New Nokia Lumia 1520 ad shows how it helps make business smarter

Nokia has released the above video for the Lumia 1520, showing how the Windows Phone helps make business smarter. Whether you consider the Office for Mobile suite or integration with Microsoft services and products, Windows Phone as a whole is a perfect match for employees who make use of Windows-based hardware on a daily basis.

The Lumia 1520 brings a 6-inch display to the table, improving productivity further with its 1080p display to show everything you need to see on-screen.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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  • Yup, video not found.
  • No vid. Go on take a vid
  • Thanks Dan :)
  • No worries dad ;)
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  • Nice one, how does it project to the big screen? Will 930 do this? Went into the shop yesterday, 1520 is so cool but far too big to be all round practical. Its gigantic. Upgrading to 930, I think 5in is the sweet spot for all round practical and ease of use. 930 looks almost perfect.
  • i think it is just the sweetspot until u used the 1520 for sometime :)
  • Nokia Beamer allows you to project to the big screen:
  • I would agree with your assessment of the 1520, I found it too big as well. It is a very nice device though.
  • Agree.  Saw the 1520 in an AT&T store. It's a beautiful phone... but HUGE. lol The 925 is a beautiful phone as well, which is what I ended up buying.
  • Depends what use as always it is for. I think personally that it is a balance of how you use your device whether it is reading or phoning. I tend to feel that the bluetooth headset suffices its use as a phone for those longer calls and I tend to do more reading or content consumption on it and use it in the car for GPS. It is beautifully designed meaning it is just smaller than a Kindle which is a dedicated reader and just a little smaller than a Nexus tablet. It is basically an all rounder and if there are compromises with it from being that then it also has the versatility from being that also.  
  • The main thing now wp8.1 should be selling 635 as a business phone to get immediate profit from all the enterprises who will use it. Microsoft has always been good ans successful in terms providing their products to other coporate companies than public
  • In the U.S., large enterprises are moving away from buying hardware, towards pure BYOD. That puts WP at a disadvantage.
  • Not really, if Microsoft can advertise the business functions of Windows Phone in a more general way then it won't be a problem. 
  • Some of them are not - case in point is Delta Air which just announced they're moving away from BB and their existing Lumia 820 and are buying 30,000 Lumia 1520 for their employees. It's for these companies that the 1520 ad is made for.
  • No video....
  • It works if you go to show in browser.
  • Skydrive not updated in the video :P
  • This is an old video, did they repost this? I saw this when the 1520 came out on the Nokia channel. :\
  • Exactly. It still shows the old Skydrive app..
  • ^THIS
  • Correct, vid shown at Dubai reveal.
  • Yeah, it's been so long. I have seen this video on Nokia's Youtube channel a few weeks after 1520 was released. I think they repost again.
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  • Can anyone explain how i can rename a zip file, on my sd card, and attach it to an email? I seem to have got a little confused. That said, i agree - 630/35 as a business device would be a good proposition - or better yet the 625 (i have no idea why that gets no lobe when most of its specs are better and you can actually use it with skype - you know, on a business call!!!).
  • 8.1 might take a step towards that.  We will see.
  • The bad side.. It's good for business only for most people.. I really want to by me 1520 but I use so much apps in Android and iOS.. I know this phone can't be my daily driver and for this doesn't worth to spend $700 in my country just for the camera..
  • I'm curious what apps do you use on ios and android that you can't find an alternative for in wp8 (including a good third party alternative)
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  • SoundCloud, Feedly, Whisper, Photo editing apps, A lot shopping apps, Games, and I don't like apps create by someone in their garage.. Even official apps are lacking features.. Such a shame, great Os, great phones and no apps.. Deal breaker for me..
  • You're missing out, several wonderful projects started out in someone's garage, just cause its official doesn't make it better than 3rd party
  • Exactly, 6tag is the perfect example.
  • When it's official I know I can trust this people.. When it's made in garage, I prefer not to give them access to my data.. You never know what's in their app, what's going to their servers.. 
  • Yea let me know how secure that android platform is, let me know how secure that SD card is where any app has access to the sd data, despite 'privacy'.  You will be trusting them with what your gmail login?  Your email information?  How many security breach apps has the windows phone had that were not taken down so promptly it was a non issue for users.
  • Ah yes "and no apps.. Deal breaker for me..", no apps is the classic troll comment.
  • Or you are just to blind or stupid to see the reality? Since when telling the truth is trolling? YES people who are using Android and iOS have their favorite apps that they use everyday.. And to come to a OS where 95% are missing.. Come on, you need to be dumb as F, to deny it! Don't call people TROLLS only because they say the truth, they live in real world and they are smarter than you... Troll is someone like you.. Look in the mirror.
  • <p>95% i think you are the one that is dumb as F, to actually think 95% of the apps arent there.&nbsp; Oh I am sorry, i forgot we dont have hundreds of task managers to baby sit a OS.</p> <p>Sound cloud is there, feedly a news reader? yes cause wp doesnt have any customizable news readers (Nextgen is a feedly reader, or phonly).<br />
    <br />
    At some point in time all these apps were &#39;garage&#39; like apps, facebook was a college dorm app, google a class project, the list goes on.&nbsp; Understandable that you dont want your info out there, but none of those services rely on so much personal info that a simple droid attack couldnt pull if they didnt want to.<br />
    <br />
    Whisper, yea got me, sorry but that is a creepy app to begin with but to each his own.&nbsp; At any rate, get his point but people every day enjoy the OS and have nearly all the same apps he just mentioned.&nbsp; Games are platform dependent, but i have my tablet and desktop and xbox for games, my phone is for quick games that dont take more than 2 mins to play.</p>
  • Metra online which is a car stereo installation guide, suncoast credit union you can only use metra has no mobile site and there still apps missing, even third party ones,or still not up to ios or android versions ESPN app for example
  • Yes no apps for Metra Online and Suncoast Credit Union but they can be accessed thru the web browser in my WP device.
  • Very inconvenient and inefficient unless you on computer with a mouse ....i have to acces metra at least 20-25 times a day app gets info I need twice as fast a going in to web browser hence reason for apps!
  • Of course you will say it's inconvenient and inefficient - that's to be expected. But actually it's not once it's saved in the favorites of the browser of the phone. And also, you must get a life if all you do all day long is access Metra Online ;-/
  • What's to be expected? That apps are built for mobile efficiency? That's why they develop apps didn't you know? So if we go with your shouldn't need to get apps on board WP........apps are better on mobile devices than web sites. Now if they have mobile versions those are ok but with out them its tough ....not impossible but tough!
  • Can tell its an international ad since my US AT&T 1520 can't use the DT-900 for wireless charging. THANKS AT&T.
  • It shows the Gaudi design "Sagrada Familia" so the setting is in Barcelona, Spain. Curious why they chose Spain when WP8 over there has only about 4% market share.
  • Maybe, because, you know they might want to boost market share over there. Just sayin!!!
  • Probably but the natural choice would have been Rome or Milan, or London, or Paris, or Frankfurt. But I have no problem with Barcelona. And that Gaudi "La Sagrada Familia" is probably the most famous architectural design in the world.
  • They chose Barcelona simply because its beautiful. There are lots of commercials recorded in here.
  • Can't see the video.
  • This is an old ad of the Lumia 1520.
  • No video...
  • Here's the video: You can see that it's 4 months old!
  • How could they have an ad where they have a guy use earbuds while driving? Isn't that just as bad as texting? How can you be aware of your surroundings? 
  • Yeah, you're not supposed to drive like that. It can be extremely distracting and I think is illegal (depends on where in the world this is?). The main reason though, I think, is how much is impairs the ability to hear emergency vehicles approaching.
  • I want the 1520 so bad on T-Mobile.. And I don't wanna pay for it all up front so please don't say that.
  • Sign a contract with ATT, pay $99 for it, then let TMo pay your ETF, and then request an unlock code from ATT, then use it on TMo.
  • Hahaha hey that's a good idea, I think I'll try that.. Thanks!
  • Screw this. Until it supports encrypting the SD card, it is unacceptable for business. I bought one of these to use for my work phone and it is still sitting in the box 2 months later. I passed the return period too while engaging in a support incident with Microsoft trying to figure out why it wouldn't work too.
  • What's the best case out there for the 1520?
  • Go to the forums - they have lots of case threads :)
  • It's missing an important element in my opinion. The show of love for support of a bluetooth keyboard. That would help make my business smarter with the 1520.
  • Useless, until usb otg and HID are implemented. By the way, what about the call log timestamps on 8.1? Can I attach multiple files to my e-mail? Business my ... All WP8 devices are destined to be failures (in this aspect) with this vision of microsoft in mind... To sad, indeed. That amazing kernel is absolutely wasted :(
  • Exactly. If you can't attach an actual file - document, pdf, picture, video, etc to an existing email thread, WITHOUT using a link to the file, then there is no way that WP is truly committed to supporting businesses. Simply not true until this BASIC functionality is added.
  • 8.1 can attach a file (e.g. PDF) to an email.
  • are you able to point me to where you found this confirmed? and is it possible to attach files to an existing email thread as opposed to having to start a new email?
  • Brand new advert, opens skydrive. Woops :P
  • Tell me why it's easier with a WP than an Iphone or Android, and it is. Yes, it's all doable on the other phones but if you use Office there is no comparison how much better WP is. Plus, MS is an American company, Apple is Asian, almost totally.