myTube! update includes playlist bookmarking, new download qualities, more

MyTube! is getting a pretty major update with lots of changes today on both the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 version of the app. There are a number of highlights, but perhaps the most notable is the ability to install the trial version of the app without restrictions on either platform if you've already purchased it on the other. Also worth noting is that users can now bookmark playlists from other users' channels and download videos in 480p and 1080p.

Here's the huge list of changes in both myTube! apps in version 2.3:

  • If you paid for the phone version of the app, you can install the trial of the PC version with no restrictions (and vice versa)
  • Adds support for bookmarking other channels' playlists to your account
  • Support for downloading more qualities
  • Shows file sizes when downloading videos
  • Quality options for video downloads now show up more quickly
  • Added watch later support back to "Open in myTube" share page
  • Will now recognize if you liked/disliked individual videos in the past
  • Channel thumbnails added to comments
  • Adds option to warn you before playing videos on mobile data connection
  • Adds ability to unrate videos - Support for more regions
  • Receive a notification when a download is finished
  • Search box design improvement
  • Fixes bug where "unfavorite" option didn't appear
  • Fixes bug that occasionally caused subscription videos to not appear
  • Fixes minor bug that caused subtitles not to update during some videos
  • Marginally adjusted margins

And the following is a list of changes to just the Windows version of myTube! version 2.3:

  • Adds large tile support
  • Moving the mouse now also brings up the player controls
  • Mouse cursor will hide when playing videos
  • Adds YouTube keyboard shortcuts for playback (such as using L and J for seeking forward and back) - Adds button to completely stop videos (useful for devices with no back button or keyboard)
  • You can now use the arrow keys to select search suggestions - Fixes bug that caused left/right scroll buttons to remain on screen on touch-only devices
  • Fixes bug that caused the app to scroll erratically when pressing left/right keyboard keys

There's no doubt that myTube's developer has been hard at work, especially given the giant list of changes. One thing to note after downloading is that videos downloaded in 480p and 1080p are only viewable within the myTube! app due to how the videos are served by YouTube. Other formats should be playable outside of myTube! however. If you'd like to grab this update, you can hit up the store links below to pick it up for Windows 8.1 now. At the time of this writing, the Windows Phone update doesn't appear to have populated in the Windows Phone Store quite yet, but it should land shortly.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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