The new flagship Microsoft Store in New York City is slated to open this fall

Microsoft has given a more specific time frame for the opening of its big flagship retail store at 677 Fifth Avenue in New York City. An image showing that the facade on the construction site now has a "Fall 2015" label for when the store will open.

The same facade also has been painted over with a big Microsoft logo, compared to the dull green color that it had back in March when we last saw the construction site. Microsoft first confirmed its plans for the store in September 2014, which is located a few blocks away from Apple's famous "glass cube" store located on the same street. The Microsoft Store will have several floors, including one that will have what the company has called an "experiential space" for customers to check out, but details were not revealed.

Thanks to Travis for the tip!

Source: Gokan Ozcifci (Twitter)

John Callaham