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Navigon Europe updated, adds UK postcode navigation and more

The Windows Phone navigation app NAVIGON Europe was recently bumped to version 4.2 and brings a few new features to the table. For those not familiar, NAVIGON is a fully functional navigation system that lets you download maps to your Windows Phone to reduce the dependency on a data connection.

The version 4.2 update for NAVIGON Europe adds the following features into the mix.

  • FreshMaps: NAVIGON Europe is now FreshMaps compatible where, for a single fee (£79.99), you will receive map updates every three months for two years.
  • Traffic Check: Get information about current traffic conditions in your area.
  • UK postcode navigation
  • Language support for Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Greek and Russian,
  • Bing Search link to the NAVIGON Europe app

This update appears to be the same update we saw earlier this year with the U.S. version of NAVIGON save the UK postcode navigation and language support.  NAVIGON Europe is currently running $99.99 USD/ and before you get sticker shock, the European version had downloadable maps for all of Europe.  That's 40 countries from Albania to the Vatican. In contrast, NAVIGON U.S. is running $49.99 and only as the U.S. mapping.

You can find NAVIGON Europe (opens in new tab) here and NAVIGON U.S. (opens in new tab) here at the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, jamie, for the tip!

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  • £72.99 for a mobile phone app, I think I'll pass.
  • Love the way you can't find Windows Phone on their web site. They support iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile (until 2 days ago). Still it is the best I have found on Windows Phone. When I want to someplace I already know how to get to I use Nokia Drive, someplace I don't know Navagon.
  • It showed Windows Phone fine to me?
    Just click products and look at the bottom left of the secondary navigation?
  • OMG! Finally...
  • Like many have said in the past, most of us only want maps relating to our country..
  • Wasn't this update already available then? I'm pretty sure the Freshmaps are already installed on my phone and i've been using the other features for a while now. Are you sure its updated?
  • There is no trial for this "monsterous" price ?????
    What are they thinking ????