New action game Salvage drops the bass onto Windows and Windows Phone

A brand new music game called Salvage has launched on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. The game is developed by ex-DJ Hero/Guitar Hero team members. Mad Fellows is the company behind it with its own Frustum game engine to power the beats on both smartphones and Windows hardware. Available for free, the game features some action-packed rhythm-based gameplay that we're sure many of you will enjoy.


Players are tasked with not only enjoying the beats, but also dodging oncoming obstacles and collecting salvage as one progresses through the game. A handy tutorial gets players started (it's compulsory, but can be skipped) and the controls are pretty straightforward to get the hang of. It's an easy game to pick up and play, but rather challenging to master. Oh, and did we comment on the music? It's awesome.

The player's ship can be upgraded and outfitted with new paint jobs, add plating for absorbing more hits, improving the handling and stability, add more power-up slots and enabling the overdrive to last longer. There are literally hundreds of hours one could pour into this game. There are also different (some rather humorous) ships to choose from. Everything costs salvage and this currency can also be purchased in-game - along with tokens (premium dough).

The base game comes with three music tracks but more music packs are available as in-app purchases. These packs include the Zomboy Pack, Noisia Pack and Never Say Die Records Pack. A VIP Pack is an option for those who wish to grab all tracks at a slightly discounted price (includes two more exclusive songs). Microsoft has exclusivity on Salvage until Q3 2014 when iOS and Android counterparts will be released.

QR: Salvage

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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