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NestWP is a free, native Windows Phone app to control your Nest Thermostat

When it comes to smart thermostats, Nest is the go-to brand that comes to mind for many. Unfortunately, Google bought the company a year ago. Although Nest remains separate from the monolithic search engine, the chances of an official Windows Phone app are slim. Enter third-party developers.

NestWP is a new third-party app for Windows Phone that looks very promising. Although there are a few Nest apps already for Windows Phone, they usually tend to be web wrappers for the Nest website. Nestle was a solid offering, but alas it is now unpublished (we'll try to find out why).


NestWP is a real app for Windows Phone, and it has a simple but Modern UI that Windows Phone users should enjoy. A quick update went out today for the new app that adds Fahrenheit (it already had Celsius) and a fix for the Live Tile. Other features include:

  • Live tile (updates periodically and when the app starts) 
  • Setting temperature and away mode 
  • Supports multiple homes (structures) 
  • Voice commands to set the temperature and away mode 
  • Switch users 

The app icon needs some work, but considering this app is free (for now) with no ads, NestWP is something to keep an eye on if you are a Nest user (like ourselves).

Now if we can just find a solid Windows 8.1 app for Nest.

QR: nestwp

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Yeah, totally could be that too.  I thought Nest opened up it's API's for third parties though?
  • They did, but in a disclaimer they say your app shouldn't do what the official apps already offer. So not much else you can do with it, but I created the app anyway and if they complain I can tell them there is no official app for WP so technically I can't be doing what the official app does.
  • Google will probably do all it can to ensure it doesn't work. Do Know Evil.
  • Progress please download this even if you don't have a nest thermostat. This will help them from eventually pulling stop support for what they call low interest like chase and bank of America. By the way I called and filled an official complaint with chase and will do the same for BoA today everyone please do the same as they might reconsider like free prints did
  • 20000+ complaints wont do bro.. They may get convinced if 20% of WP users complaint about it..
    Update: Even Daniel said the same last week in Twitter i think
  • Nestle was a solid offering, but alas it is now unpublished (we'll try to find out why).
      Might have something to do with the name conflicting with a certain food and beverage company?  :) EDIT: Actually there seems to be an offical Nestlé app in the store now. Double Edit: Doesn't look like it's an official one....
  • Nestlé (pronounced 'Nest-lee') cannot own the word Nestle (pronounced 'Nesel'). They are different words, so no. Furthermore, there is no confusion between a candy company and a Windows Phone app for Nest. Not even close. The more likely scenario is that Nest does not like it when third party apps use their APIs, much like Instagram and SnapChat.
  • More specifically Google doesn't like when anything of there's is on Windows.
  • While this is probably true, Nest was shutting down 3rd party WP apps long before the takeover.
  • No disrespect, but sky and SkyDrive were two different words in my opinion but Microsoft had to change to OneDrive. I hope you're right as your always right on point
  • That ruling was related to the fact that Sky's products all begin with 'Sky-', so there was considerably more room for confusion! I know it was an unpopular ruling amongst the Windows community but it was legally sound. As Daniel points out, there is less likely to be confusion between a mobile app and a food multinational.
  • Actually its been pronounced "ness ull" in the UK. Listen to how its pronounced at the end of this advert: But reading it with the accent its "ness lay" and that has been said in more recent adverts to get close to the French Swiss version of the word. Only in the US would someone say "ness lee". I don't think there is a right or wrong, or absolute truth.
  • Unfortuntly, Nestle had to be hidden after it reached the user limit but it'll be making a come back within a week or 2!  I've been working with Nest to make some changes so that they'll approve a user limit increase.  Nestle will be back with a new name (unfortunatly Nest didn't like how close the name was to Nest) and a new design!  Stay tuned!
  • I don't know if it was reported here already, and I don't know how to tip the editors, so I'll just apologize beforehand for being off topic, and say that OutFit7 has launched a few Talking Character apps on the store in addition to the old Talking Tom one, with one of them last updated on 11th Feb. That's worthy of being reported, right? Also, Angry Birds Stella has also come to WP.
  • To tip just download the app. Slide to the right. And scroll to find the "tip us" icon.
  • Hi, I'm the dev behind NestWP. I did indeed upload the low-res logo, my bad.
    A Windows 8.1 Nest app is definetely possible tho, if I find some time I can create that easily. Edit: And will stay free, without ads ;)
  • Can I donate to you!? If you keep up with this it will keep me from throwing my Nest into the trash! Very nice looking app so far!
  • You can now, I've just submitted a new update including a new logo and a donations button to buy me a beer ;D
  • just sent $10 your way! thank you again for taking the time to make the app. one small request: the touch target to adjust the temperatureis a bit small. perhaps consider a UI element like the dropdown picker or a slider for a future update?   enjoy the beer! make it a six pack of a nice craft :D
  • Thanks so much!
    I will look into it and make sure there is a better way to set the temperature somewhere next week.
  • Great work man, keep it up.
  • Nice, would love to have an app for Win 8.1. Thanks for your work. Also, yeah, you should do a 'donate' option. You'd be surprised how forthcoming the WP community can be!
  • I'll start working on it next week, I'll post an update when the app is released. I have just submitted a new version which includes a 'buy me a beer', donation via PayPal. Thanks for the feedback everyone, this makes me want to continue developing WP apps!
    If you have suggestions or feedback, you can find me in the forums :D
  • For a second I thought that was a Cortana icon.
  • My biggest gripe with Nest on Windows Phone is the usage history (why they only let you see 10 days is a whole different complaint). It's the only part of the mobile site that doesn't work, but does on Android. Any way their APIs allow you access that info? Fan control would be nice too.
  • I can control fans, but have no access to the schedule via the API.
  • Hey just a heads up, Nest might make you rename your app.  I recently had to rename my app because they thought Nestle was too similar.
  • Hey, Yeah, that's very likely, we 'll see what happens.
  • I'll give this a try. I've been accessing my setup with Nest's website using IE. Poor kids suffering in the coldest room.
  • Oh crap! Finally someone who didn't try and mimic the stupid circular interface or simply wrap the web page! Wonder how long this one will last...
  • Daniel's apartment is 64 degrees. Way to be eco-friendly! Sweaters and blankets are cooler than global warming.
  • Indeed. That and the GF hates paying the heating bill, lol.
  • I'm on Windows 10 preview and it crashes on start. I'd be happy to be a test subject if you need it.
  • I have a Lumia 1520 so can't test Windows 10 yet. I'll only be able to see what error it gives when I've installed it. Thanks for the feedback tho.
  • I know it's no help but I briefly see a white screen that says "Login" before it crashes out. I'll keep it installed and hopefully some update from your end or Microsoft's will fix it.
  • That's some help actually :p
    The first thing the app does is open the webpage of the nest API to log in, after displaying 'login'. So maybe there is an issue with the browser control on W10 (which doesn't seem unlikely as IE has a new rendering engine). So thanks! :D
    (not much I can do about that tho, sorry)
  • Runs just fine for me on W10. AT&T Lumia 830.
  • From Google. So a No Go. A man has to have his principles and this an easy one to obey :)
  • Honeywell has an interesting Nest competitor called lyric.
    As someone completely ticked off by Google's policies (I'm sure I'm not a minority here), I am seriously considering Honeywell's offering. Unfortunately there is no WP app.
  • I hear the Honeywell smart thermostat works well.  I never really had much interest in the Nest, but now that I know who owns them.  I will count them out completely.
  • Look into ecobee also. They have been doing smart thermostats since 2007 iirc. Also, there is an unofficial app for WP. They link to it from their website.
  • Very nice start - I like the WP style. I would love to see a dark theme and the ability to adjust schedules from the remote, fan control and other features. 
  • I will gradually add features over time :)
  • I was using wellnezted and emailed the creator saying that I would buy if still supported but no reply, so does not look to be supported anymore. Installed NestWP and working well, love that voice commands are supported.
  • There is a $0.99 version in the store, just no free version of welNEZTed
  • Welnezted is free to try and can buy if you like it. It was ok but saw some bugs that left me wondering if would get fixed but since no reply I am thinking it is as it is, so glad for NestWP to try out.
  • How long before google blocks unofficial Nest apps?  Any guesses?
  • Did you read the comments before posting? Do you even have a nest thermostat?
    1. There's been a handful of unofficial nest apps that have come and gone. Nest shut them down way before Google bought them.
    2. You can't have anything close to the nest name, look like the official app or use a green leaf.
    Bottom line it was Nest that didn't want to support Windows. They also don't want no 3rd party apps.
    I've complained on the phone and on their online forum.
    Nest just don't care... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Sweet. Now Google can collect data on Windows Phone users.
  • How long until Google breaks this???
  • Annnd here comes the takedown notice
  • I didn't copy any of their interface elements, so let's hope they'll be forgiving ;)
  • Did you request WC cover your app?
    You should have stayed under the radar!
    "nest" in your app name is what got others kicked out of the store I think.... But that was before public API
  • No, they found it in the Windows Central forums :) *fingers crossed*
  • It says it supports multiple structures, but does this also mean support for multiple thermostats in one house? Does it do geofencing for automatically setting when you're home or away, or do you have to set it manually?  
  • Multiple homes and multiple thermostats per home :) Geofencing as of now not yet, but that's a good idea!
  • I've started working on geofence support, if it all works well without major difficulties you can expect it soon :)
  • Awesome!  I can't speak for others, but that's the biggest appeal of smart thermostats for me personally
  • Yeah, it seems like a nice feature. This is my first time using geofencing so bear with me :p
    But it'll be free when it comes, not as an in-app purchase as others suggested :)
  • Until Google pulls it
  • Google will seek and destroy this effort: Believe it!
  • I use wellNezted. It's great. Does everything I need.
  • Thanks for the app but the UI is very basic. And indeed, buttons to adjust temp too small. At least I no longer need to use website.