New app Tile Editor 8.1 launches for Windows Phone, win a Lumia 730 for trying it out

Looking for an app to make your Start screen on Windows Phone truly unique? You then need to check out Tile Editor 8.1, a new app from the makers of Movie Maker 8.1. With Tile Editor 8.1, you can create unique Tiles for your Start screen.

Tile Editor 8.1 claims to be the most advanced Transparent Tile editor in the Windows Phone Store, and it certainly lives up to that claim going off the features list:

  • Multi-layer designer: duplicate, flip h/v
  • Scale, move, rotate, alpha blend, fill color, textures, opacity, borders, invert
  • Tile projects management
  • Decoration tiles
  • Shortcut to apps
  • Shortcut to settings
  • Shortcut to web pages
  • Shortcut to contact email
  • Shortcut to contact SMS
  • Shortcut to contact phone
  • Separated design for small, medium and wide tiles
  • Cross transparency
  • Rich collection of shaped and app icons
  • Add text: font, size, style
  • Fortumo: pay via SMS (Microsoft Approved)
  • Unlock codes for secret icons

Tile Editor 8.1

The app is brand new in the Windows Phone Store, so to celebrate the developer has given us codes to share with the Windows Phone Central community! Here are the two codes:

  • Hidden icon set: open the app -> click a project (or pat '+' to create a new one) -> click '+' to add anew layer -> open the menu '...' -> select 'unlock code'. Then type:arale(this code is unlimited)anda new layer group should appear
  • App unlock (100 codes for quickest):open the app -> open the menu '...' -> select 'buy full app" type: wpc884

Want a free Lumia 730?

The team behind Tile Editor 8.1 is celebrating the launch of their new app by giving away a Lumia 730. It's open worldwide, and you enter by creating one or more customized tiles using the new app. Pin those tiles to your Start page and the team will give a Lumia 730 to the most creative Tile. Rules below:

  • Create one or morecustomized tile withTile Editorand pin it to your Start page.
  • If more than one custom tile is pinned, they will be evaluated independently
  • Pin the following apps: WPCentralandMovie Maker8.1
  • Send a screenshot to
  • Enter by November 1st, 2014

The app will cost you $1.49, but a trial is available that limits you to one pinned Tile and three layers in the editor. Try it out to get a taste for the app, but be warned we're really digging it so far!

Let us know what you think of the app!

QR: Tile Editor

Sam Sabri
  • Give it to me... Gimme the 730
  • Super cool stuff!! Thanks!
  • Maybe in being little over excited at the moment but this app (in my opinion) shatters all claims that android is more customizable than WP? I mean, you can literally recreate everything exactly as you want it (on the start screen) Please correct me if I'm wrong?
  • Adolf you EXACTLY centered the reason why I developed it ;)
  • I saw many users creating cool backgrounds to simulate uncommon Tiles like circles, stars, or strange transpart effects.
    Well, I decided to try to develop an app to really be able to create them :)
  • Could you please tell me why don't these type of apps EVER offer shortcuts to Office, OneDrive, OneNote and Skype? All I want are these 4 transparent tiles yet none of the apps ever offer them. Some used to offer a Skype tile, but after a recent Skype update they stopped working. Is there some legal issue with those 4 apps or is there some technical reason behind this?
  • Could be both legal and technical. They could be special apps which are hidden from third party apps
  • tring it out but i can't buy lack of credit cards :(
  • You can use Fortumo to pay via sms
  • Since we don't have youtube App, I would like to pin mytube App with the youtube logo (so when my friends see my phone not say: Ooh your Phone is a shit cause you don't have youtube!) but the integration with this App, or with metrotube don't works, lets make the tile, but does not open anything and returns to the homescreen. But, the idea is great and the App more! Whoever says that Windows Phone is not customizable is wrong!
  • You have to link your tile to the "app launch" behavior, please verify that your tile is not a decorative one only ;)
  • Yes! I pin the tile with 'app launch' and then I select mytube from the list, but don't works (and i have mytube, mytube beta and metrotube and don't work for both)
  • When people talk about customizing Android, they normally are talking about the possibility that you have to completely replace the way the OS looks. On WP you're still bound by the tiles, the size of the tiles and the gaps between the tiles. But WP is way ahead of iOS in customization, no doubt about that. Just not on Android level. And it will never be unless Microsoft decides to allow it Windows-style, which I somehow doubt it will happen. They, much like Apple, seem to want the UX to remain intact.
  • I both agree, and disagree with you. Firstly i disagree because i don't think the average user ever completely rescins their devices. They'll download a new lockscreen (which we can do) and download new launchers that, yeah looks different, but also STILL is nothing more than a screen with icons and widgets. (like ours stays a screen with different sized tiles)
    Then i also agree with you because the possibilities are endless. Heck I've even tried a WP launcher once on my tab. But the problem is that those launchers are so broken it's laughable. Then i won't call it customization anymore because its like fitting a piece of sheet metal to the back of your car and calling it a custom made spoiler haha hope you understand what i mean in those points :)
  • Yeah I get it. It really depends on the Launcher. There are only a few really good (like Themer etc).
    However, "Launchers" are increasingly popular on Android. Sure, out of all the users who make the  80% of the Android marketshare, probably not even half of them use Launchers. But then again, probably neither do WP users customize their start-screens that much (example: I gave my mother and my sister a WP device each. They still use them with the customization I made for them. They haven't changed literally anything). So I think when people talk about the lack of customization on WP compared to Android, it's not that they *want* to customize the OS that deeply, it's that they want to be able to do it IF someday they so wish (I for example would love to be able to change the font WP uses...). And then you have Windows. People are used to customize Windows. People who are really into customization, would expect a Windows phone to offer the same amount of liberty Windows offers. Then they get disappointed when they see it doesn't.
  • Ok yes i see what you mean and agree 100%
  • Yes but the important point there is that android ALLOWS such lanchers and customizations, while WP doesn't, and probably never will until atleast 2 or 3 years -_-
    They're following the same strategies as iOS, since iOS was also closed for a really long time, until iOS 7 or 8, I think.
    This is why power users go to Android, and the average ones come here.
  • Not really.. One example I could give is developers not being able to toggle the phones settings like data, WiFi, Bluetooth etc., but instead only provide shortcuts to them. While that can be argued as being more secure, it shows how restricted the OS still is.
    Another example would be apps not being able to draw over other other apps (like Android's FB messenger app) and the phone UI, something which Android has had for a very long time.
    Basically Android is more customizable and open to developers to do anything they want. Security should not be provided by blocking access to the OS, imho
  • Thanks for the unlocke codes. Will try this out. :)
  • Has what I need, even pin tiles like Office and OneDrive but transparent. Stinks its not fully free.
  • Maybe you should read the article...
  • Yeah I unlocked the paid version for free! Thanks wpc, thanks venetasoft!
  • Sweet thanks!
  • Bug, can not exit via back button after cancelling a project. Still can not circumvent skype tile. Though it is nice app, and thanks for unlock code! (L1320 DP latest)
  • You are right !! I'll fix immediately, thank you :) !!
  • You da man Ventasoft
  • While I have you here, make it so we are able to cha he the app shapes color to white, that's how they show in dark theme start screen, and it doesn't seem to open the apps correctly. Every transparent tile maker on the store has issues with the Spotify tile with the Music+ app, it asks if you rather open Spotify or music+ even if you tapped on the specific Spotify tile. Since every tile maker has this problem it might be related to the OS, if you fix this I'll make a generous donation :P Edit: Actually in light theme app icon appears in white as well while in your app I couldn't change it from black.
  • Thank you Paul, could you please be so kind as to send me a screenshot at:
    support[at] Thank you for very much the support.
  • Really nice work btw:P
  • Nice work venetasoft! It's true the app is awesome, as true is that it needs more improvement as it lacks many features as well as apps. Unfortunately, I didn't get my hand soon enough on one of the promo codes. :\ But, I'll buy it anyway, hoping you continue to support it in the near future and support my belief that this is now my basic tile editor!
    By the way, how many screenshots can we sent to you?
  • Thanks for the unlock code Sam!
  • Holy crap that preview screenshot is so atrociously gaudy.
  • Woo thanks for the unlock code, will try this out later or tomorrow :)
  • Woot! One of the lucky 100 haha. gonna try this now!
  • Thanks. Got on of the 100
  • Movie Maker 8.1 is free (plugins excluded) for some hours to celebrate the new app too :)
  • Thanks for making it free for those who don't have. I already paid for it. ;)
  • I really don't care for the 730 but I do enjoy tile creators so I'll definitely check this. Specially since development on Skinery has apparently stopped.   Also, thanks to venetasoft for the codes! Don't worry, I'm way more complacent with developers than I am with Microsoft. ;P
  • :D
  • Thanxxxx WPC
  • That is AWESOME!
  • Going out on a limb here .... Just dropped $1.49.
  • Thanks for the two unlock codes. They work great!
  • <p>Thank you so much WPC the code works great The app is awesome is the boost I need to keep loving my 720.</p>
  • plz let me win this 730
  • The "arale" code is unusable, and can't quit the app by tapping the back button. Anyway, thanks for the app and the unlock code!
  • Worked for me, missed out on the app unlock though
  • Its a little tricky, heheheh (write me if you cannot find the way ;)
  • Same me, the "arale" not work? But I'm one of the 100 lucky person. Thanks :)
  • Didn't work for me either but then I tried typing "Arale" instead of "arale" and it worked, not sure if it was because of a second try or because of the upper case A.
  • Shouldnt be case sensitive...Maybe you entered a space before/after...?
    Anyway I m happy you solved, hope you like the Dr Slump theme LOL :D
  • Lots of giveaways lately. That's very nice!
  • Thanks for the codes. Loving the app! :)
  • Thanks, i like the l730
  • I got a free Lumia 800 back in the day and the idea of a drawing between all users of an app came up (a paid app). Figured plenty of people would buy the app to compete for the prize and we'd end up making more than we would by simply selling the phone. It was just a little to scammy for my taste
  • You do not need to buy the full app to compete...
    Even if the evaluation version allows you to  pin one tile only, you can overwrite it and send me as much screenshots as you want :)
    Anyway, even if I doubt paid apps will cover the phone "so fast"..I promise you that in that case the 2nd will got a 730 too :)
  • Second place?! Another Lumia?! I'm buying this app right now!
  • Cool, not just wpc but app makers giving away new devices, I hope others take note :-)
  • Thank you....Venetasoft and WPC...
  • 100 codes and you have millions of readers! The unlock code was literally sold out within minutes. Ridiculous. Tried it for 1 minute but quickly lost interest thanks to the whole promo bs. How much did you get paid from the dev to do this?
  • Fun fact. You can still trial the app and buy it if you enjoy it. You're not entitled to free anything. And whining isn't very becoming of you Nesdam1981.
  • You are absolutely right Sam. So from now on I'm gonna start using adblocker. I have made you a good bunch of revenue for years but enough is enough. There are reader all around the world so all this bs of first readers gets free stuff is not fair for the readers who's in a time zone where its night and bedtime when the article is posted. And its not the first time. You might see this as whining, I see it as a paying (through ads) customer being treated unfair. I'm entitled to an opinion and this is it.
  • Whta exactly is wrong in you, Nesdam ?? You are the only one here crying...
  • You "pay" them with ad revenue for the information they provide you, not to get free stuff. Could say a lot more but you just aren't worth 1 minute of my time.
  • Woah... To imagine you might have to pay someone 6 quarters for their hard work. That's ludicrous!
  • OK, just added other 100 ;)
  • Yeah, they sold out in less than a minute too. It's not that I don't want to or can't buy. I'm just not a fan of the whole first reader gets free stuff. If you give away something every one should have the same chance. Not the first 100 readers.
  • I have my Azure SQL Management Console open here, and I see other 80 are available now, hurry up :)
  • Well, I tried twice just after you wrote you added 100 more. So then there's something wrong with the verification of the code. Even worse.
  • You are late my friend... I added more codes too, but you were just not fast enough :'(
    Anyway it s EASY to receive a new personal unlock, just carefully read my posts ;)
  • You are too slow my friend, really too slow...
    Anyway just send me a screenshot of a kind review on the Store about "why you love Tile Editor 8.1" and I will send you a free personal unlock :)
  • He is just a SORE Ventasoft, don't give him a ####
  • I'm with you, son. :P don't give any codes to that leeching whiner piece of..
  • Communist.
  • Omg how sore can you get...? You didnt even check it out right and claimed the next 100 sold out eh? Wouldn't be crying about it in the comments now if you got to it first would ya?
  • Unlock code woohoo! Awesome app! Looks like I can stop waiting for third-party developers to release transparent tiles for the apps I use. Time to get on the horse and take matters into my own hands!
  • Another tile editor?
  • I hope this one adds some new tools for Tile artists, please give it a try ;)
  • Awesome and super cool stuff. Didn't even imagined this for Windows Phone. Mind blowing.
  • mine says the code is sold out :(
  • wait a minute, I will add other 100, all for WPCentral users ;)
  • thnx
  • Go now !! Hurry up :)
  • keeps saying store not available ;(
  • This is a Microsoft Store issue... I apologize but I do not have any kind of control over the download process.. :(
  • it works now thank you for your time and developing such a wonderful app
  • Free codes sold out. I always miss out on these free codes for the Venetasoft apps :( You guys are like vultures around a carcass.
  • Ya I really want the paid version:( and my parents don't allow me to spend money on apps Nvm thanks for refreshing! Definetly gonna leave a good review
  • Code sold out
  • I late code is sold out...
  • No thanks. But thanks for the offer.
  • Code Worked! Thank You WPC and Venetasoft :D
  • Thanks to you for downloading Tile Editor :)
    Please if you like it and have time, leave a kind review on the Store, it will really help and motivate to improve...Thank you :)
  • Thanks for the free app!
  • Arale theme looks like crap? Literally. :) thanks for this app!
  • Hey guys I go to sleep.. It's 3:40 AM here in italy now ;)
    If the codes go sold out, just show some love to Tile Editor leaving a nice comment on the app Store page, take a screenshot and send it to my support email (to be quicker just use my free app OpenScreenshot ;)
    I will send you a personal unlock code asap.
  • This I can do. :p
  • take a screeenshot of my comment on store or tile pinned on start ???
  • The former for the unlock, the latter for the Challenge
  • I rated and also reviewed. But it's not displaying in the review section... Can't take the screenshot though..
  • I tried a tile for Facebook and other for mytube but... They don't open The app... I click to open it btw... Am i doing something wrong? The moviemaker tile i made opens...
  • Hi Helder, have you attached  the "Launch App" behaviour to your tile..?
    The app is at its first release, so there could be some bugs...But you know I'm super fast to fix ;)
    Please write me to my support email (look in the about page) for a deeper assistance.  
  • thanks for the free app codes wpc and dev!! much appreciated!!
  • code works thank you so much Ventasoft and WPC
  • Really superb . But it crashes when pinning tile in ma L630..
  • Wil use it soon... Just now downloaded!!!!:)
  • I will do the lion dance if I win.
  • Great app. But I am not one the lucky ones. The code is sold out. Anyways, great work dev :)
  • It wont let me buy the full version from the store.. Get an error.. Says it can't connect to the store blah blah blah :(
  • unlock code sold out !?! Bummer, that didn't last long.
  • I was able to unlock the full version... but the store still says I haven't purchased it.. any way sending an email to venetasoft support.
  • Wow, we can achieve a lot of pretty results with this app. Thank you, Venetasoft!
  • Sold out? Ehh oh well
    I'll just wait for when MS lets you make all tiles transparent without the need of an "app"
    Besides I've yet to see a single app that lets you create tiles for apps like office and one drive.
    I'm not even going to bother using it for the contest. No way in hell id win. Not like I ever do anyway. Fml
    Can I make tiles for one drive, office, and such with this anyway?
  • Not all apps are "launchable", it's a choice of the developer...Even if it sounds strange, only a few allow it (Microsoft's apps often don't too).
  • No point getting it then, I already have used like 4 other tile makers which didn't pan out either.
  • You should add support for using custom URI's for each tile (:
  • Awesome idea thank you !!! A textbox for advanced users.
    Will be added in tomorrow update :)
  • Bought the app.. Will enter contest ASAP...
  • Downloading both tile editor and movie maker. But the promo code for tile editor to buy the full version is not available anymore. M late what a shame. Anyways another contest to win a 730 yeaahhh. I so want that phone :3. Thanks Venetasoft and WPC.
  • its really awesome 
  • I can create a pinned tile for apps and settings but it don't open the specific app
  • I'd just sell it, and have my dad cover the remainder and buy a 1520.3, 730 doesn't support us lte anyway :P
  • Good job
  • Buy the app to have more chances to win. No thanks.
  • I agree. Especially when I'm in UK but my settings are USA!
  • Same chances, you can send me as many emails with one tile as you want.
    Or write a nice review to receive a new free unlock :)
  • Waiting for full version to become free because the code has been sold out :(
  • cool app for windows phone
  • Damn, late to the party and all the free beer's been drank. Poo. I'll give this a go. I like the idea, even if I'm not big on super customization of my device.
  • Not so impressive with the trial version
  • best app you must have
  • Give another code please email me @
  • This developer is so generous. Grats to you, bought. :)
  • Well, I think this is good...
  • 100 is tooo less... :(
  • Were 300 at the end ;)
  • Oh.. Then I was too late.. :( I tried to purchase the app but I have problems with both of my purchase methods.. No idea when will Microsoft resolve the issue..
    Can you please add more coupons.. :P so that we enthusiasts can have the full app... ;)
  • If every tile is judged independently and I have to make tiles of movie maker and wpcentral... I'm lost
  • Sold out. :( Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Bought it and it is a decent app, however it is lacking a rgb colour picker with hex code support. If the devs could add that along with control box so users can fine tune the scale, logo / text movement and rotation it would be complete.
  • Ok, new Color Picker in next coming update too :)
  • The promo code is sold out! Wth!
  • Loving the app. Would also love it if u could add the option to create wide tiles with the app. Will provide more feedback with more usage.
  • You can :) !!! Click the small arrow in the down right corner of the tile preview :)
  • Thank you for taking your time to reply. Btw I hadn't noticed the setting to enable live tile in project settings, so that's my fault. Love ur app. Too bad I missed the promo code period to get it for free.
  • Dynamic Backgound editing feature (for Live Tiles) is coming, with lot of customization parameters ;) !!!
  • Has room for improvement. Still buggy and laggy.
  • Of course it has ;)
  • Sold out
  • Sadly, I have a small black border around anything that's, well... not black. Also, it would be awesome to have fine control over all those things, not just sliders. (maybe an advanced section where you can punch in the actual number)
  • Fixing  ;)
  • Thx, when it's fixed, I'll be sure to buy this app. Great job.
  • Robin thank you for your feedback :)
  • Would have been nice to enter this competition, but I couldn't because I don't have 8.1 yet. Thanks Verizon.
  • Just use the "Preview for All" free app ;)
  • damn! I'm late. the unlock code not working anymore.. :(
  • Please do not show me any google thing pinned to your start screen (really hate them...).
  • I was looking for a way to replace the ugly red Office icon with a transparent one. The graphic is there but not the ability to launch Office.
  • Not all apps are launchable..It depends on the developer to allow this or not :(
    I'm looking for a way to run Office/OneNote, anyway ;)
  • No point in participating if u r not indian!!
  • This app is so much fun and really handy! Works absolutely great and without flaws on my 820! You guys do a really great job! First the awesome Movie Maker and now THIS. Looking forward for more to come ;) But as a few people already asked: a little bit fine-tuning would be great! :) Thanks to ventasoft & especially WPC for providing the community with all this great "4free"-opportunitys and contests!!
  • This is the first version, will greatly improve in next releases, with tons of new icons and apps too :)
  • Not able to download don't know why???#lumia520
  • It' s a Microsoft Store issue....Please try to reboot your phone and retry (or you have to contact Ms, unfortunately I have to control at all over the download process...)
  • How to contact ms and but i am able to download all others applications even i download animated lock screen
  • Thanks venetasoft for your help and quick response. Issue of download is solved now and I will take part in the contest to win Lumia 730. Thanks venetasoft...
  • Well I'm definitely doing some Art now :) Can I pin anything or do I need to design for WPC and your Movie tile?
  • Pin MM and WPC regular apps, than create one or more Tiles expressing your creativity with Tile Editor.
    The screenshot your home screen and send it to me.
    The best customized single Tile giving us a "wow effect" will win a L730/5 :)
  • Okay thanks alot :)
  • Hey
  • Can you add a rectangle to the shapes? The square will not resize to fit a wide tile.
  • That would be really helpful
  • Thank you...I see the rectangle now....I don't know if it was already there or added with this update.
  • Tried it, liked it and bought it.  A must have for WP users.
  • This app is great!
  • It says the promo code for the full version is sold out :(
  • I can send only one screenshot or more than one in the contest
  • Tried a Facebook tile and a Pandora tile. Both don't launch the app, and I have linked the tile to the launcher in the tool. Frustrating that those options (and icons) are in the tool but you they don't work. Would also like a "fully inverted" shape list to accommodate the dark theme.
  • Also, please add Flixster and IMDB.
  • Is there any confirmation of you receiving our emails? :)
  • When is Nokia Lumia 730 coming to Malaysia?
  • awaiting results....really need a phone since mines mash up  
  • Hello, When are the results coming?
  • I guess I'm late cure the party but I've been wonderin, why do all the time editors' decorative tiles link to something? Usually it launches the tile editor, in this app it shows a popup saying this time does nothing. That is highly annoying when you press it accidentally, double so when someone else does it.