New app Tile Editor 8.1 launches for Windows Phone, win a Lumia 730 for trying it out

Looking for an app to make your Start screen on Windows Phone truly unique? You then need to check out Tile Editor 8.1, a new app from the makers of Movie Maker 8.1. With Tile Editor 8.1, you can create unique Tiles for your Start screen.

Tile Editor 8.1 claims to be the most advanced Transparent Tile editor in the Windows Phone Store, and it certainly lives up to that claim going off the features list:

  • Multi-layer designer: duplicate, flip h/v
  • Scale, move, rotate, alpha blend, fill color, textures, opacity, borders, invert
  • Tile projects management
  • Decoration tiles
  • Shortcut to apps
  • Shortcut to settings
  • Shortcut to web pages
  • Shortcut to contact email
  • Shortcut to contact SMS
  • Shortcut to contact phone
  • Separated design for small, medium and wide tiles
  • Cross transparency
  • Rich collection of shaped and app icons
  • Add text: font, size, style
  • Fortumo: pay via SMS (Microsoft Approved)
  • Unlock codes for secret icons

Tile Editor 8.1

The app is brand new in the Windows Phone Store, so to celebrate the developer has given us codes to share with the Windows Phone Central community! Here are the two codes:

  • Hidden icon set: open the app -> click a project (or pat '+' to create a new one) -> click '+' to add anew layer -> open the menu '...' -> select 'unlock code'. Then type:arale(this code is unlimited)anda new layer group should appear
  • App unlock (100 codes for quickest):open the app -> open the menu '...' -> select 'buy full app" type: wpc884

Want a free Lumia 730?

The team behind Tile Editor 8.1 is celebrating the launch of their new app by giving away a Lumia 730. It's open worldwide, and you enter by creating one or more customized tiles using the new app. Pin those tiles to your Start page and the team will give a Lumia 730 to the most creative Tile. Rules below:

  • Create one or morecustomized tile withTile Editorand pin it to your Start page.
  • If more than one custom tile is pinned, they will be evaluated independently
  • Pin the following apps: WPCentralandMovie Maker8.1
  • Send a screenshot to
  • Enter by November 1st, 2014

The app will cost you $1.49, but a trial is available that limits you to one pinned Tile and three layers in the editor. Try it out to get a taste for the app, but be warned we're really digging it so far!

Let us know what you think of the app!

QR: Tile Editor

Sam Sabri