windows 10 Mobile in 2018 feels a little like digital detoxing. Apps are slower, and apps like Twitter don't even work with notifications anymore, meaning I'm much less inclined to pick up my phone and use it. So I was using my phone less, which felt pretty good actually.

Android and iOS are much better choices for me in 2018 than Windows 10 Mobile is, and that's to be expected. When I left Windows 10 Mobile in 2017, it was still basically on par with iOS and Android, but that's no longer the case in 2018. I'm going to be picking up the OnePlus 6T next week, with plans to make it my primary phone with all of Microsoft's Android apps onboard.

Windows 10 Mobile, it's been emotional. And it's time for me to say goodbye, for real this time. But I hope Microsoft returns to making mobile devices with Windows one day, and I'll be first in line if it does.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Continue the journey. Go back to Windows Phone 7!
  • Why stop there. Go 95 and pick up a Palm with Windows CE
  • Brb, installing MSDOS 6.2
  • CP/M and the Microsoft Z80 for me.
  • Pffffftt. PDP 11 all the way.
  • You actually can, install MS-DOS Mobile from the Store and have fun. It was an April Fools joke Microsoft released to Windows Phone a few years back and is still in the store.
  • I'd need a Windows phone first lol. Was it actually functional or did it just look like DOS? Can it actually run old DOS programs?
  • The Dos app was basically a joke launcher, you could type in commands and run apps that were installed on the phone. Not much more than that. It had a funny 8bit version of the camera app.
  • The camera would take pictures in ascii art or cga 4 color resolution. There is a stupid rock paper scissor game and a fake Windows 3.1. Tapping the Internet icon would make the dialup modem sound before launching the browser. A nice bit of fun for some time.
  • I am "continue" using Lumia 1020 and 810 my wife Lumia 640!
    Journey so far is good!
  • I'm here with my 950xl.
  • Me as well. Love that phone more than ever now.
  • Still, the best looking, and most intuitive, smartphone OS to date. It's stupid we can't have it.
  • In the real world Window phones looked cluttered and busy. If you were used to simple icons, Live Tiles weren't intuitive, they were actually quite the opposite. Flashy, annoying and useless when compared with full function widgets. Live Tiles were a turn off for normal people and power users. Only the biggest fanboys pretended to like them. If Windows phone really was the best looking and most intuitive, it wouldn't have been completely ignored by the whole world. Windows phone was a huge stumble for Microsoft. It was a nearly perfect example of what not to create. Microsoft should remove any resemblance to Windows phone and Windows 8 from all future product.
  • I see you're still spouting the same old crap here.
    Let me guess: "Microsoft didn't let OEMs customize the UI hurr durr" was too stale to mention this time? "If Windows phone really was the best looking and most intuitive, it wouldn't have been completely ignored by the whole world." Actual, pure crap. There was one reason and one reason only for why WP didn't succeed, and that was being 3.5 years late to market. One only needs to look at Android's UX around the time the first iOS was released to realize the world basically didn't have a proper iOS response until WP7 was released. What Microsoft should do in future versions is to bring back heavy use of Live Tiles plus improvements to them into any touch related area - like tablet mode - plus the ground-breaking tablet UX of Windows 8 that was inspired by Windows Phone.
  • Future of a mobile first Microsoft OS should be the ideas from Microsoft Launcher with its lovely fresh and clean design combined(!) with a modern version of Live tiles (interactive tiles you remember?!) with more options to customize it and design it for your taste. 🤗😍 Of course it doesn't have to be important what device you prefer. Should doesn't matter at all and as soon as possible. Sent by Lumia 1520 it's a exciting time for being a Microsoft-Enthusiast.
    (Greetings from #neuland Germany. Internet is a new thing for our government🤦😭 but not for us - digital world is the present and the future) goMicrosoft
  • I'm trying Microsoft Launcher now for 2 Weeks - and it just has the issue of all the other Android Launchers: It provides very little information when you just look at the home screen.
    I have really given it a try, but i will go back to Squarehome. It not real live tiles, but it's as close as you can get with Android.
  • yup, totally agree
  • When you are at work this week, make a recommendation that the company bring back its two biggest failures. See how that goes over.
  • I am not a fanboy and don't pretend I like the live tiles: I love them. The first thing I did when getting my Android phone was to install Launcher 10, far better than the usual Android launchers, not to mention the outdated iOS launcher that looks like a crippled Windows 95 desktop.
  • You could try Microsoft Launcher in combination with launcher 10! - then you have a nice picture what could be (hopefully) the future of mobile first Microsoft OS. I replaced everything was being replaceable in android with Microsoft. It could be the next step to get a Microsoft android completely without google! That would be great and a huge step for any user because of freedom of choice instead android and ios duopol.
  • You can have that fairly easily today. Find a well supported Lineage phone and don't install the Google Apps. Your current phone may work fine. Throw on the Amazon store and you are all set.
  • You need the Playstore one time to get the bought version of Squarehome or Launcher 10.
  • You may also want to navigate over to f-droid (f-droid.org) and download the f-droid store. It is FOSS and there are a lot of apps.
  • Thanks for the Launcher 10 recommendation...so glad that I can now relive the WP10 experience on Android
  • If you like widgets that just showered you random information with no interactivity or further function, just wait until you use fully functional widgets. Live Tiles were useless. Even if they randomly showed you something interesting, there was no way to directly access that content. You just hoped it was there when you opened the app. Nothing more frustrating than seeing an article or post on a tile and then not being about to find it. Live tiles flopped for a reason.
  • A reminder of the the one thing I didn't like about Windows platform. Bleached copy/pasting his nonstop bashing of his opinion, disguised as fact.
  • If you look at Windows Phones, they where reasonably popular comparing to their prices (problem at start) and distribution (problem at start and end). So really there is no proof that interface was good and bad, most people never even come to think about the interface when they had other choices for other reasons.
  • And Samsung had a tight grip on the bit stores (like Mediamarkt and Saturn in Europe, BestBuy in US ...). It was really hard to tell them that you really don't want ****** android.
  • Samsung made Windows phones. People didn't want them either, and the ones that did buy them returned them at a high rate. Shop employees didn't push Windows phones because they knew they would be returned.
  • I agree, I miss it all the time. When I use my Android I just smh because Windows Phone was so much better.
  • Sad I know, but MS stock prices have been absolutely killing it since killing off W10M. And profit is all that matters at the end of the day. We have Nadella to thank for making the tough decisions that have benefited our portfolios. Microsoft is way better off as a corporation with a single minded focus on Azure and Office 365. As hard as a pill it is to swallow, Nadella should keep on doing the absolute minimum he can to support Windows. CIOs will buy it anyway. That's what the last few years have proved. He has the enterprise in a stranglehold with Windows. They have to buy it warts and all. There's no alternative, and he know it. He's absolutely right in pouring all their resources into Azure and Office 365. Killing W10M was an act of genius.
  • @Ferris Bueller That's a recipe for FAILURE... you're blabbing there my friend.
  • You're totally right
  • Windows Mobile is dead. Violated so many users. Will you trust windows mobile the third time ?
  • I have one note for you Zac. Use 1shot pro. It gives the elite the hdr shots of the Lumia, it allows u to use the full 16mp which the windows camera lacks, and you get really amazing low light images with out loosing manual camera and video control in the same app. It does not properly launch the photos app but other than that even on Lumia its better and it has been kept up to date.
  • I too left only recently and missed it. But with my new Sony Xperia and Launcher10.. Its like I never left.
  • Thanks for the tip! I have an HP X3 and the default camera app is so terrible!
  • Just installed 1shot pro on my X3. Resolution is still limited to 10mp though. Otherwise I like it. Installed it on my backup L830 as well.
  • Noticed on my 950xl that full megapixel use is when configuring to take pictures in 4x3 ratio instead of 16x9. I suppose the eye of the camera is 4x3 so using 16x9 would crop the input into the camera.
  • I'm still running Windows 10 Mobile. I have a hard time moving to other platforms because they fall so short in simple ways. Android is too Google and quite frankly, I have no interest in having the most personal piece of tech one owns powered by a company where you're what's for sale. Then iOS still feels like a Palm Pilot to me. As highlighted here, if you're a Windows 10 user, W10M does such a great job of being a part of your tech with notifications and apps working across devices. And that was the kicker for me. It's a part of my tech environment, serving as an extension of everything I use. It's not the center of my tech environment. I love that.
  • Plus you don't need to drop $800+ on a phone with a glass back. Don't get me started with Google and Apple's globalism crap. How about the fact that everything Google has privacy issues. Not to mention, many malicious apps in the Play store. Making a special crippled search engine for China??? I'll stay with my Elite x3. Glass back, really?!?
  • I thought I was alone in everything you've said about your sentiment for WPM.
  • Most of the world doesn't care about security.
    You privacy freaks will get marginalised more and more...
  • Maybe they do. Maybe that is why they are using Android so heavily. https://www.blog.google/products/android-enterprise/gartners-analysis-pr...
  • Upgraded to an Elite X3 from my trusty old 822 about a year ago. While the phone actually seems to work better now than when it was new (maybe I'm just used to it), it is getting harder and harder with the app experience slowly diminishing. I agree with Zac on the camera, but I have no problem with the fingerprint reader being slow. Don't currently use the iris scanner. While I am trying to hang on to W10M as long as possible, I don't think I'll be able to make it to 2020 without switching.
  • I'm on my 1520, and I'm not planing to change it until it dies (hopefully not anytime soon, don't wanna waste money), or something actually worth switching to shows up. But I guess I'll probably hold out with it even in 2020 lol.
    For me the app situation has always been ok. TBH I'm not that demanding in regards to apps - I don't use bank apps, I try to bring social media usage to a minimum, and I'm not trying so solve everything with my phone (i.e. there has to be an app for everything, and I have to use it). So WP actually does wonders for me.
  • Best phone ever made. I am using a 950 because my 1520 was stolen two years ago. I really miss it.
  • Best phone I ever had. Really miss my 1520 (screen disintegrated two years ago). Went back to Android little more than a year ago, but have lost all interest in phones. I was disappointed to see that Android was still the same messy OS I left 4 years prior.
    As Zac mentioned; if MS ever decides to release a device that can function as a phone, I'll ditch Android in a heartbeat!
  • I have recently done this same thing. I was on Android and switched back to Windows. (950 to be exact) Honestly the only thing that made that switch a possibility for me was getting the Surface LTE.
    Once I was always connected and had all day battery life on my Surface, my phone suddenly got a LOT less important to me. All I needed it for is calls, SMS, emails, calendar, and the odd search. So I switched back. With Cortana syncing things up for me, it makes the 950 a perfect companion for the Surface. Like a pager for my PC.
    In the end, all Microsoft really has to do is pull their head out of their @$$ and enable telephony on Windows 10 PCs and I wont even care if I carry this tiny second screen anymore. Thanks for this write up, Zac
  • Kingtigre, which version of surface LTE do you have? I have the Surface 3 LTE version.
  • Surface Pro (5) w/LTE advanced. LOVE this device.
    Would've done the Go if it had launched with LTE. Should have been a day 1 launch for that LTE variant.
    I was SO close to getting the 3.
  • Thanks, is it an unlocked LTE surface 5, I have T-Mobile.
  • It is. Bought at the Las Vegas Microsoft store. Got a $20/mo line from T-Mobile. Was pulling over 80mbps in Las Vegas. 25mbps in my town. No complaints. Just as good as my home internet...only...you know...everywhere.
  • Completely on board with that. Actually, the Cortana notification integration, SMS with Skype, and calls are all I really need in a phone when I have a computer with LTE.
  • For sure! It's not for everyone. I think it boils down to "What apps do you actually use?" I don't use a lot of them...or more accurately, I used apps that try to do things I use my PC for.
  • I moved on to iPhoneX last November but still carry by my 950 due to one reason only. Being able to record phone calls. I have an app on iPhone which does it but it required I call a third line and then merge the calls to be able to record. Its not the same and I think Apple did not release the API which would allow to record calls directly to the phone.
  • Carry two phones because of your Scrooge vendetta?
  • It really does bug me that Windows 10 Mobile didn't make the cut as a third option in the mobile OS space. I'm not saying this out of fanboy-ism. It's just that people need choice, and given the price one pays to have iOS, a lot of users find themselves choiceless because the only thing out there is Android. That's never a good thing. At this point I just want *something* to become a third option. It doesn't need to be W10M, just something that can be an alternative to those people who don't like/can afford the two choices they have right now.
  • Completely agree Bruno. Besides loving the OS of WM more than anything, I can't understand why the world is OK with a duopoly - since when is that ever a good thing for anyone?!
  • The World?
    Broseph please, Europe, India and South Africa treated WM well.
    But guess which company shat on us to be US centered?
    This is on MS not "The World" .
  • Yes, the world. This is not on ms. They both clearly agreed that they care about it being a third option and not necessarily having that third option bc wm. The world shut out other os's. READ!
  • Can't unterstand why monopolies and duopolies get accepted from the mainstream 🤦 it's dangerous especially mobile market has too much impact of other markets. It should get way more customer choices in this overhyped market. The same with browser and search engine. Monopoly is very very bad.
  • Upvoting your sentiment. And MS is about the only company that could pull it off. I do wish they'd get over themselves and just realize that they don't have to be #1... or even #2. A Surface phone would be a success if only a million total units are sold. But I know it would do better than that. It would assuredly be the fleet phone of choice for many enterprises.
  • Since when has Enterprise been early adopters? It would take years before they would even look at a new Windows phone. They aren't going to invest into a new platform until it has proven itself.
  • I'm still using an HP X3 and it's funny to hear you say it's slow. I have never used any of the other platform's flagships so my baseline is Windows Phones. The HP seems fast to me, but I might not know what fast really is because of my limited experience. Haha! I love this phone and I cannot give it up. It is so amazing.
  • Tech reviewers are just spoiled. A lot. Though I won't put the whole blame on them, I guess it's easy to get spoiled when you get to review newest devices all the time.
    I do agree with you. The x3 probably isn't slow. I haven't used it, but my 1520 has an "even slower" Snapdragon 800 which is actually really fast. I've never said wow my phone is slow while using it. Messaging, web browsing, most well written and optimised apps, anything about photos and videos, Office, it all works just as you would expect it. Maybe it's not instant, but I don't mind waiting half a second for something to load.
  • Does anyone two-way sync contacts between Windows Mobile and Windows Desktop? I have few older relatives who use 640XL and 650 respectively and for the life of mine I could not figure out how to make it sync from the phone upstream :(
  • I'm not sure how to do that, but contact info should be stored in their preferred email client. I lost my iPhone 3G years ago and 99% of my contacts with it. Since then I've synced my contacts from Gmail to iOS, Windows Mobile, and now Android without issues.
  • Erm... contact info is stored in the People application on the Windows Phone. I have no idea what iPhone 3G did in its time, but I would expect it to be a little different.
  • If you are signed into the same outlook/live email account through your pc and your windows mobile device, then it should sync your contacts through the internet to your email account that would show up on your windows 10 pc's people app, here are some solutions for the Issues that may prevent this from happening : some cases like using a metered network or battery saver mode may prevent you from sync'ing contacts so make sure you aren't on metered network mode or on battery saver mode(for both pc and mobile) until you see the contacts sync'd up on your peoples app in your pc.
  • I haven't had to do that for quite some time, and we're talking Windows Mobile 6.5 days. If they use a Cloud Provider for email (Outlook.com, GMail, etc), that is all you should need, but I assume they are using they're ISP's IMAP/POP email service, which doesn't maintain/sync Contacts (or Calendar). So short of migrating to a cloud provider, I am not sure that can be achieved anymore.
  • Outlook.com only works one way (from outlook.com to the phone). Thank you for the GMail suggestion, I will try this one next.
  • Outlook.com (or OneDrive People App) is not just a one-way sync. If I change a contact on my 950XL it's updated in OneDrive and then synced to all my Win10 devices. They need to have all their contacts loaded in the People app and it just works.
  • Outlook app on Android and iOS doesn't update contacts on server, but the Windows 10 Mobile version and many other mail apps sync fine.
  • Good article Zac.
    If Microsoft had continued with W10M, there's no telling how good or how futuristic their phones would have been today.
    It still seems like they threw in the towel too early.
  • If they're logged in with their Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo account, contacts will sync to the server. It's the same with mobile and desktop. Aka: sync
  • Are you signed in on both with the same account? My 650 had no problem.
  • I had a similar experience last week. My son lost his laggy LG Android phone, so I dug up an old Lumia 640 for him to use on a different carrier. Obviously, the app gap is real and a big drawback, but man is that a sweet interface! I wish I could use my 950 on the XFinity Mobile network. The consistency of the experience is way beyond anything I've seen on Android, and much more intuitive. My wife, who also got forced into an Android device, said the same thing. She really misses her Windows phone, and she "only" had a 640 too!
  • There is no app gap WHEN you realize that apps get invented from apple because websites weren't designed and useful for displays we can find use in smartphones!! Every website and service that's today not usable on any Touch-Displays from 4-12" don't have a "right to exist" or get used for me. Apps are Marketing-thing. I have over 600 Apps in my collection on windows phone and mobile.. There is no app gap when you think about why the world "needs apps" in every situation. Smartphones in general get too much attention! I won't buy any smartphone in future. It's time for something new..
  • There was a 2nd reason why Apple enforced "apps" rather than going through a browser, there is a lot more money to be made if you cut every single functionality in an "app" 1.4$ here, 3$ there and before you know you spend a lot more money on apps for a functionality that you could get for free in a browser. an even more apps are really limited. My bank app has only 20% of the functionality of what I can get through a browser. And no, I do not need an app to open my garage door or to switch on lightbulbs....
  • You had to pay for your bank app? Does the browser allow fingerprint login? Check deposit? Your claimed experience is not the norm. Your bank app either sucks or you are pretending. Bank app normally have more features than the website, especially the mobile website.
  • I still use my HP Elite X3 as my daily driver. Battery life has decreased, even less if I heavily use Edge. Fingerprint scanner works quick for me, no issues with that at all, except accidentally unlocking the phone occasionally. Cortana is still a great tool, especially with Reminders and the way she reads my Text messages to me on my Ford Sync as well as replying. I also love Continuum. I use it at least once a week with XenDesktop. It works great in a pinch when I am not carrying around a Laptop. I keep the Lapdock in my vehicle for just such occasions. I am hoping the Anti-trust momentum in the EU makes it's way into the rest of the world so Microsoft, and others, can break the stranglehold Google has on the Smartphone Market. If there is a time to have a renewed interest in Windows 10 Mobile, it is now. There has got to be a way to for Microsoft to sway developers and companies to start developing for Windows 10 Mobile, not to mention Windows 10 for PC's, once the Google stranglehold is weakened. Until then, I'll keep hoping my Elite X3 lasts long enough for the next phase of Microsoft's Mobile offerings, if they ever emerge.
  • I agree that the finger print scanner is quite quick.
  • There is now an excellent opportunity to get a lots of android-core OSs without any of google crapware (!imo) . Would be an interesting step and important step if Microsoft makes it true. Then they get enough time to work in background on the future of Windows. A fresh version of Microsoft OS. The Roadmap is exciting ...
  • You know how Microsoft gets developers to support their mobile platform? By selling devices in very large quantities and having an engaged user base. Never going to happen, it is way too late now.
  • Thank you for the journey. I was considering this myself for some time,so thanks again for doing the work. It's pretty much what I expected to find and decided against it, unless I'd be able to get a flagship phone for less than 100.
  • That battery drain doesn't sound good. It would be quite a kick in the nuts from Microsoft if they were to leave it like that. The least they could do to loyal fans and people still limping along with W10m is to fix it. I'm curious as to how the W10 ARM hack is turning out on the 950XL. If more people can get behind it we might get to see something really interesting.
  • Lol Microsoft probably has 10 people on the Windows 10 Mobile team. They don't care.
  • Never - hololens is based on windows 10 mobile..
  • Lee I haven't noticed much battery drain on my 950XL this year (non-hacked) and gets through a day fine
  • Still reading this on my 950XL despite having at least 3 Android flagships. I can't let go. The interface is just over and beyond anything else out there. Then there's the keyboard. I don't know why but WM keyboard is the best typing experience there is period. Can't let go, sinking with this ship lol!
  • Microsoft's keyboard is available on Android, and Launcher 10 almost perfectly replicates the Windows Mobile interface on Android. I used it for a while when my 950XL shattered to ease my transition to a Galaxy S8+. My biggest complaint with Android is it doesn't manage background processes well. It will let them run and restart on their own. I use Greenify to shut them down. I'd love to still use Windows Mobile, but for me it's past time to move on.
  • Is it the Swift Keyboard you are referring to? Somehow, I have installed it on my Android phones, but it's not just the same as the native WM keyboard. Maybe it's just me, but the keyboard alone accounts for like 40% of the reason I'm still holding on to my 950XL for dear life lol!
  • It's not the same for Android.
  • If you mean SwiftKey, it isn't as good, no matter how you change the key size, etc.
  • I had to optimize it on my 8" device.. When you search for the "minimal dark blue or dark grey theme then you get almost on swiftkey what you love on the wm onscreen keyboard! Try it out.. on swiftkey the word predection is even better for me as W10m Enthusiast while 1520 is my main device ❤
  • @Kaymd I had to get my wife an Android after her Lumia died and she cant stand the Android keyboard and nor can I. It alone is enough of a reason to stick on WM!
  • This!. The windows 10 mobile keyboard is just the best one that has ever existed. SwiftKey isn't barely as good
  • I must say that I currently have the two best representatives of the Windows 10 Mobile platform, the 950XL and the HP Elite X3. I love both for different reasons. The best mobile OS every made period. And i support all three in my organization. None can overall match the experience of the Windows Phone. And we will be joining you happily in not letting go and sinking with the ship. You don't know what you have done Microsoft. What a shame.
  • The other year I purchased a 950XL for myself and a 950 for my wife. Honestly, they were fantastic phones with the best camera's I have ever used on a phone at the time. However, apps were few and far between because of one thing. Microsoft absolutely stinks at advertising, for Windows 10 mobile OS was very good. Back in 2007 when the first Apple iPhone arrived, Android was utterly disgusting, but because of low price it survived to its decent present day form. Where was MS back then and why did they not try to push their product and be in the game? The most used OS in the world today is not Windows, but actually Linux, for that is what Android really is...very sad. In addition to this, MS Movies can be run via Xbox 360, Xbox One or Windows PC, and Windows Phone. So, in other words I should not rent or purchase movies through the MS store because I do not use my 950XL anymore, for most apps I want do not exist or are very buggy and I am not a phone gamer either. Another stupid move and situation that MS has put themselves through...I hope some proper leadership arrives soon. They almost killed the Xbox as well and their latest ideas may indeed do this!
  • MS may have missed the boat on mobile, but to say Xbox has not improved under the present leadership is just false and misleading. I would say Xbox has probably been the most innovative gaming platform this generation despite the rough start, and is poised to be an extremely powerful presence to reckon with very soon - just look at all the ideas: game pass, all access, backwards compatibility, acquisition of 5 or more solid gaming studios and general improvements to the gaming platform overall. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't, but that does not mean you did not try 'hard' enough. There are many other factors that come into play.
  • "Another stupid move and situation that MS has put themselves through...I hope some proper leadership arrives soon." Uh huh, Right. Microsoft currently has the best "leadership" it has ever had. Killing unprofitable - and unpopular - products is what leadership does. Leaders do what is best for the company. Not what is best for the few fans of the unprofitable - and unpopular - products.
  • Well, it's not all rainbows and lollipops for everyone. I have a one year old Windows 10 phone purchased directly from Microsoft. I did notice strange battery problems, and I guess I'm not alone. An October Windows 10 update really messed up my phone, making most of (the already limited) apps inoperable. I tried to reach Microsoft support to review, but every time I reached their offshore support, the tech said they were not trained on "Mobile", and would transfer me or provide a non-working number supposedly for Mobile support. After a couple hours of repeated calls, I was finally directed to a vendor called "B2X", where I was assured I could get Windows 10 Mobile support. Well, they require inputting an IMEI number (ID for the phone), but my IMEI number, from the phone I purchased DIRECTLY from MICROSOFT was not valid! No other way to get support from this vendor without a valid IMEI. I hate to say this as a Microsoft business partner, but Microsoft has fallen far and fast, especially in the OS realm.
  • Okay, I think you are being FAR TOO CRITICAL and its frustrating. I use an Alcatel Idol 4S and the battery life maybe, but Cortana hasn't been left behind. IT JUST GOT "CHECK MY EMAIL" (professional mailbox) or "CHECK MY EMAIL ON OUTLOOK" (personal mailbox) Maps now has traffic indications when you ask how long will it take to get to work and reroutes you to make your trip faster. Saves me 10 minutes a trip at times. They just put little pins in at turns you need to make which I'm still getting used to but I think its good. Cortana broke for 24 hours after an update. That morning I put it in feedback hub and that afternoon, Cortana worked again. And although Alexa isn't available yet on Windows 10 Mobile, she knows her and can point you in the right direction. SKILLS ARE ABUNDANT!!!! I CAN CONTROL MY XBOX WITH CORTANA ON MY PHONE which just released. So HELL NO, Cortana is not abandoned. But yes, the Alcatel Idol 4S trumps any and all phones out there. Unless you want SnapChat or NFC... Speaking of NFC US Bank just announced their support for Mobile pay and Microsoft Wallet is advertised on their. Meaning Windows on Phones AIN'T GOING AWAY. Oh, Connected Home is also FULLY FUNCTIONAL ON CORTANA ON MOBILE... don't have anything there so can't test, but you can check your steps on fitbit through cortana… And it was a while ago, but I can have my phone read me my books as slow or as fast as I want and its flawless. As well as web sites just like on PC.
  • I use Cortana to control SmartThings all the time when I'm not near my Invokes
  • I just had my 950xl die on me the other day, screen just went blank. had to use my 950 back up phone. Was able to order a brand new in box 950xl for 230.00, purchased two. As mentioned by a lot of others, I have tried Android(s5) with some of the skins to help with the transition. And they all fall short. Microsoft hit it right, from just a glance I can turn my phone on , see what is happening on email, txt, weather, Facebook, skype, without having to open a single app. notifications come as needed. it just works as. I could care less about apps, I don't need baninkg apps, I don't need tap to pay apps, games are for the Xbox and tablet I couldn't work the way I do without it and feared the worse when it died on me. Battery issue is a concern, but 90% of the time I am near a charger or some form of charging. I will stay on a Win 10 phone till I have purchased the last one on Ebay.
  • This^ So much this^^. Like, I have two Idol 4s, an Elite X3, a 950 and 950XL, 1520 (the unicorn!) and a bunch of others from the WP8.1 era. I'm sticking to WM till they all die or refuse to power up. For now though, I can't be bothered about apps since I hardly use any of them. In any case, I have a bunch of Androids I can use for the occasional Uber or something. But I'm sticking with WM till it no longer works!
  • I still use my 950 to get Uber.
  • Yeah I agree that the app gap is peddled to much. Use a browser for Pete's sake! It's often easier and safer anyway!
  • Still using my 950 XL as daily driver. Had to order a new original battery from Rounded.com and it is like new. It holds up to a day and a half with normal usage.
  • i still use my lumia 930 for daily use and probably push it for little longer as still runs smoothly but its a shame that they left such a nice os to die. from the two obvious options i would go for android next probably huawei/xiaomi or even another chinese (not so famous) maker. nokia could be a candidate since they are the ones who brought me to windows
  • My family, employees and I all still use our 950s and 950XLs, but I have been looking at other options recently, and none look good. I am hopeful that Andromeda will include a telephony stack at some point, allowing our mobile PCs running Win10 on ARM to be used as actual phones, with calls and SMS messaging. While that won't get rid of the apps issue, it will at least make the most current UWP and PWA apps more current and usable. And if people actually use them as phones (and if MS supports it, a shaky proposition, based on their history with its mobile users), perhaps developers will port more of the mobile apps to meet our needs.
  • Good write up, Zac. My 950 went away a long time ago. I recently re-activated my 930. I have a iPhone X that I have been using since the Spring, but it was great having the start screen again on the 930. While certainly not state of the art, I still love the 930. It's a perfect size and a nice change from the iPhone. Of course it doesn't run all the apps I frequently use, like banking apps, but it's a fun change. Walking into an AT&AT store and having them say "what is that?" is also a plus, lol.
  • I find it funny that you use the battery life of the Microsoft 950 XL as the excuse for not going with that phone. You do realize that you can swap batteries on that phone right? You simply pop the back cover off and swap batteries. LOL! There are hardly ANY phones now that allow you to simply swap to a spare, charged battery but the 950 is one of them! It also allows you to add memory via a micro-sd card! Did you forget these features or ? :-) I don't have the XL but I do have the smaller 950 and I loved it because of all this and I hated going to Android because most of them don't have these features. I did go with the Essential PH-1 though because I need the Tesla app for my Model 3.
  • I’m currently using two phones for daily tasks–and will continue to do so next year. Android on a Nokia 6.1 and Windows Mobile 10 on a Lumia 950. The Nokia phones are the closest thing as far as feel to the Lumia. I played around last year with the latest Samsung Galaxy and hated it. I discovered that the only version of Android I actually enjoy using is Android One and so from here on out I’ve made the decision to only consider phones with that OS in the future. Being that I’m someone who doesn’t game, doesn’t really do social media, and my core PC apps are Microsoft, the Windows Phone platform was perfect for me. I still think the camera on my Lumia puts out far better quality than what I experienced on the Galaxy and current Nokia phones. I’ve not dealt with any battery issues but replaced mine recently with a brand new one (found it online for $10), and the 950 feels like new again. It’s becoming outdated but definitely one of the best phones I’ve owned.
  • I've been having the same battery issue as well. Now, I know why . . . With a second battery in a few months, it doesn't last well over 12 hours, and the phone keeps rebooting in few seconds after each start. I love the WPM. I'll have guilt trips to switch to iPhone or Androids. However, I'll keep my Lumia 950 until its last gasp.
  • For all the obvious shortcomings of Windows phone in 2018, there is one feature that originally brought me to the Lumia line and is still holding its own - GPS. Even after it transitioned from HERE to Microsoft. Having recently travelled to a far-away country, my Windows phone GPS was a life saver, both on wheels and on foot. Even with the data turned off, it vastly outperformed local phones with a well-known GPS software and with data always on. And in one of these cases, personal safety was at stake...
  • HERE is a huge part of why I'm still using my 1020 as primary. Those apps are still on my device--especially City Lens--and they work beautifully. Nothing else gives me that experience.
  • 1020 and Windows Phone 8 all the way!
  • How is the Huawei working in the US? I am on AT&T in West Ky. Thought maybe the 20 Pro would give me a camera able to match my 1020.
  • I certainly don't blame Zac. Different people need different things. I continue to rely on my 1020 primarily, a 950 as backup and I have a Huawei to try to make it as much a "Windows phone" as possible. I have very little need for a bunch of apps...I only need access to certain features/capability. But one of the critical factors for me is a completely hands free capability. While Timeline is certainly missing from Cortana on the Windows phone/mobile instance, I have no use for Timeline, so it's not something I miss. But you simply cannot get the hands-free experience on Android (especially with Cortana) that you can on Windows mobile. And THAT is probably the number one reason I can't see jumping ship yet.
  • Absolutely, the hands free experience is amazing and the best on any mobile phone period.
  • Great trip down memory lane, Zac. It's rather emotional seeing a piece like this considering I've been struggling... REALLY grappling with the decision to switch right at this moment. I've an X3 as well (VZW SIM), and still have my 950XL hooked up and syncing notifications (TMO SIM), and it's like taking care of two old dogs getting things to work as seamlessly as they used to. It's not the phone hardware itself - it's purely software and support. And with each "security" update, it seems like features keep getting deprecated, even for standard Windows apps like Calendar, Mail, and especially Maps. I'm dependent on Spotify for music while driving (and I do a lot of it), and when it does falter, even Slacker struggles these days to stay connected. Bluetooth functions are starting to get confused, and disconnect often (say, if my wife is in the other car and we're driving someplace together). 3rd party apps are also starting to get buggy where previously they didn't (e.g., 4Caster/WUnderground), and I can't even control my Nest anymore unless I use a browser. And don't even get me started on Maps - god forbid I get a phone call while Turn-by-Turn is on; the phone just hangs. I took a trip to a VZW store this week to sample the Google Pixel 3, to see if that, with the MS Launcher, would make a good replacement phone - but what I kept coming back to was the thought that all I needed was reliability - to do what I used to do, but not much more. That's what's missing here. It's not the OS that's the problem, it's the complete lack of support - which we know won't happen, and arguably hasn't been 100% in well over a year. I don't know. But my faith in Microsoft has been waning quite a bit of late. I feel like I was suckered into buying the CDMA X3 and the HK Invoke too late in the game, thinking Andromeda was going to happen soon. Maybe even that's a lost cause. kingtigre - I might just have one last look at a Surface LTE, like you suggested. Maybe a Go, and see if it can pair well with mobile. Only drawback I can see is that I'd be carrying two devices everywhere I go, and still the other is limited to only where I can get LTE coverage while in travel. (Another shortcoming.) Truth is, I'm just another one of those people who got too invested in the ecosystem and feels betrayed and abandoned. It's not like we put money into these "investments", right? At least my Mitsubishis still put a smile on my face - while still giving me control as I go sideways.
  • It is definitely a "per user" experience thing. For me, the countries I've travelled to are covered by Tmobile and I have no complaints. I carry a messenger bag (murse) and my phone sits in it with my Surface. Both my Surface and my phone are paired with my car, so I can pick and choose which device to stream music from. I have a car charger from my Pro 4 days that works. I will concede that the Go w/LTE would've been that sweet spot for me as far as portability size, but the Pro 5 is not some unwieldy beast for me.
  • I still can't believe that Groove was cancelled. Still, the BEST streaming system.
  • Yes - I 100% agree with you!
  • My L925 was the best phone I had to date (Dec 2017) but the apps stopped working one by one, and the hardware died (camera etc). Painful decision at the time, but I finally defected to the ios platform and replaced with the iPhone 8+. Have to say that I can't regret making the decision and the pros far outweigh the cons.
  • Good article, but I personally had a different experience. My 950XL died, MS gave me a Galaxy S8+ under warranty replacement. I tried to get behind Android, but 6 months in I still hated it. I broke down an got a used iPhone 6S and also got a killer deal on a MacBook Air from Best Buy. It seems like apple did what MS always promised but failed to deliver. I'm honestly kind of mad I ever wasted as much time as I did evangelizing MS to my friends and family. It's embarrassing when the company making the things throws in the towel but I haven't. Also, I miss when this site was more about Windows and mobile instead of 70%+ video games :/
  • "Also, I miss when this site was more about Windows and mobile instead of 70%+ video games" Amen to that
  • I understand l but going to Macbook with their terrible keyboards, no touch or pen support??? Not for me, Surface book 2 is soooooo much better.
  • Well sadly, I haven't used the stylus anywhere near as often as I thought I would. I also found the MacBook air at least to have a very very good keyboard.
  • I've been tempted many times to go back to my 950XL. My Galaxy S9+ is a great piece of hardware, but Android is so awful, even with all of the Microsoft apps installed.
  • I agree. Even though I am contemplating getting the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, I feel that the expensive hardware is way ahead of the still terrible software?????
  • I hear you Kevin. To 'ease my pain', I use Launcher 10 on my S8+; it's improved quite a bit over the past 6 months or so; more stable, less battery drain. At least I can make my phone look a bit like my old 950XL, and all the apps work....I also use one of Samsung's 'Dark Grey' themes; it actually looks quite similar to my old Windows phones....plus- added bonus: all the apps actually work. (too many of my apps on my 950XL have stopped working completely....
  • Thanks, Darrell. I'll give Launcher 10 another try. I've been using the Microsoft Launcher, which has gotten some decent improvements lately. Now if they could just get Cortana close to as useful as she was on Windows Phone, I would be happy.
  • A trip down memory lane. Brought a tear to my eye
  • I enjoyed reading your story as I too decided to have one last fling with W10M before my Pixel 3 XL arrives. Still love the W10M interface and it is better than ios or Android but I think the P3xl will now be a better all-round experience. I've also decided to become Google centric now, to enhance that experience. So for me MS are no longer an IT ecosystem but just a software product provider (Office Products, OneDrive is key for me) and windows only because it's there and I know how to use it. Edge is now chrome and will be a continuing and accelerating trend for me and my MS to Google transition in the future.
  • I just updated all my windows phone this week. 640, 820, 950xl. Still love the OS and interface. Unfortunately, I have to use an Android phone as a daily driver. Picked up an Essential phone from Amazon for 250, use alot of MS apps. Nice phone, am thinking about switching to a windows launcher, any suggestions? I currently use Microsoft launcher.
  • I still have Nokia 1520 (ver 1607) and 3! 640s. Just waiting for good deals on LG or Samsung phones.
    Personally, my two main issues with Windows phone :
    1. No app support for the audio books through libraries in the US. Libby app from Overdrive stopped supporting Microsoft about two years ago. It's only now on Apple and Android.
    2. There are no really good apps supporting GPS family location across different platforms (Micorosft-Apple-Android). I tried to use FollowMee, but it's nothing comparing to apps for Android
    and Apple.
    I'm not a 'power user' and if these two were working, I would not think for a moment to spend $500 for a new phone. Most apps development co's dropped Microsoft support for the obvious reasons. Natella is not going to change this back as his main revenue motto is "cloud".
  • I'm going to be honest, in some ways my android phone is now catching up with where Windows 10 Mobile was when I left it. But I do quite agree with you that it hasn't held up well since it went to "branch 2". Currently I'm on a Moto z2 force which works well enough other than developing an annoying habit of shutting itself off (factory reset seems to be helping some). Perhaps with google finally being declared a harmful monopoly (what took them so long) we might see a more thoroughly Microsoftifed phone soon.
  • I still have my Lumias 1520, 930, 1020 and 925 sleeping in the drawer. 🙂
  • I reluctantly moved to an S8+ a year ago. I pulled out my old 950XL last week, out of curiosity, to see what still worked. And i was very disappointed. Not in the phone itself; I LOVE the hardware. I totally prefer the screen aspect ration of the 950XL over the 18:9 of the Samsung. I've got a Mozzo leather back; I really like how this phone feels. But...so many of the apps either didn't even open up anymore and...if they did, they were so slow. Even after I did 2 complete resets (one restore and one start from scratch), so many things didn't work. Spotify: 'Loading.........'; then nothing. WhatsApp: 'Loading........' then nothing. Converge: won't open. All my various individual Sports score apps: nothing. Even the Starbucks PWA doesn't work anymore (I live in Canada.....I now get a forced 'redirect' to the Canadian Starbucks app, which doesn't support PWA, so I can't order or pay for anything anymore) This is just sad. Such a great phone...such a great wasted opportunity....
  • The only real frustrating thing about W10M to me is that the Hulu app wasn't updated before they abandoned. I try to avoid services that only exist in an app store so the gap has only been what the tech writers clamor about.
  • Glad to see you try Windows Phone/Mobile again. I never left. This is the best phone experience I've had. Period. Those who want to use a google or iPhone have at it. Love it! Convince yourself. But there is no convincing me. The Microsoft Mobile system is absolutely the best; hands down. And no new shiny google or iPhone device will every convince me otherwise. Windows Phone is easy and simple to use. It just works for me.
  • Agree with Whodaboss 100%!
  • 😘 🤗
  • Andromeda, please 🙏🏽
  • One of the worst apps on Mobile is sadly the WC...
  • Amazing to see many of you sticking with it as I am. At least until the end of next year. Even though my 950XL does some glitchy things sometimes, it is definitely not enough to ever consider going to the other two. Still getting updates on some apps I use such as My Radar, Package Tracker (works great!), TeamViewer, still have usable Instagram and Fitbit, Endomondo, My Stocks, Netflix, NBC Sports (for watching games live), Dropbox, decent 3rd party SiriusXM app ListenXM, and all MS apps working well.
    Just wish this highly profitable multi-billion $$ company company could devote some resources to keeping this OS going and fix some little nagging issues..
    Biggest problem with any app I have is this one-WC! Haven't gotten notifications for over a year on any devices because notification setting keeps turning itself off-on all of my device. Will this ever get fixed?
  • "Biggest problem with any app I have is this one-WC!"
    You ain't lying. They tried to push everyone to Windows 10 Mobile and then removed the ability to comment on the Windows 8.X versions. Why I have no idea. You would think of all sites this one would support Windows phone to the end. But they seemed more like Satya. Give up on Windows Phone and mobile easily.
  • Thanks for the article Zac. I currently still use a Lumia 950. I'm perplexed about your battery life issues. I can go several days on mine. A few things I found to save battery life is to disable motion data, and don't allow Edge and Cortona to run in the background. Not allowing Cortona to run in the background might mess up the notification syncing with the PC though. Oh, and don't open Windows Central web site. That site is a battery hog! I liked your point about the experince of continunity of using UWP apps from PC to mobile. This is a really important point that people don't get until they experience it. We all have to learn how to use apps. When they are the same between form factors, that accelerates your usage effectiveness with the apps. I wonder what W10M users do when they are home. I tend not to use my phone when home (except to text, call, and play music) simply because I get the same stuff on the PC and the PC is just more comfortable to use. I get the feeling people use their phone at home because they don't have an equivalent app on their PC. If that is the case, then that is unfortunate because then they are using such a tiny device when they have their larger PC just sitting there. There is something that makes W10M still superior to any phone on the market. Windows Maps. Windows Maps is the best mapping and navigation app there is; and I have tried a ton of them. It totally blows away Google maps for the sole reason that it works seemlessly offline. When you really get down to it, mobile is about when you are out and about. A pocketable GPS receiver is the most revolutionary part of a phone. Social media distractions while on the go; not so revolutionary.
  • How do you disable motion data?
  • Settings->Privacy->Motion->set "Let Windows and your apps use your motion data and collect motion history" to Off. Also, if you don't care about all the stuff Cortona collects for you, go into the Cortona Notebook (search button->hamburger menu->Notebook) and go into each thing and shut it off. In addition to shutting off what Cortona collects, don't allow Cortona to run in the background (Settings->System->Battery->Battery usage by app->select Cortona->select "Never allowed in background"). Doing this of course will pretty much only let Cortona run on demand. If you have Outlook.com mail, I would set email sync settings to "as items arrive", which surprisingly is very energy efficient using Microsoft's ActiveSync technology. Also, going to Settings->System->Battery->Battery usage by app is very informative about what is taking up your power; particularly if you look at what is running in the background. I do not allow Edge to run in the background. Some web sites can be really power hogs, and if you leave them open by mistake, that can suck power if Edge can run in the background. Windows 10 Mobile gives you a lot of control on managing power and privacy. There UWP apps are very efficient since they are native compiled apps (verses Java apps on Android). It is also nice that the setting on W10M is very similar to W10 desktop. That is nice.
  • 950XL remains my go to device. I have an iphone for work which has no character and have tried numerous android devices but nothing seems to fit me like a windows phone.
  • I have been using my Lumia 950 continuously since it came out and am still happy with it. I use it for banking, games, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all with no problems. Battery issues are not a deal breaker, as I charge from my computer or car frequently. I feel Windows Central has been very negative about Windows Phone way before Microsoft stopped developing it. Even now, rather than refer to WP's sad lack of commercial success, they say things like it "failed miserably." Windows Phone hasn't failed me miserably. Windows Central is another story.
  • xx
  • My beautiful Lumia 730 is ruined by boot loops and random shutdown. With no fix, it collects dust in my drawer. I've flashed it multiple times with couple different Firmwares, but no use. Wanted to use it for music and camera
  • What do you do when you don't like Android and the whole Google ecosystem , and when you wont fork a thousand bucks for a 5"+ screen Iphone ? Yopu buy a windows phone , I paid less the $300 for my L950
  • Thank you Zac for the great article . You are right about battery life , had the same issue after an update . I solved it on my L950 by letting no apps (save Outlook and WhatsApp) run in the background , and setting brightness at 50% , now last me one day . Couldn't agree more on Spotify , try Deezer , no bugs on that one
  • Great post! A wave of nostalgia.
    For me, it was a difficult decision to give up with my Lumia 950 that had battery issue.
    But I bought a Nokia phone and I installed a great launcher named Square Home 2. The combination is perfect. The interface is very similar to W10m. Very long to set-up because many options. But in the end, it is like using a Windows phone. Quite surprising that Microsoft did not propose a similar launcher.
  • They have to combine live-tiles in the lovely 10m Startscreen-Style and interactive-tile-Technology with the great new things in fluent design from Microsoft Launcher! Thats awesome. When the next mobile step is a Microsoft-android without any of google crap then I'm ok with it. The chance is higher than ever because of the google case in the EU. Android should be available without any google. Please make it happen. Microsoft has the power to be the special one to do this!!
  • Still using my x3 and I can still do what I want to do. I have replaced the bulk of the no longer working apps with a link to.the website and find this works much better than all those annoying apps. Have been looking at replacement phones but I find most android phones either too crappy or too expensive. Expensive also goes for Apple and of course the fact that they force feed you all their propriatery stuff. So I wait. Probably will end up with the next biggest and best nokia running android one. Good to see there is still so many windows mobile users around. Judging from the number of comments here, its the only MS product that has a loyal following.
  • I wonder if MS is purposefully making the Win10M experience bad so users get frustrated and leave... thanks for the update.
  • I think that could be true....😡😡
  • I would still use my 950 if my company didn't block email access to O365. Since they are UWP apps, the severs don't know it's a mobile device, so I have to use Android or iOS. Otherwise, would still be there...
  • I'm in the same boat. No access to company email and calendar was the nail in the coffin, and it was just that the powers that be in IT won't check one little checkbox :(
  • It's by no means perfect but the Launcer 10 "launcher" for Android with Live Tiles is pretty good. I'm using a Moto e4 plus and I check in front time to time if returning to W10M is viable for basic use. I must have Messenger though. I miss my HTC One m8 for Windows. Thanks.
  • I have to agree with your assessments Zac. I still use a Lumia 950 as my daily driver and have a elite x3 as a backup (because the camera is so appalling) device. The Start screen and UI navigation I still feel is on another level and thusly haven't found an iOS or Android device compelling enough to spend $500+ on. It's definitely frustrating at times but not enough to switch to a device which has an experience that's just meh. You're explanation of the battery drain I find interesting because I have to be more diligent in topping off my Lumia 950 throughout the day even after buying two batteries. It's sad that there are only two options because neither one of them is appealing.
  • Great article! I'm not leaving W10M until my phone (or I) dies. OR...until Windows is back on mobile. (Please, Microsoft?)
  • We are together on this.
  • "Released in 2015, the Lumia 950 XL is a 5.7-inch phone with a Snapdragon 810, 3GB RAM, and a 20MP camera, which was excellent. These specs were more than fine for a 2015 flagship, but in 2018, it's ... not." All the specs outdated except for the camera. I only have L950 and no camera on the market beats it todate, even the new Pixels and iPhone Xs...
  • The battery issues are three fold,
    Poor software optimisation (o/s).
    Not enough coding and test hours available (profit grabbing via layoffs)
    Short sightedness on the part of the CEO.
    Everyone knows mobility is important, heck he keeps going on about the "mobility of experiences" and enabling people "to do more". Yet, predominately focusing on ios and android (as well as profit grabbing, constant re-orgs) is undermining everything that Microsoft has worked/ built up.
    Sure, it looks good on paper and in terms of share prices but in reality, not so much.
  • Windows phone (Win10 mobile) operating system is too good to go to trash...If Microsoft does not want to further develop it, it should put its license up for sale for some other company to pick it up and go with it....Are you listening Microsoft?!!
  • I really miss Windows 10 Mobile. It's sad it never caught on.
  • The new animated fluent design will make Andromeda UI more fun
  • Yeah man thanks for nothing. Shelling out $5-600 for a Lumia 950 XL only to realize that the whole platform went into a life support a year later... Never again I am gonna boy a Windows phone. Not even a Windows 10 phone. Too short support over time and too little planing ahead. Android has been my trusted choice of smart phones. My Lumia is a brick on the table. OneDrive on it is slow as hell... Hell even OneDrive on Android is slow as hell.
  • Reading all this made me sad.
  • I'm still using the HP Elite X3. With regard to battery life, I noticed this seemed to have decreased lately, so I took the step of running the phone without recharging until it shut off. The battery life indicator showed only 6% battery life remaining, but I watched an hour and a half of Netflix with it showing that. After I charged it back up, I think it has nearer normal battery life again. Remember that there is no real way to recalibrate a lithium battery monitor app, so once in a while, you have to 'teach it' where zero really is. I'm kind of pissed that while waiting for what I consider to be an ideal Android replacement, that there is no clear leader. All of them seem to have show stopper bugs that equal whatever I have to put up with on my current phone. (Spotify may require a phone reboot if it won't load; the Bluetooth stack on my phone gets confused easily, I think this is the issue). I still just want a PC in my pocket. It should be able to run an Android emulator that allows me to run Android apps if I want. I'm happy with a Windows mobile OS, but that's all it should be, is an OS, not a dedicated (phone) machine.
  • Although UI on W10M is ages ahead when compared to iOS & Android, the apps situation has really worsened to the point where Windows smartphones feel more like a feature phone. While it is true that we can access the mobile versions of the applications, in most of the cases, the experience is not similar. Many features are missing and some don't work well. Even the Microsoft applications have stopped working. Luckily WhatsApp still works and so does Outlook, myTube & maps application. That covers 60% of my requirement. Plus the camera on L950 still rocks. The 4k display is also awesome. Hence I still use it as my primary device. But I fear that time is running out. I get bad dreams about a Android phone in my hand. God save us all and give us the strength to tolerate Android or iOS. Using them after using W10M feels like going back to 1850's....Hats off (and some sympathy) to those people who use them (iOS & Android) on a daily basis.
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • We are all waiting
  • 950XL got still few abilities others can envy, video recording with recording of even loudest sounds in 3D stereo. Sone finally ventured to just stereo and still recording poorly at loud concerts.
    LG can record loud, huawei low sounds, htc in 3d stereo, but no phone with all together.
  • Until the next chapter...Andromeda, we are waiting...
  • 2 funny, I use my HP Everyday. When it comes to security updates I get them unlike the entire Android platform of fragmentation That requires you to buy a new phone every time you would like to get the latest version of a major upgrade to a failed operating system like Android. As for using the Apple platform, since I'm not a pedophile I have no need to access Snapchat Which ensures that it's always on the Apple platform. Congratulations on your taking a trip back in time considering as all tech journalist you get free hardware so you can flip like a pancake anytime you want instead of actually being committed to something of quality. I find it amazing that you can HATE so much considering you are the only person on the planet who HAS actually seen Cshell in person.
  • I don't think he, 'Hates' and he has a good point. Did you read what he said?
  • I miss it. I'd go back to winphone if a good handset was released on VZW. But alas, for now, am doing the Android thing. Not bad, but I still miss my winphone.
  • Still going strong with my HP. I even use the lap dock from time to time. Works well with my tube. I get nearly 2 days of usage as far moderate usage goes. Thanks Zac for revisiting Windows 10m.
  • I literally replaced my 950 with an iPhone Xs yesterday and boy what a difference. Also, thanks for letting me know it was MS that ruined the battery life. Between that and Twitter roasting my hand after 10 minutes, I just had to retire it. So long, dear buddy.
  • This only issue I have with Windows 10 Mobile is that my Spotify doesn't work. it stays in this infinite loop.
  • Use Deezer. It's great with Windows.
  • Really enjoyed this read. I tried android and iPhone xs max recently. But I cant fool myself on what I actually enjoyed. For a few days I switched my lumia 1520 back on. Everything perfect except Google maps. You're exactly right in that it's lighter, less notifications and apps. I mainly pick up the windows phone to admire it
  • I will only replace mine when it can no longer serve its purpose.
  • Me, am sticking with my MS Lumia 640 until the day Microsoft Sky will fall. But am of the view the they should get us on board their surface line of Products. We should have Surface Phones that run on Windows. There is no professional phone out there that beats a Windows phone. I think all windows phones user need to petition Microsoft not to end windows phone. The campaign should begin in earnest, until Microsoft hears Windows Phone lovers and fans. We don't know any other home except windows. My PC is Windows. So how to I switch from windows to android or iOS.
  • Totally agree Zac. I have been using my HP Elite X3 continuously since it launched and really have loved it. I have also used my 950xl, 950 and Moto 5S in conjunction, and for me it's nearly time to go Android. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the thing that's pushing me over the edge - that thing is a true beast. However, if Andromeda finally is released I'll be the first in line. Windows is just a better OS when it's supported in every way.
  • Folks next year probably in September 2019 the Andromeda folding Mini Tablet/Cell
    phone hybrid. will be released. The Andromeda operating System is a version of
    Windows 10. The questions are will the Andromeda device run Win32 X86 Desktop
    PC programs and will it Run Windows Store Apps. Microsoft should have enabled the Andromeda device to run Window 10 mobile Apps so it would have Apps when it
    comes to the Market place. I think that the Andromeda device will use an ARMS CPU
    and run a form of Windows 10 on ARMS which does enable a device to run Win32/X86
    desktop PC programs and Windows 10 store Apps. The ARMS CPU it will use will probably
    be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000 made for Windows 10 on ARMs Software devices.
  • I can tell you put a lot into sharing your Windows Phone experience. You've stated some facts that could only come from a smartphone lifestyle. When I decided to develop for lot & Windows Universal I picked up the Nokia Icon and I was convinced Microsoft got it right. I fully expected it to be the year of the Windows Phone. I found myself using my phone more often than my laptop. I still use my Windows Phone for a number of apps including weather, photos, videos, net statistics. I no longer have a cell provider but I can do a lot with WiFi. I recently had an update which impressed me. I have it plugged in most of the time but your comment about battery life is still true with all phones. Under expected use, I've never had any phone last all day. I always bring an extra battery pack with me. Microsoft did make it easy for me to go back to using an Android which I had no choice. It's not that Windows Phone doesn't have enough apps. It just doesn't have the specific apps I need. Like apps used to connect to my Dr's portal, CVS, Alexa, apps for home automation devices, apps to pay bills, an app that connects to an internal, device used to monitor my heart. Most don't have enough customers but they're important for those who need them Thanks for sharing your experience.
  • I just wish the arrow launcher would have been WM10 on android. I really miss the smoothness of the OS especially word flow is the best. Even the swiftkey keyboard is not as good and can get annoying at times. Sigh... Thx Satya... Ever since Nokia was eaten up by you guys innovation for cellphones went down hill.
  • To 'ease my pain', I use Launcher 10 on my S8+; it's improved quite a bit over the past 6 months or so; more stable, less battery drain. At least I can make my phone look a bit like my old 950XL, and all the apps work....I also use one of Samsung's 'Dark Grey' themes; it actually looks quite similar to my old Windows phones....plus- added bonus: all the apps actually work. (too many of my apps on my 950XL have stopped working completely....
  • My HP Elite X3 is still going strong. The integration with my desktop apps and files is still fantastic. OneDrive keeps getting better. Zac, how could you forget about Continuum. It is a life saver when I forget to bring my laptop home. Alternatively, it is a second PC, where everything syncs.
  • yes, I know when my Galaxy 7 phone died. I am going to get a Flip phone. I will use Surface go with LTE as Giant smartphone.
  • I just don't think Android with a Microsoft Launcher is ever going to go anywhere. It will be nice that they do it, but Windows Mobile seems like it needs to come back.
  • Agree, I tried it on a spare android device I have lying around - could not find it interesting in any way. I mean, maybe it's better that nothing (android static icon mesh), but still.
  • Thx for reminding Microsoft how strong and passionate the community will have towards a (Surface) phone/pocketable PC from Microsoft.
  • wrong post here
  • You're right, Spotify is disgusting. But the only option after groove shutdown. What pisses me off the most is how damn slow it is and if your data is turned on, but signal is weak it just won't work, even if you have your playlists and those songs downloaded to device. It continuously tries to load the playlist page and refresh every second, it only works in offline mode if you turn off data. Sad.
  • My S9 has been tweaked to the closest I could get to WM10. Unfortunately, the camera app, Slide for Reddit, YouTube Vanced, and even Launcher 10 still feel like mere imitations of WM, MyTube, Readit, and the OEM WM camera app. I miss that slider camera app so much. "Pro" mode on my S9 always triggers the selfie mode. Things on Android feel simultaneously 2018, yet the underlying structure of Android feels more like 2014. I still miss WM.
  • I was able to get X3 (mint condition)on eBay for $200, deskdock (new) for $45, and lapdock (new) for $169. These have been my primary phone and laptop now for almost 7 month since I made that switch from pixel2, I went to pixel because my 950xl was broken and I like the fact that it uses stock android.
    Something interesting happened on our daughter's birthday ( a 7th grader), she has been looking at my phone and the lapdock and that was what she wanted for her birthday. She has been using these package now for 2months in school and said her friends could not believe a phone that is also a pc. Note: This phone on lapdock is not truly snappy.
    One thing I miss is my 950xl camera that this X3 does not come close to.
  • The x3 and the lapdock combo is my next upgrade should my L950 XL give up the ghost. Living in a multiplatform house has given me pretty deep insights on ios and android. I have even used ios and android as daily drivers for awhile, the UX grid of icons just bored me outta my skull. One of the main reasons is that it's been the defacto UX since phones with monophonic ringtones. Yes, I remember those along with the walkman, rotary phones, mini disk players, zip disks, vcr (vhs players), hd-dvd, cassette tapes etc. I'm only 30, I say that because most people in my age group have very ridiculously poor memory and think I'm ancient🤣🤣🤣🤣.
  • Yes Zac I see the same. After the September security patches I have seen battery drain immensely on my Lumia 950 XL. Even while in standby. I disabled many background apps, tweaked my Outlook syncing and also the Messaging app which allows me to get through a full day now. I too am not sure what exactly is causing this.
  • I found that the only way to save some battery on my 950 was to disable cellular, which sucked because I regularly talk to my gf via Messenger.
  • I am still using 950XL as daily phone. My ex was enjoying my second 950XL. After we broke up she returned it...but now have new girlfriend and given to her...she is really enjoying it!. Calls, Camera, Email, Whatsapp and Ouga (tumblr client).......what else we need!?
  • Useless article. Dont know what you are trying to achieve. If MS hasn't done anything until now, nothing you do will change their mind about mobile OS
  • I don't think it was ever a matter of people not liking "Live Tiles." They simply didn't know what they were and what they were used for. Apple doesn't advertise the icons, and Android doesn't showcase their widgets, they show the functionality from them. The big theme right now is cameras and photos, namely action photos. MSFT put forth effort in showcasing those features when they came out with the 1020 and the now infamous commercial with iPhone and Android fans fighting while windows phone users were simply taking advantage of the amazing specs of the camera. Those types of commercials are too few and far between, so no one cares about live tiles because no one knew about them. Why do you think the world reacted so negatively to Windows 8? It was an expansion of live tiles forced on a world that didn't know anything about them!! It doesn't matter what rendition of Windows mobile MSFT comes out with, if they don't put forth any effort to inform people of the features, it will take on the form of past failures.
    I personally believe Live Tiles gives you a quick snap shot of what is going on in your life. You can see the weather for the next three or four days, whose birthday it is on Facebook, what someone texted you on SMS, the current top story in the news, my step count, calories burned, and miles walked on Fitbit, who hit me up on Skype, and an invitation on GroupMe all in about 15 seconds. You can't do that on any other phone to the degree without swiping or touching something. MSFT never advertised to that after the initial launch of Windows Phone. You had commercials with Jessica Alba and Cam Newton when the "Me Tile" still existed but that was it.
    Here's the kicker....with hardly no advertisement, MSFT still managed to surpass Amazon as the number to company in the US behind Apple. For those who want to bash Nadella, you might want to hold up. Still I don't see how MSFT can launch Andromeda without some effort to push advertisement of it. I guess we'll see. As for me, I'm still rocking my Alcatel Idol 4S which does just fine.
  • > The fingerprint and iris scanner are also two parts of the phone that don't hold up in 2018. The fingerprint reader especially is the slowest fingerprint reader that has ever existed on a smartphone. I think you need to re-calibrate your Windows Hello experience because I've found the opposite to be true. The Windows Hello camera and finger print sensor is, in my experience, faster and more accurate than the iPhone. And bonus points for the location of the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone--it's very natural to pick it up and have it instantly unlock just from lightly touching it with either index finger, and it's fast and accurate from multiple angles and coverage.
  • I just bought a Lumia 950XL off ebay for $239 because I won't ever use an iPhone and I haven't been real happy with Android. I'm not an app guy but having FB beta, Messenger beta, Fitbit and a good Bible app is really all I need. So far I"m happy wih it. I really hope (I know it's a stretch and will never happen) but MS should revive Windows 10 Mobile. I think if they approached it properly it would at least break even. Reintroduce the 950XL as say a 951XL with USB C, a 5.9" screen with smaller top and bottom bezels, 2 front firing speakers like on the Alcatel idol Pro 3, a 3500 battery, keep the same plastic removable back and removable battery. Provide 4 security updates a year, OS updates with improvements twice a year. Make a new phone every 2 years make say 300,000 unlocked GSM sell over internet only, get TV shows to use the Windows Phones, if needed pay FB, Spotify, Priceline, Travelocity and 4 major banks to make and maintain the apps for at least 2 years. Promote it as the phone to stay connected with family and friends and of course the business end of things like Skype, Office, Continuim and keep or improve upon the camera just a bit. I don't know business at the high level of where Microsoft is but it seems to me sell each phone for $15 above cost, that's 4,500,00 gross that should cover it's cost to maintain and year after year increase as demand grows and it will if they market it right, and there is the rub for whatever reason MS sucks in marketing. As market share grows more and more app developers will jump on board. I truly think MS could reach as much as 20% market share.
  • Another dreamer who seriously believes everything will magically work out, if only MS would follow his advice. $15 above cost? Who pays the factory to build them? Who pays for shipping and distribution? Who pays for the software updates? Who pays Spotify, Facebook and 4 major banks for the apps for 2 years? Are you high? All this on $15 profit per phone? Microsoft has already lost $10 billion in phones. Should they just throw away another $5 billion so you can have a “new” Windows phone?
  • +1
  • You learned you're a dumbass???
  • I enjoyed this read, Zac. Still rocking my Lumia 950, because at this point I can't upgrade. But next year, I'm going to have to move on. I'd like to echo what you said, Microsoft I hope you return to making Windows based mobile devices.
  • My remaining Windows phones are basically MP3 players at this point. A 920 on 8.1, an icon and a 1520 (with the jittery camera disease) both on 10. Even as MP3 players, they are not that great. Why can’t groove show albums instead of just all the songs when selecting “by artist”? You know, like everyone else does? Show all the albums by that artist, not just a list of 57 songs by that artist. And what is with the GD annoying habit of it turning the volume down every 24 hours or so? Hello, it is plugged into speakers. I am NOT going to damage my ears.
  • If you miss Live Tiles, check out SquareHome 2 on Android. Works great, gets regular updates and the "live" tiles work really well (Texting, Outlook, phone, among others, update nicely).
  • Tried that one too. Offers only very basic functionality, and looks really bad for my taste.
  • Welcome back! I use my Lumia 950 every day and i can't find a reason to switch. It's supported more than you think.
  • Although I'm not happy about Microsoft killing mobile and I'm still mostly happy with my 950xl, what does piss me off is that they seem to be removing stuff. I expected no new features with updates and new apps, I didn't expect them to remove things from Cortana. I used to enjoy keeping tabs on my amazon orders with package tracking and my football games, for instance. And I've also noticed battery life degrading with some Windows Update. Now instead of being neglected they seem to be doing things to actually HURT the phones.
  • Same here-favorite sports teams not there anymore-why?
  • I also experience some huge drops in battery life with my Lumia 950 XL. I even got a new battery and that did not help the slightest in the end. I am very pissed about this. I mean one spend like $600 bucks on a high end phone and then the battery/power usage is going totally nuts. OneDrive also decided to go slow and crash a lot. Not really a reliable experience. Even did several resets.
  • I never left, still using my Lumia 1020 as a hacked 950 XL to get the latest updates and it works perfectly. Battery usage is the same as it has always been. And the camera still rocks. Going on 5 years with the same phone in a market that changes phones multiple times per year is unheard of and I may be the only one. So be it, that is my nature after all, only one in many things, not just phone usage. I was an early adopter of smartphones back in 2001 with an Orange SPV and I have not seen a reason to learn how to use anything Apple or Android. I check them on a friends phone from time to time and they look confusing, hard to find settings and bland boring screens of tiles. No thanks. I'll stick with my Windows 10 Mobile. She still runs as good as any of the phones my relations have, and often times, better based upon their cussing and ranting.
  • Try Launcher10 from Play Store & you get best of both worlds!
  • Like hell you do. I tried it on a spare Android phone I have lying around and it was nothing like the WM10 experience, nor did it improve the Android experience in any meaningful way. So yeah, no.
  • Interesting you should mention the 'digital detox' feeling at the end of the article. I have a OnePlus 5T which is a pretty excellent device besides the camera, but I decided to start using Windows Mobile again as I also found myself less inclined to use my phone and open apps aimlessly. Certainly not intended but I find it a welcome relief.
  • Been using Alcatel S4, but just bought a 950 from ATT, $298, just because. At same time I bought some Android phone, no idea which, actually, and don't care, to get the ONE app I need (CapOne just to deposit checks which those idiots don't allow online). Have no expectation for the Android and don't care. I love my S4 buy do miss the 950 camera, so looking forward to that. Pleasantly surprised to find AT&T selling the 950 because I got ripped off a couple.times by resellers and gave up in the after market, at which point I bought the S4 from MS. So, still alive w Win 10 Mobile!
  • Still happily using a 950xl. Ran across someone else using a 950xl on Monday at a trade show. That was my first Windows phone siting in the wild for at least 2 years. I have a V20 for back-up just in case, but rarely use it, maybe once every few weeks.
  • I thought I was the only one. Left my X3 early this year for a top of the range Android and hate it. So much so that I recently dug my X3 out and find that for just getting stuff done it smashes Android out of the park. I miss a few apps but can live with it or the web equivalents. The whole Google thing gives me the creeps - feels like I'm being watched all the time and I just don't trust them with my data. Also the Android UI is a fail. For example, with Windows Mobile all the buttons you need were always at the bottom of the screen so one handed operation is a breeze. With iOS and Android they still put crucial buttons (like the 'Send' button on an email) at the top of the screen!! WTH? Windows UI streets ahead of iOS and Android IMHO. Such a shame. Going to stick with WM10 until no longer supported.
  • I am using Lumia 650 DS and more microsoft app, the sync mobile to pc, laptop is very good and fast that ios or android
  • Still using my Lumia 950, GF using 650. Just had to change the battery of my 950 about 2 months ago. Yet both still very happy Windows phone users. I also had a customer coming in the store with his Lumia 930, also still a happy WM user. All users I heard complaining about the WM devices the passed years were people who bought the cheap Nokia 4xx or 5xx devices. They should never have made those IMHO...
  • Still using my Lumia 1020, still rocks, still easy. 5 years and running. No reason to get a new phone of any sort. Tubecast rocks on the phone and it's about the only app i need other than the browser on it. From there, the world is my oyster. Keep the stupid apps, don't want to learn them, don't want to pay for them, don't want to worry about them constantly updating, don't want to worry about the security they ignored in them. Yup, I'll just keep my 1020 for now, thanks.
  • WP7 was meh. WP8 was ok. WM10 was a good idea poorly executed. Everything MS did was poorly executed. Worse, they effectivelly killed the true revolutionary mobile OS, Meego. I'm dreaming of a N9-like phone to this day. Hell, they killed Nokia. WM10 had every fault I could think of, both at SW and HW levels, the only good side was the look and feel of the OS itself. While I used this OS myself and liked it (and would have liked it become a true competitor to iOS and Android) I'm the first to say "sayonara, you won't be missed".
  • Reading, registering, signing in and commenting this article from my Lumia 930 in November 2018 :-)
  • I am still using Lumia 950XL. I will use this mobile till it works. I don't need more app & happy with what available. Only problem is Window Update & store app doesn't work properly.
  • there's so many things that are better on WP, the whole eco system is more logic than the other system, writeing is much easier, they was on the right track, I'll buy wp again
  • Still all the family still runs then. 4x L640, L830, L950xl and a HP Elite x3 with no plans to move to the data mining scheme of android or the conspicuous consumption scheme of apple.
  • Still using my Alcatel from TMobile. Really will miss it when I have to go...which will be soon I fear. Question...the calendar tile from the pics here, how do you get it to look like that?? That looks awesome. Also, the clock read out? Anyway, I know it's the twilight of Windows Phone, but had to ask. I loved Live Tiles. But I see here they aren't for everyone. Found them very useful. And you mentioned you weren't looking at your phone as much, but as I recall that was a cornerstone of the original Windows 7 ad campaign. We could read the info quickly without spending lots of time on the phone...ah memories. :)
  • I'm returning myself. After using android for the last year or so I miss the simplicity of windows and the layout. Android is ok but it isn't Windows. Even Windows in its crippled state is still a more satisfying experience. I just got rid of two Nokia android phones I had. Constantly making spelling mistakes with android. Predictive text is horrible and I learned that android slows down over time. Lags and stutters galore. Never had that on any windows phone since my first in 2012. Am now waiting on an Alcatel Idol 4S to come in. It seems android needs flagship level phones to get the best performance whereas windows runs smoothly on any phone.
  • Was this phone ever released for the VZW network? Ebay only has the GSM version. <