Microsoft's new leadership still committed to Xbox? Absolutely

Microsoft has had a recent alteration with its leadership, namely Satya Nadella replacing Steve Ballmer to head up the massive company. According to a Polygon report and contrary to rumour, the company is still focused on supporting Xbox and pushing the video game console in numerous markets. Phil Spencer from Microsoft Game Studios states the dedication to Xbox at Microsoft has not changed. 

But this shouldn't come as a surprise. While Microsoft's internal development teams and studios aren't really involved in decisions surrounding Xbox as a whole, Spencer noted how they've received strong support from management. Spencer spoke about Xbox in his SXSW (South by South West) gaming panel:

"In a funny way, our job is to create great games on Xbox, on Windows, on Windows Phone, and the stuff that happens above the studios is kind of just 'stuff' to a lot of the studios, which I think is the right way. They're still driven by the creative juices inside the studios to make great things happen. In terms of Microsoft's commitment in the space, I know both Satya and Stephen Elop, I know them well. I've had explicit conversations with them about Microsoft's commitment to Xbox – they're extremely committed to Xbox."

Xbox itself is an important brand for Microsoft, which has been built up from the original console launch back in 2001. The company is also looking to kick off a new global marketing campaign to better focus on one strategy. With the Xbox One console receiving more titles from partner studios, Windows Phone 8.1 just around the corner and the deal with Nokia closing up, 2014 is a strong year for Microsoft and Xbox will be there for the foreseeable future. Think three screens. Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.

Did anyone honestly believe Microsoft would abandon or alter its plans for Xbox with the leadership change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Polygon

Rich Edmonds
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