Microsoft's new leadership still committed to Xbox? Absolutely

Microsoft has had a recent alteration with its leadership, namely Satya Nadella replacing Steve Ballmer to head up the massive company. According to a Polygon report and contrary to rumour, the company is still focused on supporting Xbox and pushing the video game console in numerous markets. Phil Spencer from Microsoft Game Studios states the dedication to Xbox at Microsoft has not changed. 

But this shouldn't come as a surprise. While Microsoft's internal development teams and studios aren't really involved in decisions surrounding Xbox as a whole, Spencer noted how they've received strong support from management. Spencer spoke about Xbox in his SXSW (South by South West) gaming panel:

"In a funny way, our job is to create great games on Xbox, on Windows, on Windows Phone, and the stuff that happens above the studios is kind of just 'stuff' to a lot of the studios, which I think is the right way. They're still driven by the creative juices inside the studios to make great things happen. In terms of Microsoft's commitment in the space, I know both Satya and Stephen Elop, I know them well. I've had explicit conversations with them about Microsoft's commitment to Xbox – they're extremely committed to Xbox."

Xbox itself is an important brand for Microsoft, which has been built up from the original console launch back in 2001. The company is also looking to kick off a new global marketing campaign to better focus on one strategy. With the Xbox One console receiving more titles from partner studios, Windows Phone 8.1 just around the corner and the deal with Nokia closing up, 2014 is a strong year for Microsoft and Xbox will be there for the foreseeable future. Think three screens. Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.

Did anyone honestly believe Microsoft would abandon or alter its plans for Xbox with the leadership change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Polygon

Rich Edmonds
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  • Welcome to WPCentral.   But please don't be an idiot.
  • Actually they're banging on the basement door telling him he has to do the dishes
  • Good to know :) We want more xbox games on all MS Devices *Cough No cross-platforming *Cough :D
  • Cross platform should be encouraged. When consoles are irrelevant and cease to exist 2-3 generations from now, I don't want to have to own 4 arbitrary boxes to play the games that should have been on PC anyway. That is, if future TVs would even be compatible with whatever video out tech is built into consoles.
  • Agreed. The more Xbox games that come to Windows 8.1 with a touch overlay or game controller support the happier I'll be. Posted with my CB10 using the power of " Q "
  • Xbox Live games on iOS and Android is disheartening. Imagine Halo games showing up on PlayStation.
  • And how would that be a bad thing? Your loyalty to a particular brand doesn't really make any sense at all. It would be to the benefit of all consumers to make a good game more easily accessible.
  • If there are no exclusives theres no incentive to buy any thing.  Just as phones offer certain features that others don't, for example, imagine if all phones came with a 41 mp camera, the 1020 just lost one of its unique features.  It's competition, and competition is good because it keeps prices competitive, and it gives people more options.
  • You just compared apples to oranges. Hardware FEATURES should be what distinguishes products, not exclusive content and software. Exclusivity sucks. there are people who will buy 2 consoles for exclusive games.. But there's a lot more consumers who just say **** that and do without and stick to one. Where is the smart business is limiting your software to 1/3rd or 1/4th of potential population? Pro-developer, pro-publisher means making more money and making greater games.
  • This guy [K_lando] gets it.
  • Good to know, I love MS. But if they dropped Xbox, I would drop them.
  • I feel like most people only develop some fondness towards MS through Xbox.
  • I wish Xbox was HEAVILY INTEGRATED into Windows 8.1 It'd be great if I can download .exe games, not apps, from an Xbox Windows Store (just like Steam, but hopefully better) No offense, but the Xbox Windows 8.1 app
    It seems like nothing has changed (with the UI) from Windows 8, it still has an old look and it doesn't support Desktop games
  • You'd get that experience by plugging a PC into your TV. What you describe is physically and strategically impossible.
  • I want MS to increase this integration. Don't want to plug in.but want to connect wirelessly.
  • They should drop subscription to use apps like Netflix.
  • News like this spark my day. Very glad....Xbox Forever :)
  • But is it committed to windows phone?
  • It's committed enough to Windows Phone to buy Nokia Devices division.   That's pretty committed. I'm certainly not saying they've been perfect in handling WP, as for example we've been waiting several years for something as rudimentary as separate volume controls over ringtone and media. I am super excited about WP 8.1     The question I will have is will I be able to wait for AT&T to naturally update my Red 920, or will I be inpatient and update via developer preview. +920!
  • It's just sometimes they refuse to support WP. Bing Rewards, and Skype are the first to come to mind. The updates are sooo slow..
  • Commited to build :'(
  • i gave up on xbox when they dropped the family plan.
  • They dropped the Family Plan and now allow 1 gold membership to carry over to any gamertag on that Xbox One.
  • Really? I was not aware that that is how it worked. Posted via the Awesome windows phone central app.
  • The new Xbox rules are actually better, I think. One gold account covers them all.
  • On the Xbox designated as the home box
  • Fair point. And from my point of view that is sufficient. If we had two ones in the house then we would be stuck.
  • It's not like they are going to say anything even if they were selling.
  • That's what "reports" are for. News always leak.
  • Hint to more and better Xbox support for WP? YAY!!
  • They are obligated to support it now because they just released Xbox one. We will see if they truly support it when the next gen of consoles roll out.
  • Surface RT, Lumia 521 and the entire Xbox family in my house, also working to collect all the previous Xbo... err, Sega consoles. :]
  • Doesn't seem to apply to WP.
  • How's that so?
  • Thank God!!!! M$-4-life!!!!
  • No, there's no good reason to spin off the Xbox division.   It would be a poor move just to satisfy short term profits and shareholders.   The Xbox brand is too important and is one of the primary consumer brand faces of MS. Given that we are looking at the likely integration of the MS platforms with a "write once, publish everywhere" capability, Xbox is one of the platforms of that particular scenario.  If there is still a significant interest in MS around having "control" over the living room, the Xbox One is the current culmination of that desire.  However given the various blunders around the launch of the Xbox One, MS has muddied the waters over whether that strategy is still significant.
  • Its good to look at the blunders, but that us the past and they have made up for it. I don't read into media jargon. I go for what I know about Microsoft. They have it together is one way or another. Sony is dealing with layoffs. Playstation can't be the only product keeping then up float. The company has been spiraling down for year. They once had a vibrant electronics. Not any more.
  • Why would anyone think otherwise. If you did, your out of touch.
  • Game for windows as a brand is dead. It's time they started to enable mouse and keyboard support on XB360 or XB1. 
    They boasted about the 300,000 servers dedicated to the cloud and this new generation, why not give people the option of using mouse and keyboard. or dedicate 50,000 of those servers to FPS gamers. pad player would also be welcomed. 
    I haven't played  A FPS game on my 360 since I moved over to XBL in 2008 and I'm not the only one out there. 
    Titanfall is dropping soon I'm so tempted to get this game for XB1 as well as a CronuxMax tool so I can use mouse and keyboard instead of a pad.
  • I was hoping that Microsoft's dedication to Xbox and Xbox live would change. I was hoping their dedication and push for success would increase.  I don't feel they are doing enough, fast enough.
  • Their new CEO was in charge of building out Azure to support the Xbox One. Now MS Cloud services are more than just email. Of course MS will still support it.
  • Xbox division needs a strong, public leader again. I miss Peter Moore.
  • Didn't think so, but there's always that burrowing doubt buried deep
  • People who thought they'd just "stop" after investing billions were delusional
  • A rather different "view" that WPCentral has taken from Motley Fool... Small wonder on why I have an account here, and not there.  I don't see Xbox one being sold off, or spun off, or killed off any time in the future.  It has proven to be an excellent platform for brand recognition, and it's made a fair profit from what I remember.  After so many billions invested... Nadella would have to take complete leave of his senses to even contemplate kill the Xbox brand. (Or listen to a few investors...)
  • Why is everyone so mad
  • No gaems.
  • Change is good as long as the move in the direction customers want....Supporting Xbox is great and personally I expected this. What I would love from the new CEO.. 1. Pushing Xbox live on Windows Phone #SaveXboxWP (Xbox is one of the big features of WP, use it and promote the heck out of it) 2. Bring back games for Windows (loved getting achievements for playing PC games) 3. Bring back and UPDATE Windows Media Center....4K, streaming content, xbox one interfact, maybe kinect use, etc.... (this would be EPIC as I am sad this is a dead product now)   Maybe we will see something but, time will tell...