New action game Salvage drops the bass onto Windows and Windows Phone

A brand new music game called Salvage has launched on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. The game is developed by ex-DJ Hero/Guitar Hero team members. Mad Fellows is the company behind it with its own Frustum game engine to power the beats on both smartphones and Windows hardware. Available for free, the game features some action-packed rhythm-based gameplay that we're sure many of you will enjoy.


Players are tasked with not only enjoying the beats, but also dodging oncoming obstacles and collecting salvage as one progresses through the game. A handy tutorial gets players started (it's compulsory, but can be skipped) and the controls are pretty straightforward to get the hang of. It's an easy game to pick up and play, but rather challenging to master. Oh, and did we comment on the music? It's awesome.

The player's ship can be upgraded and outfitted with new paint jobs, add plating for absorbing more hits, improving the handling and stability, add more power-up slots and enabling the overdrive to last longer. There are literally hundreds of hours one could pour into this game. There are also different (some rather humorous) ships to choose from. Everything costs salvage and this currency can also be purchased in-game - along with tokens (premium dough).

The base game comes with three music tracks but more music packs are available as in-app purchases. These packs include the Zomboy Pack, Noisia Pack and Never Say Die Records Pack. A VIP Pack is an option for those who wish to grab all tracks at a slightly discounted price (includes two more exclusive songs). Microsoft has exclusivity on Salvage until Q3 2014 when iOS and Android counterparts will be released.

QR: Salvage

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • MadFellows, if you are reading: I can help you to make your game available here in Brazil. Please.
  • Guilherme, não tem nenhuma vantagem usar a store brasileira cara, só tem app lixo... muda a região pra EUA e não veja show do milhão ou sons de peidos.... :)   rssrsrsrs
  • Cara, chamar tudo de "lixo" é uma tremenda sacanagem com todos os desenvolvedores!!!!
    Eu fico na loja brasileira porque essa é a loja do meu país e não vou trocar.
    E, eu peço aos desenvolvedores não por mim, mas por todas as pessoas que não sabem que podem mudar de região (95% de todos os usuários). Eu faço isso pelos usuários comuns.
  • Entendi, peço mil desculpas por meu comentário infeliz. sinto muito :/
  • How's the prep for the world cup coming along? Wish I could visit Brazil!!
  • Pretty fun, tested out on the windows 8, playing with a mouse. Havent check to see it truly universal app with my WP8.
  • finally a game trailer posted on vimeo not youtube \o/  
  • Vimeo is blocked in my country
  • Also you can only play the game in full screen. :(
  • This game is pretty amazing on the Surface Pro 3, just saying ;) Bought the VIP pack for $5.99.
  • Can you not talk about the SP3 until after August 31st. I'm Jelly.
  • And I'm peanut butter.
  • Combat Experience Points are earned for performing actions such as eliminating enemies, destroying vehicles and collecting salvage. CEP can be used in the Character Edit menu to unlock new gear and purchase CTC for your squad. Cell Phone Tower
  • Surface pro 3 is really awesome
  • Kinda meh gameplay carried by some exceptionally good music. Well worth a try though.
  • Amplitude lite. Fun to see Microsoft has timed exclusive on this game. Game is meh. Music is good if u fancy that kind of music. But It's quality tho. Wish more games with quality is being added every day, and those fake "hey lets copy each other a billion times" games gets removed for a better store.
  • We. Need. Amplitude.
  • Its no "amplitude". There will never be a better rhythm game. :)
  • Looks like Audiosurf meets swoop bike racing
  • Nice to see on their website the fruit, the bot and the Windows logos PLUS a little "Play it first on Windows" logo too. +925 UK developers.
  • Plays horrible on my 1020.. Completely out of sync with the music and timing is seriously off..
  • Xbox Controller support?
  • The game is pretty momey-thirsty
  • I'm not sure about others, but I tried this app on my Nokia Lumia 1520 and the controls are delayed when it comes to responding to player actions.  Not way off, more like miliseconds.  But if you're playing a music rythm game, those milisecond response times are going to be needed, otherwise it's game over and it's not even the player's fault.  The music is good, but only if you're a fan of dub step, otherwise you'll be annoyed with it right at the title screen.  Until they can fix the control problem, I give this game a two out of five star rating.