Name the TV Show, a Windows Phone trivia game that carries a tune

Name the TV Show is entertainment trivia game for your Windows Phone that challenges your knowledge of television shows based on their theme song.

The trivia game covers television series from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with two gaming modes.  Name the TV Show will track your gaming stats and there is an online leaderboard to let you brag about your show tune knowledge.

Name the TV Show is an appealing, often challenging trivia game for your Windows Phone and is well worth a try.

The main pages for Name the TV Show has your gaming page with tiles to jump into the game and an Other Page that has access to gaming statistics, online ranking and registration to the gaming server.

Name the TV Show's Main Pages

The two gaming modes for Name the TV Show include Simple and Survival modes.  Simple presents you with ten questions and the quicker you answer the questions, the more points you can accumulate.  The Survival mode presents you with a series of questions and one wrong answer ends the game.

Game play falls in line with your typical trivia game.  A television’s theme song will play and you will be presented with a collection of potential answers.  Tap the answer you believe to match the song and the next question will appear.

Name the TV Show Game Screens

Television shows range from Miami Vice to Perry Mason to Alf.  In the Simple Mode, the question number answered incorrectly will be highlighted in red but the game lacks the ability to review your answers to see what the correct answer is for those you miss.

Name the TV Show is a surprisingly challenging trivia game for Windows Phone.  Some of the tunes may take a few seconds to trigger your memory and some of the television shows were so short lived, they may be tough to remember as well.

There is a trial version of Name the TV Show available that has a limited question pool to draw from, your scores will not be ranked and missed questions in the Simple Mode will not be highlighted.  The full version is currently running $1.99 and the game is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

You can find Name the TV Show here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

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  • Downloaded the trial. Picked the 90s. Heard the Happy Days theme....
  • Reruns. Duh.
  • I really want QuizUp for Windows Phone 8. It's free only for iOS (iPhone) and not on anything else. They even claim they hThe only thing you can do on the website is just view your stats. You can't add friends, change your profile pic, much less play the trivia games. I'm really getting tired of iOS-only developers who make their things very app-specific with a near useless website, when it doesn't have to be. Microsoft really needs to get more great developers to build only for WP8, because the lack of very unique apps (aside from a few) that are only on WP8, makes iOS and Android still desirable for the vast majority. I'm seriously considering getting an iPad b/c of the apps, and I feel I made a bad decision to recommend my dad get my mother a Surface RT (1st gen) over an iPad because she hardly makes use of Office or any of its special features, hates the camera, and feels bad when her friends have a lot of nice apps on their iPads. *rant over*
  • Good
  • I would like Qrank for Win/WP 8. A lot of fun and similar to NTN that you see in the bars.