Nest app for Windows Phone

When it comes to smart thermostats, Nest is the go-to brand that comes to mind for many. Unfortunately, Google bought the company a year ago. Although Nest remains separate from the monolithic search engine, the chances of an official Windows Phone app are slim. Enter third-party developers.

NestWP is a new third-party app for Windows Phone that looks very promising. Although there are a few Nest apps already for Windows Phone, they usually tend to be web wrappers for the Nest website. Nestle was a solid offering, but alas it is now unpublished (we'll try to find out why).

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NestWP is a real app for Windows Phone, and it has a simple but Modern UI that Windows Phone users should enjoy. A quick update went out today for the new app that adds Fahrenheit (it already had Celsius) and a fix for the Live Tile. Other features include:

  • Live tile (updates periodically and when the app starts) 
  • Setting temperature and away mode 
  • Supports multiple homes (structures) 
  • Voice commands to set the temperature and away mode 
  • Switch users 

The app icon needs some work, but considering this app is free (for now) with no ads, NestWP is something to keep an eye on if you are a Nest user (like ourselves).

Now if we can just find a solid Windows 8.1 app for Nest.

QR: nestwp