New apps for Xbox consoles unlock more entertainment

The Xbox team are bringing new experiences to both Xbox One and 360 consoles. Whether you're a hardcore gamer, sports fanatic or into your feature films, the Xbox team is working hard to make both consoles the centerpiece of your media collection. Improving on features and content already available, Major League Gaming will be rolling out alongside the likes of Encore. Head past the break for the details.

Serious gaming just got more serious

Are you into your gaming? Seriously, do you even game? We ask because anyone who is familiar with the competitive side of gaming will have heard of Major League Gaming (MLG). The Major League Gaming app for Xbox 360 launched yesterday, enabling those with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to enjoy matches in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US.

Xbox MLG

The app opens up the world of MLG in the living room, showcasing the best gamers competing in popular video games. As for Xbox One, an official MLG app will be hitting the next-gen console later this year. More details are expected at a later date. 

Catch the ball with MLB for Xbox One

Not to be confused with Major League Gaming, Major League Baseball (MLB) has just launched on Xbox One. Again, those with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and MLB.TV premium accounts will be able to enjoy HD streams of every season game through 2014. Full game archives will also be available, just in case you miss a match.

It's a sweet solution for those who enjoy kicking back and enjoying a live game or two.

Encore Play and Movieplex Play come to the 360

Both entertainment apps have launched on the Xbox 360. If TV and movies are more your thing rather than sports and gaming, these apps from Starz provide access to more than 1,500 premium movies, as well as additional TV episodes of favorite shows. Xbox Live Gold subscription is required along with an account through a participating TV provider to enjoy content on your console.

MLB Xbox

Both apps are available in the US and will be coming to Xbox One "in the future".

EPIX almost ready with Xbox One app

Lastly, Xbox 360 owners who also hold accounts with Time Warner Cable Digital Basic and Preferred TV can access content at no additional cost through June 18th. All that's required is for you to sign in with your TWC credentials and you're done. More details on the Xbox One app will follow (just like the other entertainment apps above).

With the Xbox One billed as the one box you'll need for multiple types of media, this is yet another strong move by Microsoft and Xbox. We look forward to more support in other markets, including the UK (hello, Virgin Media).

Source: Xbox, via: Major Nelson

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