New MyTube! Beta picks up background audio

The beta version of Ryken Apps' third-party YouTube app MyTube! has been updated for Windows 10 for PC and Mobile. The new version supports the Windows 10 Anniversary Update with background audio features and more.

Here's whats new and improved in the beta, which has the version number of

  • Redstone support
  • Started implementing background audio
  • Saves space on mobile devices by hiding header bar on video page
  • Saves space in landscape mode by hiding the header bar
  • New color scheme for the player controls
  • On Redstone, the player controls are now translucent and blur the video behind them
  • Added color scheme selection (not yet complete)
  • Started working on Chromecast and DIAL support
  • Started working on remote system casting (Casting to other Windows devices running myTube)
  • Changed Xbox/TV Mode style
  • TV Mode now automatically goes fullscreen
  • Comment control no longer focusable or clickable
  • Able to post comments
  • The app should now keep you signed into YouTube for more than 60 minutes
  • Moving your finger quickly will seek at a faster rate

Ryken Labs sent us this additional note about the update:

Btw, in the Anniversary Update, if you minimize the app while playing a video, the audio will keep playing seamlessly without a short pause, since it no longer needs to switch from foreground to background media playback. Redstone will just keep playing the audio from the foreground video when you minimize.

In addition to Windows 10 on PC and Mobile, Ryken Apps is also working to add Xbox One support for MyTube.

Download MyTube! Beta from the Windows Store

QR:MyTube Beta

John Callaham