NBC Sports now on Windows 10 with support for the 2016 Summer Olympics

Good news for those who enjoy watching sports and the Olympics as NBC has completely revamped their NBC Sports Live Extra app for 2016. The new app is available in the Windows Store as a real Windows 10 app along with streaming live coverage, notifications, and a special section dedicated to the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Version 1.9.20909 is live in the Store right now a bump from the previous from a few years back. The new app drops the 'Live Extra' branding, which is occurring on iOS and Android as well.

The new NBC Sports app lets you optionally log into your cable provider to unlock content as well as live stream whatever is on the channel at this time. There are also Replays, Highlights, and general sports categories e.g. NFL, NHL, PGA Tour, and more.

For Windows 10 Mobile interestingly NBC has not yet updated the app to the same UWP version for Windows 10. Instead, they can still use the 8.1 app, which also lets you live stream and more. It is not clear if NBC Sports is holding back for a few weeks or if there is just a delay in the Store.

Overall, the new NBC Sports app feels great on the PC with much better UI scaling for high-resolution monitors, updated design language, the ability to pin shows to your Start menu, notifications, and more. Hopefully, Mobile will also get an update, but for now, consumers should be quite impressed with the PC version.

Thanks, Jay, for the tip!

Download NBC Sports from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: nbc sports

Daniel Rubino

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  • Great news!!! I'll definitely be using it!
  • I hope they update the phone app to the same version in time for the Olympics.
  • This. Any app being published on W10 these days should also have a WM10 version.
  • Usually, it's because they haven't written the code to make it scale down well enough (like when Facebook first released their UWP version of Messenger). Often, a version that scales better comes out because people on the desktop want to be able to keep a smaller window open alongside whatever they're working on. In this case, I tried scaling it down, and it's okay... I'm guessing they want landscape rotation to work scaled down too, which it doesn't... right now, it does a portrait mode very letterboxed landscape video. I would personally be satisfied with this as a way to at least get to watch certain events on my phone (albeit not in an ideal format).
  • Xbox?
  • Is raw sewage included with the app?
  • Was more curious about abductions myself.
  • Ok that's funny... latest news said a body was found in the area the swimmers are going to use.. Should be a fun combination of Olympics and a "spot the sewage" contest on TV... :)
  • Keeps sharks away.
  • Will the armed and masked abductors chasing sprinters be eligible for medals?
  • No uwp?? Lol.
  • It is UWP. UWP is any app written using the Windows 10 SDK tools and listed in the Store. It does not mean, nor require it be on Xbox, Mobile, Hub, or HoloLens (or even PC) it can be on one, two, three, or four platforms. The developers have chosen - for whatever reason - to only release it on PC for now.
  • Wasn't MS major partner of NBC back in history. Silverlight was the thing at the time :)
  • When I initially saw the article, I got excited thinking I would be downloading it on my mobile phone, but unfortunately, its not a UWP app. Some companies are just stupid for boot just making the app universal! I don't want to hear about low WP market share because the are tables in the 7-10" range that would benefit from UWP.
  • Yes, but most of these 7-10 tablets are running full Win10. Not Mobile.
  • It says ARM support. Maybe it's a delay.
  • It says not compatible with my device, Lumia 950 unlocked dual sim
  • The Windows Phone 8.1 version works just fine until they release the UWP version for phone.
  • Be patient guys. I think it will come to phone as well shortly. And maybe to Xbox as well.
  • I just downloaded the new one to my 950. I now have the old NBC Live Extra app and the new one.
  • most used app on my machine. thank you NBC sports
  • Well, this new version is available for Windows 10 Mobile, but it's crashing every time I try to open it on Win 10 Mobile 10.0.14393.5...  :(