You will soon be able to view Xbox Gamerscore leaderboards from previous months

Xbox Platform Lead Mike Ybarra tweeted a picture teasing a new drop down menu for the Xbox Gamerscore leaderboards, found in the profile section. Design-wise, the layout is identical, save for the ability to filter the leaderboards by month.

As of writing, you can only view leaderboards for the last 30 days, showing you how many achievements you unlocked compared to people on your friends list.

As you can see from the screen cap below, Mike Ybarra was bested by xSHEWULFx on my friends list for the past month. Mr. Ybarra needs to step up his game! It's probably best if I don't show you the paltry amount of Gamerscore I managed to accumulate recently.

The Xbox OS is perpetually evolving. We now have UWP apps, Cortana, and background music, with major new social features on the horizon in the form of LFG, Clubs and Arena. Microsoft is shipping new builds to the Xbox One Preview several times per week, polishing existing features as well as adding new ones.

As always, if you want to see something altered on the Xbox OS, drop a suggestion on the official UserVoice. Although we believe it's still the plan is for the Xbox One Preview and Windows Insider Program to eventually merge, meaning that Xbox feedback could end up being gathered in the Windows Feedback Hub. We'll have to wait and see.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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